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Golden State Warriors on a Roll

onthebuzzer.com baron davisThey started the season 0-6.  They won their first game against the Los Angeles Clippers and after beating the Rockets on Thursday night, are now over .500, with an 8-7 record.  That’s called resilience. For a team that everyone, including myself, thought would go back into the abyss this year, the Golden State Warriors have shown that they can play with the best of them. I’ve beginning to buy this run and gun system.  On paper, the Warriors have the deepest bench in the league with Matt Barnes (who would’ve thunk it?) Mickael Pietrus, Troy Hudson, and Austin Croshere.  Their starting five, is even better.  Let’s hope this team can continue this run and get home court for the playoffs.  I won’t name names, but there’s one Maverick of a team that doesn’t wanna face them in the playoffs.

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Cowboys Separate Themselves from the Pack

onthebuzzer.com brett favreOn Thursday night, the Dallas Cowboys took one step closer to homefield advantage throughout the playoffs when they beat the Green Bay Packers 37-27. The game was close all night, but it seemed that the Cowboys were one step ahead for the entire game.  Packers quarterback Brett Favre injured his shoulder in the second quarter and did not return.  Phenom Aaron Rodgers, who has barely gotten any action of the past few years filled in nicely, throwing for over 200 yds, 1 td and no pics. That something positive for Packers fans to think about in the future.  However, they’re going to need Brett back if they want to make a run in the playoffs. All in all, a solid game.  Too bad it’s tainted by the injuries.  You still have to give the nod to Dallas as the favorite in the NFC to make it to the bowl.

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New York Knicks SUCK

onthebuzzer.com zekeOk, I’m gonna stop beating around the bush and get to the point, the KNICKS are the worst team in NBA history.  On Thursday night, the Knicks got their asses kicked, 104-59 in Boston Garden. They scored 10 points in the 3rd quarter, that’s right 10 points. They were outscored by double digits in every quarter except the last.  I think we should reclassify this team to the NCAA, no that’s too much for them, how about the NBDL or the WNBA?  What an embarrassing display/performance. Zach Randolph, their ownly shining star finished the night with 1-10 shooting and 4 points.  Eddie curry, 2-11, 4 points. Their starting five had 27 total points.  I’m surprised that this team has even won 4 games on the season…Just when you thought the Knicks couldn’t sink lower…think again. What’s next? I don’t want to know.  It’s bad time to be a NY fan. What a disgrace.

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Cavs Fall Hard to the Pistons

onthebuzzer.com lebron jamesOne night after beating the Celtics, the Cleveland Cavaliers were punished by the Detroit Pistons, 109-75.  A 34 point ass kicking.  How is that possible?  Were the Cavs tired? Did they not expect a fight from the Pistons?  Considering we are only 16 games into the season and the Pistons have been a powerhouse in the East for at least a few years, I’m still perplexed. The game was close until the second have begun, when the Cavs were outscored by 13. I don’t want to hear the injury card being played, these guys are supposed to be professional NBA Athletes. How often do you see this? A team plays like a king one night, then like the court jester the other.  When you’re getting paid millions of dollars to play ball for 8 months out of the year, I (the fans) expect  110% every singe night. Unfortunately, more often than not we do not get that. Modern day athletes, spoiled brats, call them what you want, but I’ll stick to simply disappointing.

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Andrei Kirilenko: Overrated

onthebuzzer.com ak47After an offseason of turmoil and unhappiness, Andrei Kirilenko, AK-47, returned to his “beloved” Jazz for the start of the season and call me a cynic, but I am very unimpressed by the numbers he’s put up. Maybe I caught him on a bad night but on Wednesday night, AK -47 was misfiring all game, going 1-6 for 6 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 1 block in 33 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been following this guy for years, he’s a stat filler and a fantasy owner’s dream, or at least he used to be. But I guess I’m just not impressed anymore. At 26 years of age, this guy has a world of potential but something tells me he’s not going to reach it in Utah.  He needs a change of scenery, maybe LA, maybe Chicago?  This guy’s been battling with management for a while now and while the bickering has subsided, it just might be the time to trade him before his stock plummets even more… Just a thought.

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NFL Picks Week 13

Green Bay @ Dallas -6.5: This is gonna be a fight to the finish, I’ll take the Pack with the points.

Buffalo @ Washington -5.5: ‘skins are very emotional right now with Taylor’s death, look for a whoopin’!!!

San Francisco @ Carolina -2.5: Niners suck , especially on the road, the Panthers should take this easily…

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis -7: Indy is struggling, and the Jags are legit, take the Jags with the points.

San Diego -4 @Kansas City: Chargers are back, L.T. should run all over the injured Chiefs.

NY Jets @ Miami -1: Here you go guys, introducing the 1 win Miami Dolphins.

Detroit @ Minnesota -3.5: Peterson who??? These Vikes aren’t bad, take ’em.

Seattle @ Philadelphia -3: Seattle’s a fraud but Philly is worse, take the ‘hawk

Atlanta @ St. Louis (no line): Rams are good, even without Bulger, take ’em at home…

Houston @ Tennessee -4: time for Vince to shine again, take the Titans.

Cleveland @ Arizona -1: This spread boggles me, the Browns are a good team without any major injuries, take ’em.

Denver -3 @ Oakland: Shanahan does not lose to the Raiders. That’s a lock.

NY Giants -1 @ Chicago: Bears will stifle Eli and co., go BEARS!!!

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans -3: Which team is showing up for each side? When in doubt, take the home team.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh -7: Tough one, I’ll take the Steelers.

New England -20 @ Baltimore: Ray Lewis, MNF, at home, no way he gets embarrassed. Take the Ravens and the points.

I’m feeling good about these picks, wait a minute…didn’t I say that last week???

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The Dish

satelliteThe biggest game in the NFL this week, and quite possibly the second biggest game of the season, will not be watched by two thirds of the population. Dallas vs. Green Bay will only be seen on the NFL Network, and the NFL network doesn’t do basic cable. That means the Governor of Wisonsin won’t be able to watch it from his home because he only has basic cable, and that means that the majority of NFL fans will have to go to a sports bar or a neighbor’s house that carries the dish. All of this is just another nail in the coffin that was basic cable. Cable companies had a monopoly for such a long period of time, but now the tables have turned, and as a satellite t.v. client myself I couldn’t be happier. The bigger picture here is how the richest and most powerful sport league in America needs to blackmail it’s fans. Why wouldn’t you make one of the biggest games of the year available to the masses? Does the NFL need more money? Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys had a simple message to those complaining, “get the dish”. I will be relaxing in my home watching the game, and all of our loyal readers at Onthebuzzer.com are welcome to join me. Until then, NFL fans will just have to watch the thousand other games this season on basic cable. Sorry guys.

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Dancin’ Machine

HelioThe fans have voted, and Helio Castroneves is the new Dancing With The Stars champion. Helio is the third straight athlete to win the competition, following Olympic speed skater Apolo Ono, and running back Emmit Smith. What does this have to do with sports? Well Helio has a day job and he’s an Indy Car racer. You may remember Indy racing, it’s the other kind of racing not named Nascar. Indy used to be a major player back in the day, now they’ll appreciate the publicity. Helio’s win can only help the circuit because Dancing With The Star’s audience dwarfs any sports viewers. I’m not ashamed to say that I was caught up in the final episode to see who America would vote champ, and I’m glad to say they got it right. The energy and enthusiasm that Helio brought to the dancefloor is the same intensity that he brings to the track everytime he races. So if you’re free one day, tune in and watch and Indy race, they’re quite exciting. Now if Formula Racing really wants to spike ratings, they should put Helio’s dancing partner in the backseat of his car! GGRRRRRRRRRR

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Sean Taylor: Rest In Peace

onthebuzzer.com sean tayloronthebuzzer.com sean taylorOn Tuesday morning, Washington Redskins Safety Sean Taylor died after being shot by an intruder in his house, the day before. This guy was an athlete, a husband and a father.  The saddest part, he was just a kid, at the young age of 24.  So many times we see the same things, athletes surrounding themselves with troubled persons, “homies” from their younger days, not wanting to “sell out” and leave them behind.  That didn’t seem to be the case with Taylor, who though he had his own share of troubles, seemed to have turned the page in life after the birth of his child and his only pro-bowl appearance. I’m not gonna judge this guy, or give my opinion as to should’ves, could’ves and would’ves, all I can say is that we should all learn a lesson from this, in that nothing is guaranteed these days, not even life itself.

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Boston Celtics Bow Down to the King

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men had scrambled Celtics for breakfast, again?  OK, that doesn’t make sense, but neither onthebuzzer.com lebron james does the Boston Celtics losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  It’s obvious that Lebron James is the best player in the league and if I were to start a team, I would take Lebron as my 1st pick.  As for Boston’s big 3, KG, PP, and RAY RAY, what happened?  They couldn’t stop Zydrunas Ilgauskas, the oldest 32 year old I’ve ever seen.  Drew Gooden chipped in another 24 points and 13 rebounds and well, there you have it. It’s not time to panic or anything for Boston, because they still have the best record in the league, BUT, where is the supporting cast.  Rajon Rondo did have 6 assists and 7 rebounds, but 3 points in 44 minutes isn’t cutting it. Eddie House and Brian Scalabrine, MIA.  On paper, the Celtics bench isn’t bad, with Posey and House.  But they need to develop Big Baby Glenn Davis and give Gabe Pruitt some playing time.  The Celts are going to make the playoffs but they’re going to need help from the rest of the team to win the title.  Until then, ummmm, how about those Patriots.

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