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kobe bryantAnd that’s at Staples by the way.  We all forgot about the woes of the Lakers. After finishing off the season last year with a Championship, no one particularly recalled how they got there.  Remember the losses to Indiana, Sacramento, Miami, Charlotte, Pihlly, Charlotte AGAIN? Remember how many times the Lakers lost a game that they were supposed to dominate?  Well, fast-forward to tonight against the Dallas Mavericks, a team that hasn’t beaten the Lakers in the last 6 visits. Can’t say the Lakers were looking to the next game, because that woud be against the Hawks who are supposed to be heavy underdogs. My take on this loss, it was a clinic on why basketball is a team game (see Mavericks) vs. a street game (see Lakers).  The Lakers played the entire game like they were at Rucker Park, all one-on-one.  Kobe forcing shots from the beginning, going 6-19.  Sure he scored 20 points but he missed more than %66 of his shots, rarely got his teammates involved. When he did, they couldn’t capitalize.  Ron Artest clearly isn’t comfortable YET with his new team as he shot 1-6 and was in foul trouble most of the game.  He even picked up a technical to spice things up.  Finally, the Lakers’ bench.  What to say.  Jordan Farma dribbling the ball of his leg, Jordan Farmar throwing the ball away in a key stretch in the 4th quarter. Sasha taking an off-balance 3-pointer (missing of course). I don’t ever want to see Mbenga or Luke Walton on the court…EVER.  These guys don’t belong in the NBA. I’m not saying it’s time to panic but they’re gonna need to nip this in the bud.  As for all you psychos out there that think that they’re gonna beat the Bulls all-time record, stop.  It ain’t happening.

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Kobe BryantOpening night of the NBA and the Los Angeles Lakers went right back to work, disposing of the Los Angeles Clippers 99-92.  This game wasn’t as close as the score shows, as the Lakers were up double digits in the first quarter.  The Clippers made a few runs througout the game, cutting the lead to even 1 point but you can tell that they were never gonna pull it out. It was nice to see everyone get their championship rings prior to the game.  Hope they can get one for new Laker Ron Artest this year. As for the Clippers, sad to see Blake Griffin starting his career on the injured list, let alone as a Clipper.  Hope he doesnt turn into a Danny Manning/Shaun Livingston/bust. I’m looking at this Clippers team and other than Eric Gordon (and Griffin), there’s no one on this team that plays with fire, the love.  We all know the history of Baron Davis, Ricky Davis, and Marcus Camby, a collection of selfish athletes.  Then again, I guess Mr. Donald Sterling doesn’t really give two shits about this team, considering they’ve had only 2 winning seasons in over 20 years. Back to the Lakers, it’s gonna be a fun year, especially when Pau Gasol returns from the sore hammy. I don’t know what sucks more, the Lakers’ bench or Baron Davis?

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Cardinals Order Big Mac… with Juice?

mark mcgwireBrace yourselves folks, Mark McGwire is back in baseball.  After being caught on the juice and being shunned from society, ex-slugger Mark McGwire returns, not as a player but a hitting coach.  I wonder what his first tip is gonna be? I mean, this guy had been juicing ever since I can remember. Remember how buff he was as a part of the infamous bash brothers? Or that year when when he went head to head with Sammy Sosa for the home run record? I’ve been thinking this for a while and am going to come out and say, “Did you ever wonder if Albert Pujols was juicing?”  Now before I get crucified, think about it, can someone actually be that good of a hitter?  We all thought Alex Rodriguez was amazing and we all saw what happened. Look at Manny Ramirez, same shit, different toilet.  Maybe the Cards brought in McGwire to serve as an escape goat when the news breaks? Maybe I’m just a cynic who’s been burned by these players one too many times. I’ll say this, it gives McGwire that “second chance” we all deserve. I wonder how many steroid questions he’s gonna have to answer next year. He can start by answering this one “WHY?”

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One Too MANNY Years

manny ramirezNow that the Dodgers season is officially over, I’d like to look back at the Manny Ramirez experiment.  Sure it’s not over, but as a Los Angelino, I’m saddened by the fact that there’s nothing to look forward tow with respect to Maniaco.  In hindsight, the Dodgers’ best move would have been to not sign him to the two year $45 million contract they gave him in the beginning of this year.  I know it was Manny’s power that pushed them inot the playoffs last year, sweeping the Cubs and eventually losing to the Phillies in the NLCS.  Fast-forward 1 year, and what do we have? A post-steroid Manny who can’t hit a whiffle ball and a Dodgers’ clubhouse filled with unpredictable pitching.  Why didn’t they lock up Cliff Lee?  All they had to do is give up one of those young “studly” pitchers they have. The same pitchers that got shelled by the Phillies.  Sure, the NLCS is an accomplishment and considered a successfull season for many teams. But not if you were there the year before and supposed and cruised to the best records in the league the following year. The Dodgers aren’t/weren’t built for the post-season.  And I’m not talking about the shitty Cards that they spanked (let’s not even bring out that dropped ball by Matt Holliday).  The best thing that happened to the Dodgers this year was Many’s 50 game suspension. Unfortunately, he’ll be around for the entire year next year because there is no way he’s going to opt out.  I can’t see anyone pay this guy a tenth of what he is making right now, and at age 38, good luck.  Now if only the Angels could shock the world and beat the Yanks in 7.  GO RALLY MONKEY!!!

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