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Fantasy Football Superbowl

Well, it came down to the finals in my fantasy football league.  My team the Vig vs. the Cinderella story, Common Sense.  He shocked the world by taking down the favorite in the semifinals.  It we against him, good against bad. Surefantasy football trophy onthebuzzer.com I had been in 1st place all year long but I panicked.  I did something that most gamblers would never admit to.  I hedged.  With 1st place getting $175 and 2nd $50, I made a deal with the guy where we would split them and each go home with $112.50.  Heck, I thought to myself why not?  $50 would suck and I would be happy with anything over $100.  Plus I had no confidence in my quarterback Eli Manning and my team was struggling.  He accepted the deal, I got some grief from the other managers, then of course, I spanked him in the finals.  What if..I wish I hadn’t… I knew this was gonna happen anyways.  If I didn’t make the deal, I would’ve gotten crushed, and if I made it, I would’ve won.  I’m OK with the deal, sure $175 would have been nice.  But I’ll take the split and most importantly a fantasy football 1st place trophy in my trophy case.  Now they’ll all be coming after me next year.  That’s what happens when you finish on top, or at least tie for first.

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Fantasy Football Playoffs; Round Two

superbowl trophy onthebuzzer.comIt’s all about matchups. I survived round 1, and the only reason was because I was the top seeded team playing against the eight seed. If I played any other team, I would’ve been outty. But now it’s round two, 1 win away from the money, forget about my team’s poor performance last week. Thursday night’s game had my opponent playing Jay Cutler and Brandon fantasy football onthebuzzer.comMarshall, who decided to tear it up. 23 points later, I’m already in the hole and looking forward to Sunday. Anxious a bit too. The good: I got Derek Anderson hosting the Bills (I need at least 3 tds from him). Randy Moss v. the Jets and Terrell Owens v. the Eagles, both at home, both should pay dividends (especially after T.O.’s quiet week 14). Ryan Grant against the Rams, I’ll take that too. Dallas Clark at the Raiders, I smell endzone. The Bad: Eli Manning at home against the ‘skins, I’m worried. This guy hasn’t played well since week 1. Fargas at home against the Colts, worried about the Colts focusing on him. X-factors: Steven Jackson and Torry Holt at home against Green Bay??? How about the Baltimore D at Miami, can they shut down or will me picking up Baltimore jinx them and give Miami their 1st win. My opponent isn’t too shabby either. Aside from the two Broncos mentioned above, he’s got Kitna and K. Jones at S.D. Housh at S.F., GB defense, Addai at Oakland and Driver and Hines. I like my players’ matchups more than his and my yahoo fantasy says my team should take it. I’m still worried as I should be but it’ll make my Sunday interesting. Worse case scenario, I play for 3rd base and my money back. I don’t want it, I want the gold, cup, ring, whatever you wanna call it. FOCUS, FOCUS.

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Terrell Owens, the Mouth is Back

mouth of the south onthebuzzer.comAfter letting his skills do the talking, 14 tds and 1,270 receiving yards, Terrell Owens couldn’t control himself. A little off the field controversy with Keyshawn Johnson, wide receiver turned analyst, has sparked some comments from Owens.  Looks like Keyshawn has made statements where he gave credit to the Dallas Cowboys’ success to former coach Bill Parcells.  In response, Owens not only backed up his coach Wade Philips, but also verbally socked Key in the mouth, basically saying that he sucked. I’m no Key fan, I always thought that he was overrated and a bitch, throwing his teammates under the bus and blaming everyone but himself. Owens was an “I” guy too, but he’s a changed man. He needs to ignore Key’s comments, shut up and play ball. The last thing the Cowboys need is a distraction.  Owens has done a good job keeping his cool and focusing on football all year, now is not the time to stir it up and lose focus.  The Cowboys are the NFC favorite to make it to the Superbowl and the only thing that could stop them from getting there is Owens’ mouth.  So just zip it buddy.  You’re on my fantasy team, it’s playoff time for me, and I need you to light up the Eagles this weekend.

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MIA: Chicago Bears’ Defense

superbowl shuffle onthebuzzer.comHave you seen this person? The Bears‘ defense seems to have disappeared. One year after leading their team to the Superbowl, the Bears defense, well SUCKS. They’re ranked 28th in yards per game, 20th in pointssuperbowl shuffle onthebuzzer.com given up per game, 27th in rushing yards allowed, and 25th in passing yards allowed. It’s a sad day in Chicago. On Thursday night, the Bears horrific defense continued as they allowed backup qb Todd Collins, Mr. I haven’t thrown a pass in 3 years or a td in 5, torched the Chicago Bears D with 2 touchdowns, no pics and 224 yards. This guy completed 15 of 20 passes. Are you kidding me? The Washington Redskins. I guess I’m more pissed because this week is the first round of playoffs for my fantasy league and I am playing the worst team in the playoffs and my Bears D got me a measly 3 points. What a bust. This team is a far cry from last years, let alone the Bears of the past. If I go out in the first round, I’m gonna be pisssssed. Now I know what Marty Schottenhiemer feels like. Hopefully my offense tears it up, let’s go Eli Manning, Derek Anderson, T.O., Moss, Steven Jackson, Holt, Ryan Grant, Fargas, Dallas Clark, and of course, the kicker Mason Crosby. Pray for me fellow readers, I need this bad. If I lose, they might hire Norv to replace me.

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Fantasy Football: Playoff Time

onthebuzzer.com fantasy footballWell, this is the time everyone has been playing all season for.  For most fantasy football owners, playoffs will either start this weekend or next, either a 4 or 8 team playoff format.  My league has 10 teams, with 8 making the playoffs.  I came in first for my league so I get to play the 8 seed in the first round.  Want me to be honest with you, I’m deathly frightened.  You work all year to get to the top, and 1 loss in the playoffs and it’s Lake Havasu with Nick Van Exel if you know what I mean.  I’ve been there before, getting to the top, then early playoff exit.  I’m the Marty Schottenheimer of fantasy football, unable to win the big game.  I hope this year is different. I hate having a playoff system, it rewards luck as opposed to the good teams.  That’s why I feel the same for college football and the BCS.  Sure it would be more “fair” by giving the top 8 teams a chance to compete for the big one.  But doesn’t the regular season lose some of its intensity and luster?  And what about the 9th or 10th seeded teams, they’re going to get screwed anyways.  Back to fantasy (reality’s a bitch), I have one piece of advice for all of you playing for the money, stick to what you’ve been doing, because if you start to play matchups and mix up your lineup in the playoffs, you’ll be gambling and when you gamble, the house ALWAYS WINS.

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Fantasy Football Etiquette

I’m currently in first place in my fantasy football league.  My team name, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, is the VIG (pretty cool huh?). One of the best parts of these leagues is the trash talking.  Although, I should warn you, trash talking isonthebuzzer.com ali an art form.  It cannot be taught or acquired, you must be born with it.  With that said, some guy ripped me today for the first time.  Can you believe that??? He is in last place, had a horrible draft, and filled his tirade with false facts and expletives. I am in first, have Randy Moss and T.O. on my team, and on pace for at least a top 2 finish (barring an huge upset in the playoffs).  I responded with the truth, and a couple of personal jabs.  Below is the post, but before you read it, there are a couple of rules you should know when talking the talk in your league: (1) don’t cuss like a moron, as that is a sign of weakness. (2) don’t talk trash to someone who is beating you, as he will have the last laugh, and (3) if you are going to point out facts, make sure they are just that and not falsities, and most importantly (4) when you post, make sure you knock ’em out with it. Don’t put up some weak stuff, it’s worse than putting up nothing at all. With that said, enjoy my rip into Mr. Last Place.  Maybe one day you too can be lucky enough to fall victim to my verbal lashing.  His post is up first, identify the mistakes and make sure you don’t do the same.

From the N-Train 

Shut the Fuck up.
Not everybody in this league eats, sleeps, shits fantasy football.
I can just see you every sunday watching every minute of every game so that you can jump on any hot players band wagon…
Yes you are in first. But you are in last in trash talking.
We have an inverse relationship SUIT.

Now here is my response, learn from it, I’ll even allow you to use it as long as I get props…

Ms. Nancy Train, have someone that can read English translate for you.

First: I haven’t picked up a player on Sunday or Monday all year, so get your s@#! straight before you start poppin off.
Second: You are correct, I watch football on Sundays. I guess we should have taken your lead and foolishly played a game where we knew nothing about the sport. My bad.I got an idea for you, stick to what you know, fantasy crochet (that’s pronounced crowshay.)
Third: How much does coming in first for trash talking pay? I think I can at least come in third in that category, will that get me my money back?
Fourth: You are a moron. I watched quietly all year as you made an ass out of yourself by posting stupid remarks.
Fifth: Does cussing make you feel manlier? I bet you were one of those kids that wasn’t aloud to cuss at home, until you moved out at the ripe age of 37.
Sixth: We don’t have a relationship, please don’t make that mistake.

I’m not done with you yet. There’s more. Let me tell you why you are in last place:
1) You are an idot. I don’t think I need to explain, as this isn’t the first time someone in your life has called you that. Don’t disagree, the truth hurts.
2) Your first pick of the draft was Maroney, a guy with 6 tds last year. Were you thinking he was going to have a career year and finish of with say…9. That I could understand (that’s online sarcasm by the way).
3) You couldn’t even successfully collude with X.

With that said, I want you to shut your trap and not speak for the rest of the season. Playoff time has come, and it’s time to put the women to sleep. But hey, coming in last place will get you a #1 draft pick for the 2008 season. Can you hear me all the way in last??? Helloooo, is anyone there. Nope, looks like the lights are off upstairs.


The Vig

Please, no applauding, it’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it.

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onthebuzzer.com sad eli manningI’m sitting watching the NY Giants host the Adrian Peterson-less Minnesota Vikings and Eli Manning has thrown 4 interceptions, 3 returned for touchdowns.  What the F#@!  Yes, this guy is my fantasy league quarterback, and yes he’s got 15 tds, but after today, he’ll have at least 15 interceptions.  I think this guy is a 2nd tier qb, right under his brother, Brady and Carson, but he has a lot to learn about poise and leadership.  I’m sick of his facial expressions when a WR doesn’t make a catch or runs the wrong route. Suck it up buddy, shit happens.  Make the best of it and for the love of god, try to keep your team in the game. By the way, garbage time touchdowns are good for me, bad for you…

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Moss or Owens, Owens or Moss

onthebuzzer.com terrell owensonthebuzzer.com randy mossLuckily for me, I don’t have to choose because I drafter both Randy Moss and Terrell Owens on my fantasy team this year and have been riding them all year long. On Sunday, going into the afternoon, I was down by about 50 points against my opponent. By Sunday night, I had spanked my foe ala Patriotsonthebuzzer.com fonz and [insert any opponent name here]. Randy Moss and Terrell Owens got me a combined 8 touchdowns and 301 yds. Can someone say money, money, money, money… I probably jinxed it but my fantasy team is coming around, just in time for playoffs. With Steven Jackson looking like his old self and Torry Holt doing what he does, all I need is for my 2 quarterbacks Eli Manning and Derek Anderson to give me 2 touchdowns each per week and this league is ALL MINE. My only concern is my arch nemesis who has both Romo and Brady. But as long as they keep throwing to their #1s, everything is gonna be as cool as the Fonz. Heyyyy…

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The Shanagraph

polygraphTravis Henry of the Denver Broncos could be facing a year’s suspension for a positive marijuana test, but now he has a new defense attorney on his side, his coach Mike Shanahan. Shanahan came to the defense of his running back, saying that Henry passed the hair sample test and that he also passed the Shanahan polygragh test. Yes that’s right, Mike Shanahan makes his players take a lie detector test. I haven’t seen Shanahan come to any player’s defense like this before, so he must really believe in Henry’s innocence. I don’t know what the big deal is, does Shanahan have Henry on his fantasy league or something. Just plug Selvin Young in there and let him do the damage. Any running back can flourish in that system, so just stick him back there and cut him loose. The way I see it, Henry needs some time off to spend with his nine children anyway. So we’ll just have to wait and see how this one turns out next week when the NFL comes down with it’s ruling. Until then, players beware, Coach Shanahan knows if you’ve been naughty or nice.

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NFL Fantasy Football: Love ’em or Leave ’em Alone

onthebuzzer.com m.c. hammerRUNNING BACK TIME (not to be confused with hammer time)

Bengals @ Bills: you gotta love Marshawn Lynch at home against one of the worst def in the league. For Cincy, Rudi Johnson’s back practicing and after Kenny Watson’s assy game plus his concussion, time to drop Watson.

SF @ Atlanta: Anyone seen Frank Gore? Still gotta play him every week. Norwood/Dunn combo should do well at home, question is which one?

Denver @ Detroit: Kevin Jones starting to pick it up. On the other side, fantasy pickup of the week Seldon Young is flying of the free agent wire, but watch out, T. Henry coming back.

Carolina @ Titans: 2 rbs that didn’t go high on the draft board but are producing as of late, Deshawn Foster and Lendale White. Start ’em if you got ’em.

Green Bay @ K.C.: LJ is always a start. I picked up Ron Grant for Green Bay and hope he does well. If you got a better option, start him.

S.D. @ Minnesota: Again, 2 studs, LT is always a play. But AP has been shut down the last 2 weeks. He’s gotta find paydirt this week but don’t look for big yardage #s against a stingy S.D. defense.

N.O. @ Jacksonville: Bush not a strong RB play but might get into the endzone in the air. As for the Jags, Taylor had a strong game but Jones-Drew looks to come back this week and steal some touches. Saints have a weak defense so both rbs are a good play.

Wash @ Jets: Forget playing any Jet for the rest of the season, as for Portis, count him for a score and 60 yds.

Az @ Tampa: Edge against a tough Bucs D, but I would still play him. As for Tampa’s Ernest Graham, forget it, not reliable. Go with any other option.

Seattle @ Cleveland: Alexander against worst run def in the league, sure why not. Jamal Lewis, never liked him.

N.E. @ Indy: Addai is a go, Maroney is a no. The Pats will be throwing all day long.

Houston @ Oak: LaMont hasn’t been the same since the injury, does Houston have a RB?

Dallas @ Philly: Barber a definite start, as is Westbrook

Balt @ Pitt: Willie at home is a guaranteed TD, Balt can’t score so forget McGahee.

There you have it, my fantasy football running back roundup for Week 9. Good luck. Remember, keep your eye on the big prize.

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