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MANNY RAMIREZ: That’s Why He Gets the BIG Bucks

manny ramirezJust in case you were wondering if the Dodgers made the right choice after signing Manny to a 2 year $45 million contract AND were doubting if he was worth it after the “illegal” substance scandal…fear no more.  Manuel Ramirez is for Real.  Ask the Cincinnati Reds who on Wednesday, in a bases loaded situation, got f@#$-ed when the Dodgers decided to pinch hit with, that’s right, Manny Ramirez. The same Manny who was taking the day off after injuring his wrist yesterday. We all know how this one ends: bases juiced, call in pinch hitter Manny, first pitch, see ya lata!  Grand Salami by Ramirez.  In the dog days of summer, when there’s nothing to watch on TV other than baseball and well, nothing, it’s nice to see that the Dodgers are in first and are keeping me from dozing off until the start of college football.  Now I know why everyone in Boston loved this guy.  I remember him flipping his bat and marveling at his homers against my beloved Angels. OOOOOOOHHH, that bugged me.  But now that he’s on the west coast, he rocks!!! Call me fairweather, bandwagon, or whatever, but this guy is someone you love to cheer for.  Sure he took some type of performance enhancing substance but who cares? He’s a loveable lug (in a very heterosexual kind of way).  He makes the fans love him.  Not like jerkoffs like Barry Bonds who think they’re above the law. Thank god for dreadlocks, Mannywood, Manny bobbleheads, and most of all Manny.  GO DODGERS!!!

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Lakers Sign Ron Artest

ron artestWhat a scary thought! Bryant, Gasol, Artest… name me one better 3 headed monster, I dare you.  And don’t come at me with KG, Pierce and Allen/Rondo/Sheed, they don’t have shit on this trio.  And if the Lakers re-sign Odom, aye papi, you can kiss the next year goodbye too, ’cause it’s back to back for the purple and gold.  This is truly the best off-season pickup.  Artest is playing like he’s 20 again.  He brings that sick toughness that the Lakers already have.  He’s gonna guard the Lebrons, the Pierces, the Roys, leaving Kobe smelling all nice and fresh.  For the first time in a long time, I can actually say that I am pumped about the NBA season starting, and it’s only July.

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Gs Up, HOs Down

steve mcnairAnother tragic death superstar death, and I ain’t talkin’ about Michael Jacskon.  For those of you that don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s Steve McNair.  Shot in the head TWICE by his 20 year old girlfriend.  I’m sure she had her reasons like, he’s cheating on me and life sucks.  That totally justifies murder, totally. Crazy bitches all over the place (see Dirk Nowitzki).  These athletes gotta know what they’re getting themselves into.  Everyone knows that them ladies love the money.  On the other hand, the ladies to have to know what they’re getting into, dating a millionaire who has lived most of his life getting whatever he wants whenever he wants it.  I’m not saying that justifies adultery (even though they weren’t married) but shit, if you want a safe bet, go out with the blue-collar worker from the docks, I guarantee you he’ll treat you like the queen you are.  As for “Air” McNair, he quietly retired from the league, was one of the toughest son of a bitch I’ve ever seen play. Too bad he never one the big one.

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