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perk_chandAm I the only basketball fan outside of Oklahoma City that can’t stand Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibaka? Perkins, scowl and everything, plays dirtier than most but complains about every call. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have him on my team, but he is so dirty.  Did anyone see the play against Houston last night where he HELD Chandler Parson’s hand to prevent him from playing D against a 3-point shooting Thabo Sefolosha? The worst part of it was that the ref was right there and didn’t even make the call.  I understand home court but this was ridiculous. How is that basketball? You can’t see it from this pic but there’s a referee standing direclty behind Perkins.

As for Ibaka, he just annoys the heck out of me.  Somebody tell him the finger wag after a block was coveted by Mutumbo.  While the PF is a stud, his 13 ppg and almost 8 rpg don’t do him justice.  I just don’t understand how this guy became a tough guy after just 4 years in the league? I wish the Charles Oakleys and teh Bill Laimbeers were here to knock him on his ass.  And how did this guy slip to the 24th pick in the draft? Oh well, looks like the winner in the West is going to come down to the Clippers and Thunder.  But the way these 2 guys are playing, I don’t think the Clippers bigs are ready to mix it.

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Clippers Bring the Thunder

What a game! Just finished watching the Clippers abuse the Thunder in the 4th quarter, holding Durant and Westbrook to a combined single digits in teh second half and I gotta admit it, I’m sold. Don’t get me wrong, they have to make a couple of adjustments like boxing out and not allowing so many offensive rebounds. DeAndre Jordan also needs to get his head in the game.  The Clippers need his big body clogging up the pain in the final minutes.

Not much I can say about the Clipper guards though.  Chris Paul can pretty much get any shot off he wants.  As long as Mo Williams and Randy Foye keep shooting like he did tonight they’re cruise to the Western Conference Finals, at the very least.  And I gotta admit, the Nick Young trade is HUGE! Back to back 3s in the 3rd quarter plus a few other buckets kept the Clips in the game when they couldn’t buy a bucket.  I’m pumped about the playoffs, only 2 weeks left.  I know, I forgot to mention Blake Griffin. He’s awesome.  Get’s no respect from the refs. He needs to stop complaining though.  Clippers in the playoffs for the first time since 2006.  Time to make some noise.

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The Clippers Are So Nasty

How’s that for a catchy title? And just for the record, it’s nasty meaning bad, not nasty as in 2 Live Crew Nasty As You Wanna Be! How do you get blown on by the Indiana Pacers? Eric Gordon (the little engine that could) is clearly not leading this team.  He is probably the most talented player on this team and it seems that all he cares about are his points. 5-17 shooting from the field? He’s shooting under 19% from the arc and under 80% from the charity stripe. Clean it up, you’re supposed to be a shooting guard.  I’ma talk a little about Blake Griffin.  Did you see that dunk last night where he shitted on Anthony Tolliver of the T-wolves! That was sick.  But unfortunately, I’m a little disappointed in this guys season.  He is clearly the most athletic player on the team.  But he seems to lack basketball skill. I know he’s averaging just under 17 points and 11 boards per game but it seems like most of his buckets are dunks.  He is a heinous, and I mean HEINOUS freethrow shooter (55% on the year).  I don’t think Vinnie Del Negro was the right coach.  He lacks experience and for a young team like the Clips, they need a veteran coach that’s been to the promised land (and in the case of the Clippers, the promised land is anywhere but the cellar of the league). As for the rest of the roster, there’s only a handful of guys that would make it on a winning NBA team.  Over their last 4 games, they’ve managed to lose to the Pistons, Pacers, NETS, and T-Wolves.  I can’t even stomach watching 1 quarter of Clipper basketball.  And while I’m dogging the Clips, I just wanted to say that they need new play-by-play guys.  Ralph Lawler and Michael Smith are quite possible the worst color commentators.  Then again, it’s gotta be hard working  the Clippers year in and year out.  I’m guessing it takes a toll on your psyche. 1-11.  What a way to start your season…

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Clippers Suck

So I tuned in just in time today to catch the last 20 seconds of the Clippers game against the Spurs at the Staples Center. Tie game 83-83, Spurs’ SG Roger Mason, that’s right folks, WHO!!! has the ball near halfcourt.  He waits for a pick by Tim Duncan and boom, wide open 3 pointer, 86-83, thanks for coming Clippers.  Then, to make matters worse, Clippers’ head coach Mike Dunleavy draws up the worse play for Baron Davis with only 8 tics on the clock. Now we all know the Clippers were going to lose the game against the Spurs, but to get beat by a no name in Roger Mason, off a WIDE OPEN 3-pointer.  Then, to top it off, have a horrible shot at tying the game in a fade away 3 pointer with time running out.  GET RID OF THIS GUY (Dunleavy). He’s gotta be the worst head coach EVER. The Clippers age going nowhere fast and they need to fire Dunleavy.  He’s been a cancer everwhere he’s coached.  His face says it all.  This guy can’t coach a team. P.S. the Clippers are 1-9.

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Lakers Beat Bulls, Again

kobe bryant onthebuzzer.comKobe Bryant and his Los Angeles Lakers beat the Chicago Bulls again this year in the windy city, 103-91 .  I said it before, the Bulls not pulling the trigger on the Kobe trade before the year started was a huge mistake and we’re seeing the effects now. These two teams are headed in different directions, the Lakers with the 5th best record in the West and the Bulls, in the bottom half of the East. So many teams have hesitated in making trades that involve their young stars. No one wants to give away “potential” talent for a short term fix.  The Clippers didn’t trade Shuan Livingston for Allen Iverson and look where that got them?  The Angels wouldn’t trade away their talent for Miguel Cabrera and well, now they are average.  Its the same story, everyone thinks their shit doesn’t stink, they have the best talent and they don’t want to get ripped off.  Well, it seem like Kobe is happy, for now at least, and the Bulls are content with being a middle-of-the-road team.  I guess everyones happy.  For now, at least.

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Jump On The Clip Ship!

clip-boat.jpgDon’t look now, but L.A.’s other team is 4-0! That’s right, undefeated. The Clippers, without their best player Elton Brand, are off to an incredible start to the season. They played a 3-0 Pacers team tonight and despite losing Mobley and Patterson to injuries in the first quarter, they pulled off a 104-89 victory. Sam “older than dirt” Cassell scored 35 points to lead the way for the Clips. Danny Granger’s 16 points led the way for Indiana.

As for the Clippers, the injury bug has come back to haunt them. They now are without Brand, Livingston, Mobley, and Patterson, so can this team really keep up this kind of pace? I say no matter what you do, have a better record than your cross town rivals. Can you imagine how Kobe would feel if the Clippers end up with a better record than the Lakers? I’d pay to see that! Go Clips!

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