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I will preface this article by saying that I’m a Kansas City Chief fan. With that said, how the heck to the Green Bay Packers lose to the Chiefs?  13-1 Packers against 6-8 Chiefs? Packers with pretty much all their starters against the Chiefs with a quarterback that just joined the team 2 weeks ago? I don’t understand. The Packers have been destroying most teams every week.  They had gone through the tough part of their schedule and had  one away game left on their schedule, at Arrowhead.  Trap game?  Not sure if you can call it that.  I can call it playing down to the level of your competition.  A lot of dropped balls by the WR corp.  Having watched sports for many, many moons, I’ve learned that no matter who you are playing, if you enter the 4th quarter with a close game when you should be up by a lot, all bets are off.  Pride kicks in? Ask the Trojans a few years ago when the Bruins ruined their National title  hopes.  This was going to be a perfect season for the Packers, capped off by a Superbowl victory.  Hasn’t been done since those wretched Dolphins.  Now we have to hear about how Mercury Morris and his cronies popped a bottle of champagne.  Tom Brady and his bunch could’ve done it a few years ago but Eli and company took him down.  Great win for the Chiefs though.  Not sure why they can’t play like this every week?  The problem with this win is that it will probably get interim coach Romeo Cronell the job, which is not what the Chiefs need.  Oh well, it is nice to play spoiler though.


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Not All Quarterbacks are Smart

As long as you’re not playing for us. Exhibit A: Chad Pennington.  It seems that missing all but 2 snaps of the 2009-2010 season wasn’t good enough for the injury prone Pennington.  Instead of working on his shoulder injury that sidelined him last year, Chad decided to play some pickup basketball and tear his ACL. And now, if there is an NFL season this year, he will not be a part of it. Pennington has been a victim of the hype machine for most of his career.  I never thought he was as good as most people thought.  He has an average arm, average speed and hasn’t done much other than take his team to the second round of the playoffs.  Now don’t feel bad for this kid, we all know he signed a $64 million deal with the Jets back in 2004 and another $ll.5 million deal with the Dolphins in 2008. So as long as he put something away for a rainy day, Pennington will be just fine.  I’m guessing he’ll pop up as an analyst on one of these pre/post game shows.  As for all of you Chad lovers, I don’t wanna hear it.  There’s a reason why the Jets released him and didn’t care if he went to division rival Dolphins.  This NFL strike might have come just in time for Pennington.  He might heal up and trick some other team into throwing millions at him, one last time.

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Stay Classy Jets…

Clearly sarcastic on my behalf.  Jets strengthening coach SAL ALOSI stuck out his knee during a punt return, causing Miami Dolphins’ gunner Nolan Carroll to fall down.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  The story of the game should have been how the Jets choked away an easy win and how they’re not as good as everyone thinks they are.  Instead, you got one of Rex Ryan’s cronies executing the biggest bushleague move I have EVER seen in football.  It’s unprecedented. The funny part is that I’m not surprised by this move coming from Jets’ personnel. I actually liked this team.  They have some real players.  But for some reason, after going on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” this past offseason, they’ve turned Hollywood.  Sure they made it to the AFC Championship game last year…kudos.  But this year, they’ve beaten 1 quality team, and have many last second victories.  Commissioner Roger Goodell better come down hard on the Jets and this Alosi guy.  We want a suspension and a HUGE fine. What an idiot!  And how do you lose to the Dolphins? That’s 2 losses in a row. At Pittsburgh and at Chicago over the next two weeks. Can someone say, 4-game losing streak!!!

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Cam Cameron: Remember Me?

ept_sports_nfl_experts-157065367-12241703061The 1-15 season for the Dolphins just ended.  Enter Bill Parcells.  Exit Dolphins’ head coach Cam Cameron, a.k.a. the goat.  Everyone threw this guy under the bus, saying he was the reason that teh DOlphins lost 13 in a row.  Not the injury plagued roster, not the talentless and emotionless players left on the field.  And most definitely not the front office.  Everybody forgot what this guy did before he came to Miami.  Offensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers (when they were good).  Remember when Ladanian Tomlinson broke the single season TD record? Cam Cameron for you. Let me tell you something… quality coaches ALWAYS bounce back.  And off to Baltimore went Cam.  What’s he doing there…mmmmmmm…..guiding the Ravens to a probably playoff appearance, molding rookie Joe Flacco into one of the best quarterbacks today.  Remember the Ravens’ defense.  Well, let me introduce you to the Ravens’ offense.  The same offense that has scored over 20 points in 9 of 13 games this year. I’m done stroking Cam. He deserves it.  Look at the aftermath in San Diego since he’s left.  Miami…they’re playing out of there asses.

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Tennessee Titans Remain Unbeaten

Kerry “mother truckin” Collins!!! If you told me before the season started  that the Tennessee Titans would be 10-0, I would’ve revoked your NFL priveleges.  To top that off, doing it without Vince Young?!?! I’m shocked. After going down 14-3 at the half, I thought FOR SURE the streak was over but talk about a sick comeback.  What a superb performance by Kerry Collins, 3 tds, all in the second half. The Jaguars on the other hand continue their disappointing season with a 4-6 record, watching their playoff hopes go down the drain.  The Titans’, on the other hand, are 4 games ahead of Indy.  Barring a huge collapse, looks like the road to the Superbowl will go through Tennessee.  I’m not saying that they’re going 16-0 as I would have to agree with ’72 Dolphins’ Mercury Morris “Don’t call me when your in my town, call me when your on my block.” Aside for a possible letdown against an overrated Jets team next week, the only obstacles ahead are the Steelers in Week 16 or the Colts in Week 17. But let’s keep one thing in mind, the perfect regular season doesn’t mean diddly if the you don’t win the Superbowl, as we saw with the Pats of ’07-’08.  Kudos to Kerry Collins for finding the fountain of youth.

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What the Hell is Going on With the Miami Dolphins?

Bill freaken Parcells??? C’mon, is he that good?  Are you going to tell me that firing Cam Cameron as head coach and hiring Bill Parcells as GM is making that big of a difference for a team that just won 1 game last year?  I don’t believe it.  I can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it, do I?  The Miami Dolphins have returned essentially all their players from last year. Lost linebacker Zach Thomas. Sure they signed Chad Pennington but he’s not a difference maker. Maybe having a health Ronnie Brown is working for them.  You know what I think, SMOKE and MIRRORS folks… They’re doing it with SMOKE and MIRRORS. The Dolphins are tricking teams, lining up in formations that are commonly used in the BCS rather than the NFL. This team is 4-4 in a division where the 3 other teams are 5-3.  Don’t be surprised if they sneak into the playoffs.  These guys have something to prove after being the laughing stock of the league last year. They’ve already surpassed this bloggers’ expectations, as they’ve busted my “LOCK of the Week” 2 weeks in a row. My apologies to my readers.  My apologies to the Dolphins.  These fish are for real and I ain’t gonna touch ’em for the rest of the season.

P.S. Denver Broncos suck balls…

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LOCK of the Week

I know, I haven’t come through the past 2 weeks, apologies are definitely in order.  But don’t jump ship yet, we can right this, and the time to do so is now!!! Straigth to the pick, no dilly-dallying around… Miami Dolphins at Denver Broncos -3.5.  This is the game that stood out to me.  The Broncos have been sliding as of late but we all know that Mile-High is one of the toughest venues to play in.  Look for the Rat Mike Shanahan to blow the Cinderella Dolphins out of the water. I’m not gonna give you fictitious stats about why you should take this bet.  It’s just a feeling.  FEEL IT!!!

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LOCK of the Week

Ok, so it happened…all you haters got what you wanted. After 5 glorious weeks, the Big Dog finally lost one. Stupid overrated Jets is all I can say. But watch me bounce back.  And boy do I have a doozy for you.  The Buffalo Bills -1 at the Miami Dolphins.  Sure this might look like a trap game, being favored by only 1 point, but the Bills are for real.  They have the second best record in the league.  They’re coming off a big win against the Chargers and while they might not whoop the Dolphins, they surely will cover. So don’t wait, do it, bet it. Let’s start another streak.

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Rodney Harrison, Shut the F#@! UP

So, New England Patriots STRONG Safety Rodney Harrison is calling Miami Dolphins’ RB Ricky Williams dirty.  The reason: apparently Williams threw a nasty block at the legs of linebacker Mike Vrabel. You guys don’t know this but Rudney is also the team lawyer. It’s ironic that Harrison is bitching about cheap hits,  the same Rodney Harrison that was voted by his peers as the leagues dirtiest player in 2004 and 2006. Oh yeah, and again in 2008 by the coaches. That makes him the current champ… So now that it sucks being a Patriot, Mr. Harrison Esq. has decided to start bitching about cheap hits to take the attention away from that other thing…what was that again… oh yeah, winning. How did that old saying go again, oh yeah… people in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks… It’s gonna be a long year buddy. You’re lucky Al Davis snagged the “bitch of the week” spot.

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Buffalo Bills: J.P. Losman Wants Out

j.p. losman onthebuzzer.comBills BACKUP quarterback Jonathan Paul Losman wants to be traded from the Buffalo. Reports are that he is upset after losing his job to rookie Trent Edwards.  I wonder why he’s upset?  Is it because Buffalo is last in the NFL in yards? Is it because in the 8 games he played this year (was knocked out early in 2 games), Losman has thrown a total of 4 touchdowns and 6 picks? Losman’s agent said that the team quit on him.  When the going gets tough, blame your team.  I’m sure they’ll step up for him next year.  Looks like Losman has been talking to Donovan McNabb.  I’m sure Losman can be an asset for some other sorry team, like the Chiefs or maybe even the Dolphins. With that said, don’t let the door hit you on the way out buddy…

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