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Trevor Ariza Inducted Into Pistons’ Bad Boy Hall of Fame

Lakers Trail Blazers BasketballFirst of all, the Lakers got blasted by the Portland Blazers by 17 on Monday night.  The game was a blowout early but the tension was still in the air when Trevor Ariza was ejected after fouling Rudy Fernandez who had a wide open dunk. Ariza was ejected, and assessed with a flagrant foul. Let me say this, IT WASN’T DIRTY.  Watch the replays, Ariza got a lot of ball.  And you know what, if I’m getting my ass kicked by 28, there’s no way in hell I’m letting the opposing team rub it in my face with a crowd pumpin’ dunk.  If this was the 80s, all Ariza would have gotten was a personal foul and probably kudos from most of his teammates.  Remember the Bad Boys of Detroit? Remember Kevin Mchale’s dirty fould on Kurt Rambis? These days you have morons like Tim Leghler who can’t even dunk the ball calling it a dirty play and demanding action from the league front office. The same Leghler who didn’t do shit in the NBA. I’m sure Ariza will be fined and suspended for a game or two but if you ask me, let them play.  Look, I too am concerned for other players’ health but 1) Fernandez should’ve probably not been in the game at that point, and frankly, 2) go up stronger.  To me, it looks like he lost control after the Ariza swat. That’s just my opinion.

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