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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am pumped about the NBA season which is set to kick off Tuesday night! Maybe it’s because I’m a Lakers homer, but c’mon, you gotta admit Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant on the same team sounds intriguing? How about the Clippers adding Grant Hill, Odom and Jamaal Crawford? Will Blake’s knee hold up? The scariest move for me was the Heat signing Ray Allen. A consistent shooter on a dangerous team like that.  I have them as favorites to win it all. I like what Boston did in picking Jason Terry but it ain’t gonna be enough. Not only are KG and Paul Pierce 1 year older, but they have no depth. I can’t wait for the annual Knicks’ Amare v. Carmelo drama to begin.  With Harden gone from OKC (BIG MISTAKE), I can’t see the any legitimate threat for the Lakers in the west.  Not even Iguodola in Denver is gonna make a difference.  Then again, isn’t it true that every NBA team is 1 injury away from going to the cellar? Look what happened to D-Rose and Chicago. Truth be told, I don’t even think he’s coming back this year.  Chicago might end up being a lottery team. Hang on folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

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Just when you thought the Nationals had turned over a new leaf: Stephen Strasburg comes back successfully after elbow surgery, rooie Phenom Bryce Harper is tears it up in the bigs, the Nationals win the NL East for the first time in a real long time… but then this happens… Up 6 runs to 0 in game 5 of the NLDS, at home, up 2 runs in the 9th and boom!!! COLLAPSE/CHOKE. I almost feel sorry for them. I wonder how Albert Pujols feels with the Cardinals adavancing without him and him not even making the playoffs? Maybe if Pujols had hit his first home run before the All-Star break he would’ve given the Angels a chance. Oh well, what’s $250 million to the Arty Moreno.  On to the NLCS, Giants vs. Cards.  Anyone outside of St. Louis and San Francisco interested in this series?

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