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Will The Celtics Make A Big Trade?

The Boston Celtics have the look of a team that needs to make a major trade to turn things around. The Celtics started the season slowly losing eight of their first twelve games but they turned things around winning 10 of 12. The wheels have come off again though as Boston went into the game against Oklahoma City having lost six of seven. It may not get any better in NBA betting action for the Celtics in the near future.

The Celtics have the look of an old team that needs to make a big trade to shake things up. Boston general manager Danny Ainge has said that he is willing to break up the big three of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce but it could be that trading Rajon Rondo is the best option. Ainge is not willing to pull the trigger yet though.

The Celtics would like to build around Rondo but their point guard hasn’t shown the maturity or consistency that gives Boston a lot of confidence. He was recently suspended two games by the NBA for his antics on the court. Rondo threw the ball at a referee after not getting a foul call in Boston’s loss to the Detroit Pistons.

Boston will likely make the playoffs this season but finishing 7th or 8th in the Eastern Conference is almost as bad as missing the playoffs because a first round exit against either Miami or Chicago awaits. Will the Celtics make a major deal before the March 15th trading deadline? Looking at the numbers it seems inevitable that Ainge will have to do something. The Celtics are attempting the fewest shots in the NBA this season. The Big Three of Garnett, Allen and Pierce still have their moments but far too often they look old and slow. Rondo is the one player who can make the Celtics into a contender but he is also the one player who would bring in some talented players to Boston if he was traded. Rondo is averaging 14.8 points per game this season along with 9.5 assists, 4.9 rebounds and 1.6 steals per game. Those are definitely solid numbers but they are not the number of a franchise player.

The next few weeks in NBA betting action will be very interesting as teams like Boston decide whether to make a big trade to improve their playoff hopes.

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Jeremy Lin… Just Jeremy Lin

Linning, Linderella, Linsanity, Lintendo, Lin Lin Lin… Let’s give the guy credit for what he’s done and not just having a catchy name.  Jeremy Lin started for the NY Knicks when they were 8-15.  Now, seven games later, Lin has pulled the Knicks back to .500 and back into the spotlight.  That’s without Carmelo Anthony and mostly without Amare.  The kid is averaging a double double in points and assists which is what you want from a point guard.  I’m not crowning the Knicks the Eastern Conference champs but they are fun to watch.  I think what intrigues me the most is that its proof that anyone with talent and heart can make the NBA.  You don’t have to be a certain race, height or weight.  All you need is to be able to dribble, put the rock in the hoop and something most athletes don’t have… you gotta want it. Good for Jeremy Lin, good for the NY Knicks, good for the game.

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