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Hyperdunk: ’nuff said.

24820101_wFinally, after years of nasty shoe after nasty shoe, the wait is over.  The latest craze in basketball shoes…presented by NIKE of course, hyperdunks.  NBA players are rockin them, as are most everyone I hoop it up with on the court. Most of my friends have them and they can’t stop ranting and raving about ’em.  Myself, don’t have them yet.  The shoe is too tough find in my size, 12 for the big dog.  That, plus the hefty $110 plus tax price tag is lingering over my head.  I’m sure I’ll get them within then next few days/weeks, but I just need some self-convincing and a little justifying. Either way, kudos for finally coming out with a good shoe.  Now I can stop looking at those nasty Lebrons… By the way, I’m not getting paid to write this ad.  The shoe just gets me misty eyed every time I see it.  I actually believe that it will up my game, not that I need it.

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Detroit Lions Remain Perfect

Lions Packers FootballYes, we are perfect indeed.  The Detroit Lions finished off a season most players can only dream of. OK, maybe it’s been more like a nightmare.  On Sunday, the Lions came through with a 21-31 loss to the Green Bay Packers, leaving them with an unremarkable 0-16 record on the season.  What’s wrong with this Lions team you ask? Well, let’s talk about what’s right, that’s a little easier.  Great #1 wide receiver in Calvin Johnson, over 1,200 receiving yards and 10 tds.  That’s it.  Everything else sucks.    The ownership sucks. The coaching staff sucks. The players are B-level.  These guys need to look at what has happened down in Miami over the past 12 months.  Going from a 1 win season to the playoffs.  What was once a proud franchise is nothing but an embarrassment to the league, the fans, and frankly the city of Detroit.  The Lions need to change their culture. A winless season is a freakin’ JOKE.

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Lakers Fans Content?

Celtics Lakers Basketball
Alright, they beat the Boston Celtics, at the Staples Center, on Christmas Day. But are Lakers’ fans satisfied? The idiots are. I’m a cynic. I love the Lakers but I’m not convinced. First, they barely won. Don’t let the final score fool you. This was a 2-point game with less than 2 minutes to play. The Lakers HAD to win this game. The Celts had nothing to lose. Remember, they waxed LA last year in the finals. This was just another regular season game for them. As to how the Lakers won? A few lucky, I mean big shots by Pau Gasol: 15-foot jumper, 7 -foot jumper, and a runner/lay-up. I guarantee you he doesn’t hit these shots 90% of the time come playoff time. I’m worried folks, worried for Lakers’ fans out there who are blinded by their stellar record. The team still needs something. The starting lineup just isn’t doing it for me. Luke Walton needs to move back to his natural position, bench warmer. Radmanovic needs to get back into the starting lineup. I don’t know, it seemed to be working earlier in the season. Now, they’re just a scrappy bunch who are barely beating teams like the Knicks (at home) and Memphis and losing games to Indiana, Sacramento and Miami, all on the road. I’ll give them credit though, they’re beating the bigs of the league, in New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, Denver, and Portland. Let’s hope this win against Boston set them back on the right path of domination. In fact, let’s just cross our fingers…

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How Good Are the Boston Celtics???

SCARY GOOD.  The difference between these guys and the Los Angeles Lakers? Try attitude.  Toughness. Grit. Pride.  You’ll never see the Celtics lose to the Sacramento Kings.  After watching what they did to the Lakers in the finals last year, I’m still worried. The Celtics beat the Jazz Monday night en route to their umteeenth win in a row.  It’s no longer the Big 3.  All 5 starters in double digits, including two double-doubles and one almost triple double. The only cink in this green armor that I see is in their bench.  But the way these guys are playing, they don’t even need to play a 6th or 7th man.  Most people would probably think that the hunger for these aging veterans would’ve been satisfied after a championship.  Think again… The Celtics are playing better than ever, demolishing almost every opponent they’ve faced this year. The big test for both these powerhouses comes on X-Mas day at Staples.  This game is probably bigger for LA than it is for Boston.  Something tells me its not going to be a very merry X-Mas in tinseltown.

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LOCK of the Week

Giants Cowboys Football8-7 on the year isn’t spectacular, but it’s over .500.  This week’s lock of the week comes a little early, but then again, it is a Saturday game.  That’ll give you more time jump to place your bets.  Vegas has the Baltimore Ravens @ the Dallas Cowboys -4.5.  Take the Cowboys and the points. Both these teams are battling for playoff spots.  The Ravens are coming off a tough/controversial loss against the rival Steelers.  The Cowboys, well they just took down the mighty NY Giants.  Their offense is coming together after T.O.’s latest rant and their defense, well, they shut down Eli. The Ravens just can’t put up enough points to hang with that potent offense.  I know you’ve heard this before, but this is a no-branier.  When my back is against the wall, I have and will step up.  Vegas has them at 4.5 right now.  You better move before everyone else figures out this one and the spread goes up. Happy Holidays!!!

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LOCK of the Week

“A” game. I told you I was gonna bring it… and I did.  Steelers pulling it off at home after being down 10-3 in the 4th quarter.  They covered, I covered, you won.  8-6 on the year.  Like I said last week, gonna finish off the NFL season strong.  This week, we got the Tennessee Titans -3.5 at the Houston Texans.  Tennessee is strong.  They’ve only lost 1 game on the season and with 3 games remaining, this actually might be their last win (Pittsburgh and Indy left). The Texans on the other hand, well, they’re just the Texans.  With a 6-7 record on the year, this team just isn’t gelling.  I’m not going to try to justify my pick.  I don’t think I have to.  Go do what you have to do, if you wanna make the CAAASSSSHHHHHH…

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Cam Cameron: Remember Me?

ept_sports_nfl_experts-157065367-12241703061The 1-15 season for the Dolphins just ended.  Enter Bill Parcells.  Exit Dolphins’ head coach Cam Cameron, a.k.a. the goat.  Everyone threw this guy under the bus, saying he was the reason that teh DOlphins lost 13 in a row.  Not the injury plagued roster, not the talentless and emotionless players left on the field.  And most definitely not the front office.  Everybody forgot what this guy did before he came to Miami.  Offensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers (when they were good).  Remember when Ladanian Tomlinson broke the single season TD record? Cam Cameron for you. Let me tell you something… quality coaches ALWAYS bounce back.  And off to Baltimore went Cam.  What’s he doing there…mmmmmmm…..guiding the Ravens to a probably playoff appearance, molding rookie Joe Flacco into one of the best quarterbacks today.  Remember the Ravens’ defense.  Well, let me introduce you to the Ravens’ offense.  The same offense that has scored over 20 points in 9 of 13 games this year. I’m done stroking Cam. He deserves it.  Look at the aftermath in San Diego since he’s left.  Miami…they’re playing out of there asses.

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LOCK of the Week

I got greedy last week, but I couldn’t help it, I was in the spirit of giving, “Thanksgiving” that is.  Nailed the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day then f-ed it all up by taking the sorry-ass Bills. Them damn Bills have killed me so many times this season.  I’m done with them. Sadly, I’m back at 7-6 on the year, which I’m beginning to think is not too good, especially for a sports genius like myself.  Maybe I’m outthinking myself.  Fortunately for you guys, for the rest of the season, you’re getting my “A” game.  Without further adue, the game of the week, the Dallas Cowboys @ the Pittsburgh Steelers -2. The Steelers are favored by 2.  They’re at home.  It’s cold.  I’m not sold on the Cowboys just yet and that Steelers’ defense is sick. I do think the Cowboys are gonna make the playoffs but I don’t think that they’re going to Pittsburgh and take down the Steelers, NO FREAKIN WAY!!! It’ll be a good game but 2 points is too easy. Enjoy the pick and let’s finish off the last quarter of the season with a bang…

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NYC Accepting Applications for Biggest MUFF

Well folks, it’s come down to just two, Stephon Marbury and Plaxico Burress. Who wants it more?  Who’s gonna be more of a distraction to his team?  Who can be more selfish?  It seems like it was just last year when the NY cleansed itself of the last remaining douchebags in its sports team, in Isaiah Thomas and Jeremy Shockey. But what a pleasant surprise to the rest of the nation when Starbury and Plax felt it necessary to step up and carry the torch of their forefathers. With Plaxico out for the rest of the year, it’s just a matter of time before Starbury’s career in NY is over. Kudos to the NY Giants’ organization for placing him on the non-injured reserve list for the rest of the season, whatever their reason might be. I would love to see the G-men go all the way this year, AGAIN, without Burress.  His overpaid, overrated-ass needs a big slice of humble pie.  Why does he have a gun on him anyway?  Does this guy think he’s a thug? Am I the only one that finds it funny that he shot himself?  Maybe he should go talk to Mike Vick about how easy it is to throw away your career.  As for Stephon, in his defense, he just wants what he’s owed.  The Knicks should’ve never taken on that ginormous contract of his.  And frankly, now they have to pay the price. If they’re smart, they’ll put their pride aside and buy this guy out and chalk it up to another “Knick-up.”  Either that, or they should have him ride the pine and rot away for the rest of the season.  I can’t imagine any team in the league that would want someone like this on there roster.  Plus, his shoes are the nastiest shoes I’ve ever seen. I’d rather wear pro-wings from payless shoes. Oh well, keep it up might Plax and Steph, because yes, you both are above the law and above us all.  After all, without you, we’d have nothing to laugh write about.

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Carolina Panthers: Flying Under The Radar

In case you didn’t know it, the Carolina Panthers are 9-3.  That’s right, they are for real folks.  They just marched into Lambeau field and roughed up the Green Bay Packers. “Smoke and mirrors” you say?  “Who the hell do they have” you say?  Let’s start off with the guy in charge, QB Jake Delhome.  12 tds, 9 picks in 12 games, my bad, can’t be him. Maybe it’s the receiving game, WR Steve Smith with 4 tds in 10 games?  No, not him either.  OK, enough beating around the bush, it’s the running game folks.  RBs DeAngelo Williams and rookie Jonathan Stewart with a combined 14 tds and over 1,400 rushing yards. Smashmouth foothball, with a little help from the Julius Peppers and that defense who ranks in the top 10 in the league in every defensive category.  Don’t sleep on these guys folks, they’re tied for first in their division and are leading the wild-card race.  If they can avoid the Giants, they might be playing on February 1.

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