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Tea Time in Boston

Kobe_2The inevitable happened. Game 6. World Champion Boston Celtics. World Champion Runner-Ups (drum roll please) Los Angeles Lakers. We can quickly sum up the game, 131-92, a royal ass-whoopin. That’s it. What now for the Lakers? Total revamp? Maybe. Bynum comes back next year (this blogger doesn’t think he’s even all that but for argument’s sake I’ll concede). You can’t have a starting lineup with Fisher, Bryant, Odom, Gasol and Bynum. Too big. Too soft. Where’s that killer 3 point threat when Kobe drives and dishes? The guy’s on the bench aren’t doing it. They should have gotten rid of Radmonivic when he had that snowboarding incident. Walton needs to get cut, I don’t care about basketball I.Q. if you don’t have the skills to play it. Sasha’s a free agent. Farmar, great 12th man. Lotta work to be done. As for coach Phil Jackson, a humbling loss, maybe he can come off his high horse and mix up the offense a little. He might wanna focus on defense this year. Again, Celtics deserve it, congrats to KG, Pierce, Allen, even House and Posey and the rest. They exposed the Lakers for what they are, weak-ass players that are afraid to get dirty. Hopefully this embarrassing loss stings well into next season.

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Is There A Chance???

30e30499173842d2b4820848b049c25aGo to Boston, steal two and bam, history… and the bling. That’s what everyone in LA is thinking right now. Do the Lakers have a chance? Is there any chance they can pull this one off? Well, if there ever was a team or a player that could do it, KOBE BRYANT’s the man. We’re all thinking it. We all all know that Kobe has been sucking it up this series. You know Angelenos are spoiled when a 20+ point average in the finals is not good enough. Then again, this guy is the heir. He’s the league MVP. He’s the best player in the wold. Who know’s when he’ll be back to the promised land (probably next year). If the Lakers could somehow pull off the upset in game 6, they’ll be favored for game 7, for sure. One game at a time though. Let’s start with some tough interior defense and rebounding along with some help from Odom and especially Gasol on the offensive end. You know what else I’d like to see, the Lakers’ Big 3 play the entire game. I know it’s asking for too much but this might be their last game; and Ray Allen and Paul Pierce have already done it. It’s a matter of hunger and who wants it more. It’s time for the Lakers to throw some bows and kick some ass. Let’s see if they’re down to get dirty.

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A Win’s A Win, Right?

OdomIt wasn’t pretty, they gave up another monstrous lead but this time Los Angeles Lakers edged out the Boston Celtics 103-98. The good news for the Lakers, Lamar Odom came to play again. 8-10 field goals, 3-3 free throws,20 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks. The bad news: the series is going back to Boston. With no one able to check Paul Pierce, the Lakers won’t have a chance. I’ve never seen the Lakers play worse defense. They can’t stop anyone from driving. I look back at the Utah and San Antonio series and wonder how the Lakers stopped/contained Deron Williams and Tony Parker? As for the finals, we might have to send an A.P.B. on Kobe Bryant. He’s just not finishing like he’s supposed to. I’m not saying he’s no Jordan, but the play where he just dribbles the ball near the half court line and drives to the hoop while the rest of the team spreads the floor just ain’t cuttin’ it. It’s time for Zenmaster Phil to make the adjustment. If the Lakers take game 6… BIG IF…but that would be sick (in a good way).

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Los Angeles: The Aftermath

CrowLess than one day after the Boston Celtics’ record comeback victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, us Angelenos are just as suicidal as we were yesterday.  No explanation has been given, not that one exists.  There is no comforting thought.  Nothing positive coming out of yesterday’s game.  In fact, just more bad news. I keep wondering to myself whether Kobe Bryant reverted back to his old self.  Maybe I’m just being cynical, skeptical, or just a realist but I can’t help but see continuous clips of Kobe scowling at his teammates, yelling at them, giving up on them, giving up on us.  Maybe Curt Schilling was right?  Then again, F$#! Curt Schilling.  What the hell does he know about basketball or being a "team" player.  That guy has bounced around from the Phillies, to the D-Backs, to the Red Sox.  Enough about him.  The only thing that can stop my stomach from turning is stretching this series to a game 7.  Yeah, that’s it.  Probably unlikely… alright, highly unlikely but a girl can dream, can’t she?  On the plus side, I gotta admit, the Celts deserve the title.  KG deserves it, so does Pierce and Allen.  I’ll even go a step further and say that E-House and P.J. Brown deserve it too.  Damn, this crow tastes awful.
I gotta go rinse my mouth with rubbing alcohol.

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As for the Los Angeles Lakers, World Chumps. The Lakers choked away a 20+ lead midway through the third quarter. The Celtics came back, won it, and have basically started the plans for their parade. What went wrong for the Lakers, well, I got a few suggestions:

  1. giving key minutes to Ronny Turiaf who has struggled all season. The guy missed shots and sucked it up on D;
  2. playing Jordan Farmar in the 3rd and 4th quarter, he couldn’t guard anyone or stick any shot – the only bucket he missed was a 3-point prayer at the end of the 1st half;
  3. Lamar Odom, 15 points in the first quarter, 4 the rest of the game;
  4. Sasha Vujacic for wearing cement shoes on the last play where Ray Allen left him at the arc;
  5. 9-time NBA Championship Coach/hall of famer getting out-coached all series by a guy named “Doc”;
  6. Pau Gasol, no wonder the Grizzlies let go so cheaply;
  7. Derek Fisher, where was this guy in the 4th quarter?;
  8. Kobe Bryant, never though I’d say this but where were you?
  9. not playing Trevor Ariza more, the guy was killing it on both ends of the court in the 1st half.

Damn Lakers, you blew it, now the series is over, YES, IT’S OVER. You have all summer to think about it and then start ALL OVER next year. Sorry asses. Congrats Cs.

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Superbowl Hangover: Let The Holdouts Begin

Plax“I, personally, don’t like the way they’re going and I am not happy about it. I am choosing not to participate.” Well Mr. Burress, did you like the way it was going when the NY Giants took a chance on you when you were kicked out of Pittsburgh by the Steelers? You weren’t complaining about the 6-year $25 million contract you signed 3 years ago, were you, huh, WERE YOU? The NY Giants resurrected this guy’s career after averaging a little over 4 touchdowns per year in 5 seasons with the Steelers. The Giants gambled on this head case and it paid off, 29 tds in 3 years. They paid him big bucks and this is how Plaxico repays them. I wonder if it has anything to do with T.O.’s $34 million contract he signed last year? I wonder if he’ll do better than he did last year with a new contract? FAT CHANCE, no motivation. For once, I’d like to see a club stick to their guns and have players like this sit out all year. Maybe the Giants can be the pioneers.

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Meet Mr. Vujacic: A Well Oiled Machine

Sasha2_2Bostonians, this is our version of Leon Powe, SASHA “the machine” VUJACIC. Sure, he gave himself the nickname but after a spectacular Game 3 performance, I think it’s time to make it stick. 7-10 field goals, 3-5 from range, 20 points and 4 rebounds in 28 minutes, not bad for a bench player. Without Sasha, the Lakers lose tonight. No 87-81 Game 3 victory. No Championship hopes. No dynasty. NO DOUBT. As for the rest of the Lakers, we all knew Kobe was gonna get his. Pau Gasol was still struggling but at least pulled down 12 boards. As for Lamar, still worried about him; hasn’t showed up yet to the finals and the Lakers definitely need him. Not a convincing win, but for now, we’ll take it any way we can get it, a win is a win.

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Meet The NEW Breed Of NBA Coaches; a.k.a. Who?

TpThere were a lot of NBA head coach vacancies after the end of the regular season.  Not only were they vacant positions, but they were for marquee franchises.  The Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons, and Chicago Bulls all big time contenders were looking for a leader.  They’ve all foundVinnie their respective coaches, but I gotta be honest with you, I’m SHOCKED!!! What credentials do Terry Porter, Vinnie Del Negro, and Michael Curry have? Didn’t these guys see what happened in
Dallas when they signed Avery Johnson? Sure they went to the finals but we all know how that ended up.  An NBA head coach has to be Currysomeone you respect and more importantly, FEAR.  These three that were hired are freakin’ jokes.  I would be surprised if any of these teams have better seasons than they did this past year. A rookie coach spells nothing but t-r-o-u-b-l-e for these franchises and others that follow in their footsteps.  A coach matters, spend the big buck, get the big names.

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Ken Griffey: 600 Reasons To Be A First-Ballot H.O.F.er

JrKen Griffey belted his 600th homerun on Monday in a victory over the Florida Marlins. No fancy nicknames (just Jr.), no steroids, no nothing, he’s sure to be a first ballot hall-of-famer. I remember when this guy was with the Seattle Mariners and A-rod, possibly the sickest 1-2 punch ever seen. Then when he left the Mariners, everyone wrote him off. Sure, he had a bunch of injury plagued seasons, but at the end of his career, smacking a clean 600 is not many (no offense Sosa and Bonds) can claim. If only we could get this guy a chance at the big one, the World Series. Unfortunately, the Reds don’t seem to be going anywhere and neither does Griff. At least he can end his career holding his head up. By the way, tell me this guy doesn’t have the prettiest swing you’ve ever seen?

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I’ve never seen a worse officiating then what exists in the NBA.  I don’t know if they’re trying to please the home crowd or what, but the referees this post-season are deciding games, even series.  When Leon Powe, a second year power forward from the Boston Celtics who’s been averaging 2 points a game in the playoffs, shoots more free throws (13) than the entire Los Angeles Lakers team, including MVP Kobe Bryant, something is up.  I’m sitting and watching the game and I’m thinking to myself, where the hell are the fouls?  The contact is there, but what happened to the whistles? I’ve seen one-sided officiating before, but this is preposterous.  The Refs better make it up in Games 3-5 or else this website’s gonna boycott the NBA.

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