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luke walton lakersLakers’ fans got the best news of the playoffs on Monday morning… Luke Walton out indefinitely due to a partial ligament tear to his ankle. Now he will be evaluated after 1 week and could return but lets hope its’ serious and it requires season ending surgery. Of course, nothing ever good comes without some bad news… with the injury to Walton, that only means more minutes for  “THE MACHINE”, Sasha Vujacic.  For those of you not familiar iwth “THE MACHINE”, that means more forced/bad shot attempts, more turnovers and more crying or whining (take your pick), more selfish basketball. Then again, I’ll take it.  Sick of seeing Walton’s no-good, talentless ass on the court.  Maybe he’ll get more modeling done?

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Angels’ Pitcher Nick Aidenhart Killed at 22

r349544255This is the true definition of tragic. For those of you who don’t know Nick Aidenhart, he was a starting pitcher for the Angels. After struggling last year, the kid cracked the Angels’ 2009 starting rotation, pitched 6 scoreless innings on Wednesday against the Oakland As…father watching in the stands. That evening, him and his friends were struck by a drunk driver, 3 dead, 1 in intensive care.  Aidenhart was one of the top pitching prospects in the Angels’ organization. Only 22 years old, that’s right, 22 years old.  The person that ran the red light, well, suspected of drunk driving and arrested for felony hit and run. Hope he gets the damn electric chair… or better yet, just hang that c-sucker. Then you have jackoffs like NFL wide receiver Dante Stallworth driving drunk and killing an innocent civilian two weeks ago, pissing their lives away. Hope it was worth it Dante.  The difference between the victims, none.  The difference between the athletes, one who valued life in Adenhart vs. one who didn’t appreciate it Stallworth. The penalty for drunk driving should be some hard core jail time, if not death especially if harm is caused to others.  Maybe then people will learn that you can’t get away with drunk driving.  All you need is one slip-up to to ruin your life, the life of the person you hit, and the lives of everyone that knows you and the victim. Don’t endanger other people’s lives just because you don’t value your own. What a tragedy. Makes you take a moment and think…sometimes life’s not about winning or losing, money or fame, it’s just about living…R.I.P. Definitely too early for this kid, way too early.

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Back In The Center

Nuggets Lakers BasketballDREEEEWWWWWW!!!!! AnrDREWWWWWWW!!!! That’s right folks, just in case anyone had doubts about whether or not Andrew Bynum has lost a step, don’t.  On Thursday night, Lakers’ phenom center returned for the first time after spraining his knee on January 31.  That’s a layoff of sixty-eight days. Straight back to the starting line-up. Now that’s confidence.  And boy did Bynum have plenty of confidence, with 16 points on 7 for 11 shooting with 7 boards. P.S. that’s only in 21 mintues of action.  Don’t wanna jinx them but this Bynum kid might be at 100% just in time for the Eastern Conference Finals. Now only if that bench can improve on its shooting (7-25 v. Nuggets).

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Does Anyone REALLY Care?

ept_sports_ncaab_experts-898244537-1239123691At guard, at 6-3, I mean 6-2 (listed), 180 lbs (mostly muscle, some baby fat), from the powerful University of Central Florida… MARCUS “AIR” JORDAN!!! Look, no offense to the kid, I’m sure he’s a good player, but if you’re not a blue chip recruit, I don’t give a F@#! The guy’s going to UCF to play ball for goodness sake  That’s right folks, the same UCF where NBA superstar Stan Kimbrough played.  The same Stan Kimbrough who played a whopping 13 games in the NBA for 3 different teams. Marcus’ other choices were Toledo, Iowa and Davidson, none of which made the big dance this year. This kid’s got some big shoes to fill.  Not sure what he was thinking choosing basketball as a career though. Can someone say pressure? It would’ve been cool though if Duke offered him a scholarship, add some salt to the story; father v. son, Duke v. UNC??? Oh well, this will probably be the last we ever hear from MJ…Jr. Good luck kid.

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Lakers Lacking Hunger…

jebronI know what you’re thinking, a win’s a win, right?  Well, let me tell you something; when you only beat the Clippers by 3 points a few weeks before playoffs, you’re in trouble.  The Lakers just don’t seem alive.  What was once that “spectacular” bench mob is pretty much a bench slob.  I’ve never seen so many blown leads before.  And I’m not talking about 5-6 point leads, try double-digit ones.  The only guy on the bench that plays hard is Josh Powell, and let’s be realistic, is he scaring anyone? Luke Walton and his high basketball I.Q. don’t deserve to be in the league.  Jordan Farmar is one of those guys who thinks he’s Jordan on the freakin’ court… KNOW YOUR ROLE! The “Machine” is shooting under 36% from range on the year, the same Sasha that’s supposed to be a 3-point professional, the same Sasha that signed a 3-year extension in the offseason.  And forget the rest of the bench.  Those guys are just there to fill out the roster.  You wanna see hunger, think royalty, think King James.  After being embarrased by the Wizards and Magic in back-to-back away games, they polished-off the Spurs by 20 to get back on track with their best record.  5 games left in the season, 1 against Boston.  They’re gonna wax their opponents, including the mighty Celtics and if they continue this style of play, they’ll cruise to the Finals too. Sorry Lakers fans, sometimes you just can’t switch it on.  With games against Portland, Denver and Utah, looks like homecourt throughout is out of the question. They better hope Boston beats Cleveland.  Actually, looks like they’re dammed either way. Who ever said they were better off without Andrew Bynum? Can someone say “witness!”

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