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Clippers Bring the Thunder

What a game! Just finished watching the Clippers abuse the Thunder in the 4th quarter, holding Durant and Westbrook to a combined single digits in teh second half and I gotta admit it, I’m sold. Don’t get me wrong, they have to make a couple of adjustments like boxing out and not allowing so many offensive rebounds. DeAndre Jordan also needs to get his head in the game.  The Clippers need his big body clogging up the pain in the final minutes.

Not much I can say about the Clipper guards though.  Chris Paul can pretty much get any shot off he wants.  As long as Mo Williams and Randy Foye keep shooting like he did tonight they’re cruise to the Western Conference Finals, at the very least.  And I gotta admit, the Nick Young trade is HUGE! Back to back 3s in the 3rd quarter plus a few other buckets kept the Clips in the game when they couldn’t buy a bucket.  I’m pumped about the playoffs, only 2 weeks left.  I know, I forgot to mention Blake Griffin. He’s awesome.  Get’s no respect from the refs. He needs to stop complaining though.  Clippers in the playoffs for the first time since 2006.  Time to make some noise.

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Well, it’s finally over.  All the entourages in Los Angeles can now leave the streets of downtown LA, the strets surrounding Staples Center, Figueroa, Pico, 9th.  Thanks for coming.  When I was growing up, the NBA All-Star weekend was awesome.  Dunk contests involved the best of the best; Dominique Wilkins, Spud Webb, Michael Jordan.  As the years passed by, the talent pool started dwindling.  You began to have one or two stars and a bunch of no-name scrubs.  Was there any doubt Blake Griffin was going to come out with this weekend’s crown?  Sure he jumped over the hood of a car, but is it that big of a deal? Most of the dunks were a little bland: 360, elbow in rim ala Vince Carter, taking off from the freethrow line… How many times have we seen that?  The problem for these participants is that there’s only so many variations you can do before you start repeating.  And what happened to Lebron James participating this year?

As for the All-Star game, it is what it is. Did anyone think that Kobe Bryant wasn’t gonna come out and take 26 shots and try to win the MVP on his home court?  He played well, no doubt, but you might be seeing the last All-Star MVP he wins.  With the likes of Durant, Lebron and D-Rose, Kobe is an old man in a young man’s game. And for all those that want the All-Star game to mean something like homecourt advantage in the finals, I have one comment for you… BAD IDEA.  MLB does it, and it’s simply not fair.  These teams bust their asses all year to have the best record and to “earn” homecourt.  The last thing you want is putting it all on the line in some exhibition game. I will say one thing though, the players need to give a little more effort, maybe play some defense.  A combined score of 291 is ridiculous.

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The Clippers Are So Nasty

How’s that for a catchy title? And just for the record, it’s nasty meaning bad, not nasty as in 2 Live Crew Nasty As You Wanna Be! How do you get blown on by the Indiana Pacers? Eric Gordon (the little engine that could) is clearly not leading this team.  He is probably the most talented player on this team and it seems that all he cares about are his points. 5-17 shooting from the field? He’s shooting under 19% from the arc and under 80% from the charity stripe. Clean it up, you’re supposed to be a shooting guard.  I’ma talk a little about Blake Griffin.  Did you see that dunk last night where he shitted on Anthony Tolliver of the T-wolves! That was sick.  But unfortunately, I’m a little disappointed in this guys season.  He is clearly the most athletic player on the team.  But he seems to lack basketball skill. I know he’s averaging just under 17 points and 11 boards per game but it seems like most of his buckets are dunks.  He is a heinous, and I mean HEINOUS freethrow shooter (55% on the year).  I don’t think Vinnie Del Negro was the right coach.  He lacks experience and for a young team like the Clips, they need a veteran coach that’s been to the promised land (and in the case of the Clippers, the promised land is anywhere but the cellar of the league). As for the rest of the roster, there’s only a handful of guys that would make it on a winning NBA team.  Over their last 4 games, they’ve managed to lose to the Pistons, Pacers, NETS, and T-Wolves.  I can’t even stomach watching 1 quarter of Clipper basketball.  And while I’m dogging the Clips, I just wanted to say that they need new play-by-play guys.  Ralph Lawler and Michael Smith are quite possible the worst color commentators.  Then again, it’s gotta be hard working  the Clippers year in and year out.  I’m guessing it takes a toll on your psyche. 1-11.  What a way to start your season…

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Blake Griffin is ready.  Rumors have this guy practicing at 100%.  I’ve been waiting for this kid to explode into the NBA since last year, but he got bit with the Clippers curse, injuring his knee in the last preseason game.  There were rumors of Blake returning to the Clippers during the regular season but apparently, the extent of his injury was never disclosed to the public.  Not until the Clippers shut him down for the remainder of the season.  When this kid was drafted #1, every person in the Clippernation thought and actually believed that he was the missing link, the key in turning this sinking ship around. Franky, I didn’t blame them.  He was tearing it up in college and preseason.  He had an NBA physique and a humble, blue collar attitude.  A starting lineup with Baron Davis, Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin, Chris Kaman and Rasual Butler is a 5 that can match up with any team in the league.  Let’s hope that he’s beaten the curse so the Clips can give those guys across the hall a fight.

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Kobe BryantOpening night of the NBA and the Los Angeles Lakers went right back to work, disposing of the Los Angeles Clippers 99-92.  This game wasn’t as close as the score shows, as the Lakers were up double digits in the first quarter.  The Clippers made a few runs througout the game, cutting the lead to even 1 point but you can tell that they were never gonna pull it out. It was nice to see everyone get their championship rings prior to the game.  Hope they can get one for new Laker Ron Artest this year. As for the Clippers, sad to see Blake Griffin starting his career on the injured list, let alone as a Clipper.  Hope he doesnt turn into a Danny Manning/Shaun Livingston/bust. I’m looking at this Clippers team and other than Eric Gordon (and Griffin), there’s no one on this team that plays with fire, the love.  We all know the history of Baron Davis, Ricky Davis, and Marcus Camby, a collection of selfish athletes.  Then again, I guess Mr. Donald Sterling doesn’t really give two shits about this team, considering they’ve had only 2 winning seasons in over 20 years. Back to the Lakers, it’s gonna be a fun year, especially when Pau Gasol returns from the sore hammy. I don’t know what sucks more, the Lakers’ bench or Baron Davis?

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blake griffinAnd with the #1 pick, the Los Angeles Clippers take…any hopes of winning.  Thanks for coming Blake Griffin.  This is the cellar of the NBA, this is the Clippers.  Don’t worry about those other guys across the hall, we don’t mingle with them.  I can’t help but feel sorry for college studs that go to NBA teams that don’t care.  Blake Griffin is gonna learn that losing isn’t easy in the NBA, even if you’re getting paid. The Clippers are stacked (in a bad way) at the PF and C positions.  They’ve got mercenaries Marcus Camby, Zach Randolph, veteran Chris Kamaan who all demand big minutes.  Al Thornton hasn’t seen a shot he doesn’t like.  Baron Davis plays like a 50 year old.  If the Clippers are interested in saving Griffin’s career and possibly the name of the franchise, they’d should start making some serious moves. Starting with getting rid of B-Diddy, Camby and Randolph and build around Eric Gordon and Griffin.  I know that’s a mouthful but they never should’ve taken on these contracts.  Baron and Camby have no heard.  Randolph is a cancer. I like point guard Mike Taylor, but only as a back-up.  He’s a good spark-plug off the bench. Fred Jones needs to go.  He’s a little to “streets” for me. Steve Novak can straight out shoot.  Oh yeah, get rid of Mike Dunleavy.  Mr. Coach/GM just doesn’t mesh.  He just omits fumes of loserness. Getting back to Griffin, it’ll be interesting to see if he can dominate in the bigs. Gives me a reason to watch Clipper games, at least for a couple of weeks.

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