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MANNY RAMIREZ: That’s Why He Gets the BIG Bucks

manny ramirezJust in case you were wondering if the Dodgers made the right choice after signing Manny to a 2 year $45 million contract AND were doubting if he was worth it after the “illegal” substance scandal…fear no more.  Manuel Ramirez is for Real.  Ask the Cincinnati Reds who on Wednesday, in a bases loaded situation, got f@#$-ed when the Dodgers decided to pinch hit with, that’s right, Manny Ramirez. The same Manny who was taking the day off after injuring his wrist yesterday. We all know how this one ends: bases juiced, call in pinch hitter Manny, first pitch, see ya lata!  Grand Salami by Ramirez.  In the dog days of summer, when there’s nothing to watch on TV other than baseball and well, nothing, it’s nice to see that the Dodgers are in first and are keeping me from dozing off until the start of college football.  Now I know why everyone in Boston loved this guy.  I remember him flipping his bat and marveling at his homers against my beloved Angels. OOOOOOOHHH, that bugged me.  But now that he’s on the west coast, he rocks!!! Call me fairweather, bandwagon, or whatever, but this guy is someone you love to cheer for.  Sure he took some type of performance enhancing substance but who cares? He’s a loveable lug (in a very heterosexual kind of way).  He makes the fans love him.  Not like jerkoffs like Barry Bonds who think they’re above the law. Thank god for dreadlocks, Mannywood, Manny bobbleheads, and most of all Manny.  GO DODGERS!!!

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Dodgers: Fragile, Handle With Care

Everything was flowing for the Dodgers Thursday night, on the road against the Philadelphia Phillies.  SP Derek Lowe was pitching a gem against ace Cole Hamels. Up 2-0 heading into the bottom of the 6th inning when BOOM, a routing grounder to ss Rafael Furcal, fielded cleanly, thrown 200 feet off the 1st base bag. Next batter Chase Utley and bye bye lead, 2-run CRUSH, tie game. Two batters later, solo shot by $14 million a year man himself, Pat Burrell.  Goodbye momentum, goodby delusions of stealing game 1, goodbye series?  Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions but this was huge.  The Dodgers had this one in the bag.  Stifling the Phillies, on their way to the World Series. Stupid Furcal.  Routine play. And how fragile are pitchers these days?  He’s a ground ball pitcher.  So your infield f-ed up the play.  Suck it up, shake it off and get the next guy out.  Talk about a glass jaw. Maybe I’m not giving the Dodgers any credit but they looked unstoppable against the Cubs and up until the 6th inning, seemed to the Phillies’ number.  Game 2 will be bigger than big.  Let’s see if Chad Billingsley can bring it home for the Dodgers. Maybe Rafael Furcal will redeem himself by getting on base? Maybe the call needs to be put into the mafia so we can all watch a Red Sox vs. Manny Dodgers World Series.  I’m on the phone right now.

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Angels Commit Suicide

Or maybe it’s a homicide; Angels guilty of killing the hopes of their fans.  100 wins, 100 shmins. All coming down to a suicide squeeze.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a seldom used strategy in baseball where you have a runner on third with less than 2 outs.  The batter tries to bunt the ball at the same time while the runner at 3rd is sprinting for home.  Now if contact is made with the ball, oala!!! You have a run scored.  But if the batter misses the bunt, you have the runner at third running right into the catcher who has the ball in his glove, ala suicide… Either that or he’s caught in a pickle like Reggie Willits was last night.  After tying up the game at 2 a piece in the top of the 8th and mowing down the side in the bottom of the inning, the Angels had ALL the momentum going their way.  Angels leadoff batter Kendry Morales starts with a double.  He’s moved over to third with a bunt by Howie Kendrick. One out, runner at third, Eric Aybar up at the bag. Instead of taking a pitch with a 2-0 count, Scoscia calls the suicide, Aybar misses the bunt, Willits is tagged out for out number 2 and Aybar grounds out to finish the inning, the game, the season, and finally our hopes. Varitek dropped the ball, who cares??? It should have never come to that in the first place.  There’s a lot of fingers to point.  The Angels infield for one.  The coaching decisions. The disappearing bats of the big guns. The Red Sox wanted it more, Manny or no Manny. They deserve it. And now, they get to cruise through Tampa Bay and into the World Series.

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K-Rod: Thanks For Nothing

Mr. Save leader.  Mr. I want a huge contract next year.  Mr. Electric Closer.  Try Mr. Loser.  Mr. Un-Clutch.  Mr. Mayor of Choke City. The Angels World Series hopes just went down the drain.  Francisco Rodriguez, a.k.a. K-Rod, brought in late in the game to shut down the Boston Red Sox after the Angels clawed back from a 5-2 deficit to tie it against Boston’s Jonathon Papelbon. Try the loss with 2 earned runs. Series over. I don’t care how many saves he had in the regular season. I’ve always said that this kid is overrated.  He makes every save appearance for the Angels dramatic.  He basically has pitched his way out of Anaheim.  Hopefully Angels’ owner Artie Moreno takes this as a sign and doesn’t spend $15 million on this guy. As for the Angels and their best record in the league, thanks for coming.  AAAAARGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!.  I’ve never been this angry before.  Talk about choking.  I thought the Chicago Cubs were bad but this takes the cake. Manny Ramirez replacement Jason Bay cranks two homers in two days. Are you kidding me? How many times do let 1 guy beat you?  How many times do you let 1 team beat you? Apparently while racking up the best record in the league, the Angels forgot their “balls.” No pride. No guts.  Congratulations Red Sox.  Looks like you guys are going to the World Series…again.

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A moment of silent please… On Sunday night, the plug was pulled on Yankee Stadium. The last home game for the NY Yankees, a win by the way, before they play in their new stadium in 2009. Time to move across the street to the new and improved and modern Yankee Stadium. Yankee stadium, where the greats like Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle roamed. Out with the old, in with the new. But don’t be sad, let’s look at the positive side; Maybe the new stadium will help A-Rod out with his playoff woes?  Maybe the new stadium will convince Jason Giambi to shave that porn-stache he’s growning?  Maybe the new stadium will return them to the playoffs? OR, maybe the new stadium will be a dud, and the “Yankee Mystique” will be gone forever? Only time will tell.  But for now, enjoy Yankee Stadium and what it has stood for for the past 85 years, the home of one of the most hated teams in all sports. Hated because they’ve been winning for so long, sure, but nonetheless hated. You will be missed old friend.  R.I.P.

P.S. Where the heck was George Steinbrenner?

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Milwaukee Brewers Are Idiots

milwaukee brewers onthebuzzer.comOk, I’m gonna stop beating around the bush, the Milwaukee Brewers franchise doesn’t know what they’re doing. One day after I ripped the Bucks for not putting some talent around Michael Redd AND after ripping Eric Gagne for sucking ass, the Brewers went and offered this guy $10 million for a 1-year contract, pending a physical exam. Are you kidding me? It’s no wonder why the Brewers haven’t done shit for years and by the looks of it, for years to come. Hey, on the bright side, at least he wasn’t signed by the Angels.

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Eric Gagne Declines Arbitration

onthebuzzer.com eric gagneUmmmm, I wonder why, because he sucks??? Boston Red Sox relief pitcher, as in, “what a relief Eric Gagne is not in the game” declined salary arbitration. If I’m not mistaken, salary arbitration is based on a player’s performance.  Nice move Gagne.  You fooled them.  I’m sure people are gonna throw moneyonthebuzzer.com leech at you based on you juiced up Dodger years. If I’m not mistaken, and chances are I probably am, Gagne will soon be a free agent and “test” the market.  Anyone interested in a former “lights out” closer”/steroid user? How about a washed up pitcher who hasn’t had a clutch performance since he was with the Dodgers? Sure I’m being hard on the guy, but you know what, he deserves it.  It’s a shame that this guy got a World Series Ring for leeching of the Sox.  He’s one of the reasons why this writer was rooting for anyone but. What a fraud the bigs have been over the past decade, what a fraud. GAME OVER, YOU LOSE!!!

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Red Sox Yankees At It Again

Just when New Yorkers and Bostonians thought that they could relax, think again!!! The two beasts are now in the running for Twins’ ace Johan Santana. Rumors have it that the Sox are in the lead. I wondered to myself if the Sox coonthebuzzer.com johan santanauld get better after waxing every team in the playoffs this past postseason. No more wondering, worrying or fearing, because if they get Johan Santana, possibly the best pitcher in the Major Leagues, everyone better start thinking about coming in second. Salary cap, not in baseball, because this is where the rich get richer. I know, that small market teams like Rockies and the Diamond Backs made it deep and even got to the World Series. But then what happened? They got stomped by Goliath. Winter meetings are always fun, especially when something crazy goes down. But if the Red Sox sign Johan, I’m giving up the sport, it’s hopeless. At least if the Yankees get him, the Yanks will be back on top…of my most hated sports teams list. Until then, the crown belongs to the Sox. By the way, anyone wondering what Minnesota is doing, letting go of Torii Hunter and now Santana, a fire sale perhaps???

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Angels Going to Hell

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim made the playoffs last year and lost to the Boston Red Sox.  Instead of addressing their weaknesses, they’ve decided to head in a different direction and trade away Orlando Cabrera for John Garland. onthebuzzer.com los angeles angels of anaheim Now I don’t understand this move.  They traded one of their top hitters, and possibly one of the best shortstops in a league for a guy with a 10-12 records and a 4.31 era. The last thing the Angels needed is another starting pitcher, as they’re already stacked with the likes of Lackey, Escobar and Weaver, among others.  I hope they’re not thinking about getting Miguel Tejada, a shortstop on the down of his career and who most (including this author) believe was on steroids prior to last year.  Now Miguel Cabrera, the 3b phenom from Florida, is the guy who will make everyone forget about Orlando, but I’m still not sure this puts the Angels over the hump.  If only they didn’t blow $50 mil on stupid Gary Mathews, Jr… Artie Moreno better clean up his act and start spending in the right places or else the Angels will end up like that other team in LA, awful and forgotten.

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C.C. Takes Cy Cy

It’s a good thing that MLB votes for their awards before the post-season starts, if not C.C. Sabathia would not be the Cy Young Award winner. C.C. who had a stellar regular season, just didn’t show up in the playoffs. Then again this is a regularsabathia season award, so let’s give the big man some credit, he was the best pitcher this past season, slightly better than second place finisher Josh Beckett. Beckett on the other hand had a out of this world post-season, leading the Red Sox to the World Series title and pitching like the second coming of Sandy Koufax. I’m not going to take anything away from the big guy, and entering the final season of his contract with the Indians, Sabathia will be paid handsomely. I would just like my aces to show up for the playoffs. So Beckett will just have to take his World Series ring and be happy with that. Sabathia becomes the first Cleveland pitcher to win the Cy Young Award in 35 years, and who knows, the core of this team is coming back next season and with one more year of experience under their belt, 2008 might be the year of the Tribe.

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