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Debut for new Cavaliers PF Antawn Jamison, 26 minutes, 0-12 from the field, 0-4 from behind the arc, 2-2 ft. Let’s not forget 5 blocked shots and 2 airballs.  DOH! I bet you Danny Ferry is wondering what the heck is going on? I’m sure ‘twan will bounce back next game but you gotta laugh at this. I bet you Jamison has never shot this bad before in his career.

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What a press conference! Tiger Woods tried to set the record straight today by speaking for the first time in public.  Talk about being in the doghouse.  You though it was bad for Kobe Bryant, this guy is going to pay for the rest of his life, financially and emotionally.  I feel bad for his wife.  Not sure how these two are every gonna knock the boots after this. Did everyone notice how his mom who was at the press conference seemed disgusted of her son? How about the fact that his wife Elin wasn’t there?  No doubt that while this was a first step for Tiger, this scandal is far from over and it WILL follow him the rest of his life. As for the script he read today, let’s hope this guy never goes into acting.  His people should have told him to mix-in some tears instead of pausing and looking up every minute. Talk about a humbling experience…

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Someone PLEASE Explain

Let me get this straight, the Cleveland Cavaliers get Antawn Jamison from the Wizards and Sebastian Telfair from the Clippers… The Washingotn Wizards get Al Thornton from the Clippers and Zydrunas Ilgauskus from the Cavs and the Clippers get (drumroll please) Drew Gooden? The ONLY rationale that can justify this trade from the Clippers’ point of view is freeing up cap space for the big offseason spending spree.  The problem with that is that noone wants to come to the Clips nor do the Clippers ever drop big money on franchise-changing free agents.  Not sure if this is what Cleveland needs either.  Jamison is averaging 20ppg and 9 rpg this year and can take the pressure off Lebron but the Cavs are doing fine. They have the best record in the league and have won 13 in a row.  My guess is that Cavs management is trying to keep Lebron past this year.  If Jamison is what Lebron wants… then so be it.  A ring for the King, right Shaq?

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Lakers Are On The Jazz

If you told me that the Lakers, without Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum, with Ron Artest only scoring 3 points, would go into Salt Lake City and HAMMER the Utah Jazz (with a full squad might I add), I would say “you gotta be kidding me.” How are the Lakers 3-0 without the Kobster? And let me tell you, they are beating some decent teams out there.  My guess it that without Kobe and Bynum, two black holes that demnd the ball every time down, the Lakes can play at ease and know that if they pass the ball around it’ll probably come back to them.  Bravo Lamar Odom and Paul Gasol for leading the fellas in back to back to back victories. These guys are true players, never complaining when they don’t get the ball and are able to take back seats to Kobe when he’s healthy.  I just hope that the Mamba is appreciative of the teammates that he has.  And by the way, is it just me or has Paul Milsap been a bust?

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King James and his faithful followers have become an unstoppable force in the NBA. No Delonte West, no Mo Williams, no problem.  These Cavs are winning every time I look at the box scores.  My question to you, fellow audience, is the hell is going to stop Lebron James?  It’s not going to be Ron Artest… It’s not going to be Paul Pierce and I’m pretty sure it’s not gong to be Anyone from the Nuggets. The worst part, what the hell is gonna happen next year? Or the year after? The King is averaging ROYAL numbers, 30 ppg, 7 rpg, 8 apg. The funny thing is that he has no true supporting cast. No Pippen to his Jordan, no Gasol to his Kobe, no Abdul-Jabbar to his Magic (I could go on forever). Don’t give me an old Shaq or a broken down Ilgauskas. No one on the Cavs would start on 80% of teams in the league. I’m picking the Cavs to win the NBA Championship this year AS LONG AS Lebron does not get injured.  You can replace anyone else on his team with a chair and the King will prevail.  It’s just too bad that Shaq is gonna pick up another ring… dare I say… from the King.

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Ron Artest Is Raw

There is no doubt in my mind that Ron Artest is crazy.  Not bad crazy, but good crazy.  Let me start off by saying that I’m a HUGE fan.  I was and still am very content with the signing of Artest to the Lakers. Now I know he still looks uncomfortable out there playing with the Lakers.  It seems that the guys just hasn’t found his role.  He’ll have one huge game then disappear the next.  On defense, it looks as if he’s lost at times.  He’s not the same lock down defensive player he used to be.  Why add him to the Lakers’ roster, you ask? It was a mistake, you say? Bring back Ariza? Let me tell you what he brings to the table: it’s something called grit, toughness, street cred, something the Lakers seem to have lost this year.  Take for example today’s loss against Denver.  Someone tell Joey Graham of the Nuggets that he doesn’t want to get in the face of Ron Ron.  Artest has instilled so much fear in the league that no one from the Nuggets jumped in to help out Graham or push Artest away when the two got in each other’s faces.  No one even retaliated when Artest facewashed Graham. And don’t forget, these are the same thuggets with Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, and the Birdman.  Remember a week ago when the Lakers played the Boston Celtics and Artest got into it with Paul Pierce before the tip-off.  Folks, it’s called a message.  It’s being sent to the rest of the league.  F#@! with the Lakers, F#@! with Artest. Bad loss for the Lakers against Denver tonight, especially at home, especially without Carmelo.  I think the Lakers need to just get Kobe healthy and get Ron some more shots and they’ll be exactly where they want to be for the playoffs.  Forget about homecourt, let’s just fast-forward to the Western Conference Finals against the Nuggets, beat them in 5, then bring on the King.

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Peyton Manning: Best Quarterback EVER!

Is there any doubt?  Whatever happens this weekend, it doesn’t matter.  He’s already won a ring.  Noone ever doubted Dan Marino’s skill as a quarterback and he never won the big one. If I’m starting a franchsie, this is the guy that’s going #1.  He’s never injured ala every other quartback in the league.  He never makes a bonehead play that costs his team the game (see Brett Favre). He’s not into individual accomplishments. The biggest reason why he’s so good… he’s a student and fan of the game.  Plus, he’s funny as heck in his commercials. Make no doubt that having two weeks before the Superbowl, Peyton Manning will be the hardest working player and coach in the Colts locker room. I would love to see this guy be a head coach one day in the future.  But until then, let’s enjoy history in the making because all of you who are reading this article and love the NFL can tell their kids and grandkids one day that they were alive when the greatest quarterback ever played the game.

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As if losing to the Los Angeles Lakers after blowing a double digit lead in the fourth quarter wasn’t bad enough.  Rumor has it that Paul Pierce has a broken foot and might miss the rest of the season.  I gotta be honest with you, even after the Lakers’ victory on Sunday, I still thought that the Celts were the best team in the league.  But an injury like this to Pierce opens the door wide open to the Cleveland Cavaliers, by default, the new best team in the East.  Pierce is the guy on the Celts that hits the clutch shots.  He’s also that big guard that causes matchup problms for opposing teams.  With no Pierce, the Celtics can kiss their championship dreams goodbye.  There’s no way, that’s NO-WAY, this teams win a title this year without Paulie.  Add in the age of their big three, and Boston might have to start rebuilding again, exept this time around their new star, Rajon Rondo.

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