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Knicks Re-Sign Ewing!!!

Well, Jr., I guess.  In a move to bring back some credibility to New York, Knicks management has decided to sign “highly touted” Patrick Ewing Jr. Let’s see here, a 6-8 rookie small forward.  I was just thinking to myself, one of the main reasons that have led to the Knicks’ failures is the lack of production from the small forward position (that’s online sarcasm by the way). With 4 SF already on the depth chart, I wonder what the Knicks’ were thinking. Let’s not even mention all the money they’ve blown on garbage players (in no particular order): Chris Duhon $5.5 million; Starbury $20.8 million; Jamal Crawford $8.6 million; Jared Jeffries $6 million; Que $8.6 million; Malik Rose $7.6 million; Eddie Curry $9.7 million; Jerome James $6.2 million. New head coach D’Antoni gonna miss Phoenix… But then again, I’m sure he’ll find gratification in taking a last place team, well, nowhere…

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Week 10 College Picks-Results

top25.jpg1- Wisconsin at (1) Ohio State – Over rated, over shmated. These guys keep on winning every week no matter who they play. They cover again. 38-17 Ohio State… nailed it!
2- Florida State at (8) Boston Collegepadlock3.jpg -Alright. Screw the Eagles. Two weeks in a row they screwed me. Should have lost to VaTech and they squeak it out at the end. Should have blown out the Seminoles and they lose. 27-17 Florida State… got it wrong.
3- (2) LSU at (21) Alabama – Saban almost pulled it out, but it was another come from behind victory for the Tigers. Les Miles and company barely win, but I was right in Alabama keeping it close. 41-34 LSU… nailed it!
4- (9) Arizona State at (3) Oregon – Let there be no doubt, Oregon is the better team. I said they would beat State with ease and that’s exactly what they did. 35-23 Oregon… nailed it!
5- Texas A & M at (4) Oklahoma – Aggies were no match for the Sooners. A blowout victory for Stoops and the gang, but will anyone ahead of them in the rankings lose a game the rest of the way? 42-14 Oklahoma… nailed it!
6- Vanderbilt at (17) Florida – They had to impress and that’s exactly what they did. Solid performance against a not so solid team. Gators take care of business. 49-22 Florida… nailed it!
7- Oregon State at (12) USC – SC’s defense manhandles the Beavers! Completely shutting them down, SC didn’t even have to score in the second half. State looked worse than I thought they would. 24-3 USC… got it wrong.
8- San Jose State at (22) Boise State – A good old fashion ass whoopin’ by Boise State. Take care of business at home winning big. 42-7 Boise State… nailed it!
9- (13) Michigan at Michigan State -Good news and bad news for Michigan fans. Wolverines keep on winning-good news. Lloyd Carr keeps on winning-bad news. Funny how we don’t see ‘fire Carr’ signs anymore. 28-24 Michigan… nailed it!
10-Troy State at (10) Georgia -Good performance but not good enough. Should have pounded a weak Troy State team. They won but didn’t cover. 44-34 Georgia… got it wrong.

Recap: I’m back baby! I am the Ohio State of picking games. Everyone says that I haven’t done anything impressive, but how’s 7-3 sound baby! Jump on this wagon! There’s plenty of room…

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Week 10 College Picks

top25.jpg1- Wisconsin at (1) Ohio State – You guys call them overrated, I’ll call them the number one team in the nation. The Buckeyes keep on rollin’. Take Ohio State -16.
2- Florida State at (2) Boston Collegepadlock3.jpg -After a sub par performance last week, look for Matt Ryan and the crew to impress this week. My lock of the week! Take the Eagles -7.
3- (3) LSU at (17) Alabama – Can’t wait for this game. The Tigers are going to have their hands full. You know Saban isn’t going to hold anything back. He’ll pull all the stops in this one. I like Alabama +7.
4- (4) Arizona State at (5) Oregon – Oregon’s defense was held down a little last week by USC. Not this week! State’s got their hands full. Oregon wins and wins hands down. Take Oregon -8.5. 
5- Texas A & M at (6) Oklahoma – Another easy game for the Sooners. They win but by how much? I like Oklahoma -21.
6- Vanderbilt at (20) Florida – No doubt who wins this one. The Gators must impress this week and win big. They rout this week. I like Florida -14.5.
7- Oregon State at (19) USC – An up and down season continues for SC. What will happen this week? SC favored big, but not sure why? Booty playing for the first time in a month. Look for some rust. Take Oregon State +15.5.
8- San Jose State at (22) Boise State – You know how I feel about spreads like this. Too much, but at home for Boise State. They need to impress this week. I like Boise State -25.5.
9- (12) Michigan at Michigan State -They haven’t failed me for a while. Rivalry games are always close, but these are two teams going in different directions. Wolverines continue their win streak. Take Michigan -3.
 10-Troy State at (10) Georgia – Solid performance last week, the Bulldogs continue to roll. Close early, but Troy State has no chance in this win. I like Georgia -14.

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Week 9 College Picks-Results

top25.jpg1- (6) West Virginia at (25) Rutgers – Obvious Rutgers is not as good as last year. This week’s performance by Rutgers makes South Florida look even worse. 31-3 W. Virginia… got it wrong.
2- (9) USC at (5) Oregon – As good as advertised, both teams played well, but USC was out coached. Worse coaching job ever during the Pete Carrol era. Assistants should be ashamed on the way they coached this game. 24-17 Oregon… got it wrong.
3- (9) Florida vs (20) Georgiapadlock3.jpg – Georgia’s offense was unstoppable. They exposed Florida’s defense and scored at will. Solid performance by the Bulldogs. 42-30 Georgia… got it wrong.
4- Minnesota at (19) Michigan – Just barely covering the spread, Michigan again wins at home. Gophers were no match for the Maze and Blue. 34-10 Michigan… got it wrong.
5- Mississippi at (23) Auburn – I guess it’s true when they say you play up to the level of your opponents. Auburn not very impressive, but did enough to win. 17-3 Auburn… got it wrong.
6- (18) Cal at (7) Arizona State – Cal was looking good early until Longshore decided to throw the ball to the other team. It helps when Arizona State has two quarterbacks throwing to them. 31-20 ASU… got it wrong.
7- (1) Ohio State at (24) Penn State – Easy one to call. Penn State not that good. Buckeyes not getting enough credit. I said it would be easy and it was. 37-17 Ohio State… nailed it!
8- (15) South Carolina at Tennessee – Looks like the Cocks were just a tease! Losing for the second week in a row, they should have beat a Tennessee team that’s not that good. 27-24 Tennessee… nailed it!
9- New Mexico State at (16) Hawaii – Hawaii looking good at home. They beat down a New Mexico State team that, well lets face it, couldn’t beat too many high school teams. 50-13 Hawaii… nailed it!
at (17) Texas -Can’t believe Texas actually ended up winning this game. Looked extremely ugly for a while, but I knew Nebraska was due for a solid game. Almost pulled it off. 28-25 Texas… nailed it!

Recap: Got off to a slow start but made up for it at the end. Just barely missed a couple of games. I should have been above .500! 4-6.

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Week 9 College Picks

top25.jpg1- (6) West Virginia at (25) Rutgers – Solid win last week, Rutgers isn’t looking to leave the top 25 after just one week. I like Rutgers +6.
2- (9) USC at (5) Oregon – First time in a long time SC is not a favorite against another Pac-10 team. SC will make a statement this game. National Championship on the line? Take USC +3.
3- (9) Florida vs (20) Georgiapadlock3.jpg – My lock of the week! Game is being played in Jacksonville, so I guess it’s sort of a home game for the Gators. I like Florida in a rout. Gators -7.5.
4- Minnesota at (19) Michigan – The Worlverines continue their comeback. Gophers shouldn’t be a problem at home, but look for a bit of a letdown after a couple of solid victories. Take Minnesota +23.
5- Mississippi at (23) Auburn – Should have won last week, but came up short. Nice performance though considering they were on the road against one of the best teams in the country. They should handle business this week. Take the Tigers -18.
6- (18) Cal at (7) Arizona State – I can see it now! Another undefeated team goes down! Call me crazy, but I think Cal wins this game. They can not afford another loss or their season will go down the drain. I like the Bears +3.
7- (1) Ohio State at (24) Penn State – Everyone says that the Buckeyes are overrated, but I don’t see it. Sure they haven’t beaten anyone great, but they keep on rolling every week. Penn State is not good at all. Should be an easy victory after a close start. Take Ohio State -3.5.
8- (15) South Carolina at Tennessee – Coming off a terrible performance last week, the Cocks will continue to sputter. On the road at Tennessee, not going to be easy. I like the Vols -3.
9- New Mexico State at (16) Hawaii – Well, we know it will be a blowout, but by how much is the question. I like that the Warriors are playing at home. Look for a massive game by Colt Brennan. Take Hawaii -29.5.
at (17) Texas – You may think I am crazy, but I have a weird feeling about this one. Even though the Longhorns win, Big Red will keep this one close. They are due for a good game. I like Nebraska +20.

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Week 8 College Picks-Results

top25.jpg1- Michigan State at (1) Ohio State – Well, I was right. It was a test for the Buckeyes. Not looking like a number 1 team, they hold off State and barely squeak one out. 24-17 Ohio State… got it wrong.
2- (4) Oklahoma at Iowa State – I told you! 29 points on the road is ridiculous! What I also told you was go ahead and take the Sooners to cover. Sorry. 17-7 Oklahoma… got it wrong.
3- Texas Tech at (13) Missouripadlock3.jpg – I know… I know… I am a genius. Bye, bye top 25 for Tech. Hello blow out for Missouri. Lock of the week coming through again! This is getting too easy. 41-10 Missouri… nailed it!
4- (9) USC at Notre Dame – Dare I say look out! Sanchez looking Dirtier than ever and the Trojans looking like their old selves. I know it was the Irish, but when you lose to Stanford, any blow out win is impressive. I must admit, didn’t think it would be that easy. 38-0 USC… got it wrong.
5- (5) Oregon at Washington – Close for a while, but too bad the Huskies defense  was pathetic! Oregon ran at will and Washington couldn’t stop them with 15 guys on defense. 55-34 Oregon… got it wrong.
6- (23) Auburn at (3) LSU – Once again the Tigers let me down. I knew they would win, but they didn’t quite win by enough. 30-24 LSU… got it wrong.
7- (9) Florida at (14) Kentucky – Gators coming through with another tough SEC game. Tebow and the gang looking good. 45-37 Florida… nailed it!
8- (19) Michigan at Illinois – Don’t call it a comeback! How much do you think Carr and the gang would pay to play Appalachian State again? Looking good on the road.  27-17 Michigan… nailed it!
9- Vanderbilt at (15) South Carolina – Are you kidding me. At home and you only score 6 points!? What was I thinking? They were up against that CRAZY Vanderbilt defense! 17-6 Vanderbilt… got it wrong.
10-Mississippi State
at (6) West Virginia – Just barely covered. I knew it would be close, but not close enough. 38-13 West Virginia… got it wrong.

 Recap:  Hold on, hold on… Before you guys go and call me a genius and a guru for nailing my lock of the week again, let me just say I need to do better than 30%. A man of my caliber should go better than 3-7. Next week is the week baby!!!!!

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Penn State Star Charged With Rape

autinscott.jpg“I went to bed with a clear conscience and woke up the next day, my life was in a shambles.” Those were the words of Austin Scott, Penn State’s starting tailback, a day before a Centre County judge imposed a gag order in the rape trial. Scott faces trial on charges of rape, sexual assault, indecent assault and simple assault in Philadelphia. The charges come from allegations he attacked a Penn State student who went home with him in the early morning hours of Oct. 5.  The team’s star isn’t happy with his treatment from coach Joe Paterno either. He says Paterno has yet to hear his side of the story, and frankly, he doesn’t seem interested. Apparently, JoPa doesn’t like his players out drinking late to begin with. Whether he plays again for Penn State and Paterno still remains to be seen, but from the looks of things, the 22 year old has more to worry about than just his football career.

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Week 8 College Picks

top25.jpg1- Michigan State at (1) Ohio State – Could be a bit of a test for the Buckeyes this week, but when all is said and done, look for a blowout at the end. Ohio State needs to prove they deserve to be number 1.  I like Ohio State -19.
2- (4) Oklahoma at Iowa State – I know their good, but are you kidding me? -29 on the road is a lot of points to give. Take them anyway. Sooners -29.
3- (22) Texas Tech at (15) Missouripadlock3.jpg – My lock of the week. Their chance to show they belong, look for Missouri to win big. I think Tech will struggle on the road against a quality opponent. Bye, bye top 25. Take Missouri -3.5.
4- (13) USC at Notre Dame – While they have not been playing their best football, the Irish really have their work cut out for them. Lets see how the new QB does. On the road, SC will win, but I don’t think cover. Take the Irish +17.5.
5- (7) Oregon at Washington – Pac 10 games are tougher than people think. A banged up Ducks team will have their hands full with the Huskies and their sensational rookie QB. I like Washington +13.
6- (18) Auburn at (5) LSU – I know Auburn plays well on the road, but LSU is playing in a can’t lose game. Will they finally cover? Take LSU -10.
7- (14) Florida at (8) Kentucky – Must win for the Gators. Kentucky may be emotionally drained after a triple overtime game. Take Florida -6.5.
8- (24) Michigan at Illinois – The Michigan comeback trail continues. This one’s a pick em! On the road, the more experienced team will come out on top. I like the Worlverines!
9- Vanderbilt at (6) South Carolina – OK. You want to be considered a top 10 team? Start crushing the teams you need to crush. Game Cocks with a lot to prove. I like SC -13.5.
10-Mississippi State
at (9) West Virginia – Something tells me State is going to give West Virginia a run for their money early. Make no mistake, WV will come through at the end. Take State and +24.

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Editor’s Picks’ For Week 6 of the NFL

onthebuzzer.com moneyWeek 6, folks and here are our NFL picks, enjoy, we expect 10% of any and all profits


St. Louis @ Baltimore -9.5….Rams……………..Ravens…………….Ravens

Minn@Chicago -5.5…………….Bears……………..Bears………………..Bears

Miami@Cleveland -4.5……….Browns………….Browns……………..Browns

Wash@Green Bay -3………….Packers………….Packers…………….Redskins

Houton@Jacksonville -6.5…Texans……………Jags…………………Texans

Cincy -3@ K.C……………………Bengals………….Bengals………………Bengals

Philly -3@ Jets………………….Eagles……………Eagles………………..Jets

Tenessee@Tampa Bay -3….Bucs…………………Bucs………………….Titans





NY Giants-3.5@Falcons…….Giants……………..Giants……………….Giants

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onthebuzzer.com LSU LSU Tigers bow down to the Kentucky Wildcats in triple overtime. In our NCAA Week 7 Preview (part 1), the ONTHEBUZZER team was faced with a decision, take LSU -10 or not. My esteemed colleague Romik stated “they [Kentucky] are not ready to compete with the big boys.” On the other hand, we had Ed claiming that “his heart says Kentucky” (a little better)onthebuzzer.com ara but still chose to go mainstream and take LSU. Low and behold, the big dog in the middle picked a doozy, as not only did Kentucky cover, but they outright won. Behind their QB Andre Woodson’s 3 tds, the Cat squeaked this on out and can look at being ranked in the top 10 after today. By the way, what the hell was that call by LSU in the 3rd OT. After stopping the ‘Cats on their try for 2 point conversion, the Tigers got the ball and ran it 4 straight times. Ummm…hello, did someone forget about Matt Flynn? Sure he didn’t have a great day but running the ball 4 times is basically throwing the towel in. Thanks for comin’ Tigers, say hi to SC for us.

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