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So Cowboys’ diva wide receiver Dez Bryant got caught.  He refused the rookie hazing in the offseason by carrying Roy Williams’ pads. Instead, he got stuck with taking the whole team to dinner, for a whopping $54,896.  WOW!  First of all, I wouldn’t carry Roy Williams’ pads either.  He’s probably one of the biggest disappointments when it comes to top draft picks.  A college standout, this guy hasn’t amounted to shit in the pros.  As for Bryant, I don’t think I wanna make my bones by not fulfilling a longtime a NFL ritual. Carry anyone’s pads for pete’s sake.  The sad part is that while $55k is a drop in the bucket for all these athletes and a BIG joke, Bryant could’ve actually done some good by donating the money to charity.  But then again, these are the Dallas Cowboys, a roster filled with overpaid and underachieving athletes. After 3 games this season, he’s only got 158 yards TOTAL and no touchdowns (and don’t come at me with that punt return touchdown; that’s not what the Jerry Jones game him $8.4 million in guaranteed for).  But at least they got a win.  Not bad for a team everyone was picking to make it to the Superbowl.

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The song goes something like this: “Kevin Kolb is our future, trade Donovan McNabb; Kolb is our quarterback, Vick is the back-up; Vick is the starter, only until Kolb come back; Kolb is the starter; Vick is the backup; Vick is the starter, Kolb is the backup.”

I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, we all know what we get with Michael Vick: a moron who has had troublesome past off the field but on the field, spectacular plays but nothing else.  We all know that Vick can win some games, but he will never take you to the Superbowl.  He’s good for a playoff birth and possibly 1 win but that’s it.  It’s easy for teams to scheme against him because he’s one dimensional.  And don’t come at me with he can throw now.  For the love of god, they only beat the Detroit Lions, let’s see what he’ll do against the Jaguars this week.

On the other hand, I think it’s a great move benching Kolb.  The kid never got a chance to prove himself.  If the Eagles lose this week’s game against Jacksonville, the fans would’ve called for his head. Unless he played a perfect game, there was no way he was going to come out winning.  And let’s be honest, the Jags are gonna beat the Eagles this week.  Then I want to hear what the critics and the Vick lovers have to say. Until then, enjoy the honeymoon Mike, because you certainly DON’T deserve it. As for Coach Reid, you just lost your “future” quarterback’s trust.

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I love to bet on sports, especially when it comes to the NFL.  There’s something about sitting home on a Sunday and putting some money down on a game and just relaxing… I was on one of my favorite sports gambling sites the other day, DocSports.com and came across  Allen Eastman’s “99 system.” This seems like a legitimate NFL football betting system. It seems that for the past 2 years, the system has gone an incredible 50-21 (70%) and last year alone 27-13 for +63.5 units and around $5,600 in profit for $100 bettors.  This year, he’s at it again, going 3-1 last week, +$900 for $100 bettors. If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself.  They have all of NFL’s Week 2 odds right now!!!Then you can thank me for placing the bet.  Monetary gifts appreciated.

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Ravens’ Defense Shuts Up Jets

The most anticipated game of the opening weekend and all we got was a 10-9 struggle.  Sure the Ravens won, we’re happy about that.  We’re happy that the Jets couldn’t do shit on offense.  74 passing yards for “phenom” Mark Sanchez.  I’m not sure I’ve written it down before but I’ve said it many times to date, Mark Sanchez is going to have a not-so-spectacular year.  He’s not the quarterback y’all think he is.  He is no Brady, Manning, Brees, or Rogers.  Frankly, he’s no Matt Ryan, Donovan McNabb or even Carson Palmer.  I’d even take Joe Flacco, Tony Romo, and Eli Manning over him.  This kid is average at best.  He won’t lose again, but he won’t win one for you either.  The Ravens, on the other hand, got the victory.  But I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed with the 10 points.  This team was supposed to be much improved offensively.  They signed Anquan Boldin and Houshmanzadeh, 2 marquee receivers.  Add them to Derrick Mason, Todd Heap and that 2 pronged running attack of Ray Rice and Willis McGahee and these guys should easily be putting up gaudy numbers week in and week out.  I’m gonna chalk this one up to a combination of the Jets’ D and first game jitters. But I better see some fireworks next week at Cincinnati.

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So the first game of the NFL season and… what a let down it was.  Saints hosting the Vikings and I was looking for an offensive explosion.  Instead, we got a 14-9 victory. First game of the season but this was messy.  I guess that’s what happens at the first game of the season. I”m glad Brett Favre and his the Vikes lost, but I do wish they got their asses kicked.  I wonder if the Vikes would’ve done better if Brett came into camp on time and practiced with his team? Maybe instill some chemistry? Maybe Favre should’ve just waited until Thursday morning to announce that he was returning to the Vikings. Movin’ on to the Saints, I’m not sure if its the actual team, the Who Dat! pre-game chant or what, but I think they’ve officially become America’s team.  Sorry Cowboys, y’all are dunzies.  It’s officially football season folks, we can all wake up from the coma called baseball and look forward to every Sunday/Monday for some serious sports.

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This is the Matt Barkley we have all been waiting for, the one Pete Carroll had a hard-on for.  257 passing yards, 5 touchdowns, no picks.  Thanks for coming, let’s get back home.  The USC offense was on fire today.  Sure, the Warriors defense was nonexistent but still, you have to give credit to Lane Kiffin and his offense.  The O-line was dominant, giving Barkley as much time as he needed.  Every single pass was on point.  I can’t wait to see what this guy does against the Pac-10.  What I’m worried about is the Trojans D.  SC hadn’t tackled in practice and it showed today.  I’ve never seen so many missed tackles, since, well last season.  The SC secondary was horrible. One pass interference call after another.  Didn’t someone teach these guys to turn and look at the ball when covering their men? As for the D-line, how about some pressure.  These guys looked sluggish all game long, especially in the 2nd half.  True, it seemed like they were on the field a lot more than the offense was but still, these are supposed to be marquee blue-chip players.  Nevertheless, glad we got the win.  Happy for Lane Kiffin.  Happy for Matt Barkley and the 8 different receivers he threw to.  Happy for the SC running game. It’s gonna be a great season.

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