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NFL season is well under way. Heading into week 9, we pretty much have an idea of which teams are good and which teams suck.  For example, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars… SUCK! Atlanta Falcons, NY Giants and Green Bay Packers… GOOD! For all of you out there that like to bet on NFL Football, I have a lock for you this week. Sunday Night Football, Dallas Cowboys against the Atlanta Falcons, in Atlanta.  The Falcons are favored by a measly 4.5 points.  The Falcons, as many of you already know, are 7-0 this year. They have a top 5 quarterback in Matt Ryan, top 5 running back in Michael Turner, a top tier tight end in Tony Gonzalez and top tier wide receivers in Julio Jones and Roddy White. They’re defense isn’t as great but are ranked 10th in passing. Fortunately for them, the Dallas Cowboys are coming to town.  The same ‘boys who are ranked 28th in the league in rushing. They have an overrated quarterback in Tony Romo, no running game, a diva WR in Dez Bryant and an aging defense.  Now its time for you to cash in on this.  Take the birds, put the house on it… Thank me Monday morning.

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$53 Million Later….

The Titans finally reached a  deal with holdout superstar running back Chris mutha truckin Johnson. Let me preface this by saying that I like Johnson.  He plays hard and deserves every penny he got. As for the Titans, you got the guy for 2 more years.  Chances are the next two are gonna be his peak and then it’s downhill.  There’s no way he sits out for more than a couple of games.  The Titans were the worst team in their division before the holdout and I still think they’re the worst now.  Maybe a close call with the Jags but still.  They don’t have a quarterback.  They don’t have any wide receivers.  They’re defense isn’t the same since the end of the Vandenbosh-Haynesworth era.  Take a look at the last few Superbowl teams and winners: Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots… What do these teams have in common other than elite quarterbacks, defenses, and no diva wide receivers… NO BIG NAME RUNNING BACKS… I don’t think the Titans led by Matt Hasselbeck are gonna buck the trend. If I’m a Titans fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of Jake Locker on the field…

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Superbowl XLV is 1 day away, and it’s time to place your bets. With the NFL playoffs winding down, you’re gonna want to enjoy this Sunday.  Now if your a Packers’ or Steelers’ fans, you might wanna stick with the just the prop bets. But if you’re a gambler, the Superbowl is the mecca of spots betting. And Doc Sports is the site to get your fix: they got spreads, odds,  prop bets, the works. Now the question is, who’s going to win?  Oddsmakers have Pittsburgh as 3 point underdogs.  The same Steelers who are making their 3rd appearance in 6 years. The same Steelers with Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, Troy Palomalu and that nasty defensive unit. The same Green Bay Packers who got shut down by the Chicago Bears in the 2nd half. The same Packers who have a whole 2 players with Superbowl experience. I think you know where this is headed.  I picked the Steelers when they were 2.5 point dogs, and I’m stickin’ to my guns.  Not only will the Steelers cover, but they’ll win this game too. Trust me. Now go to DocSport and make some money!!!

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Pittsburgh Steelers against the Green Bay Packers, WOW!  The two best teams facing off in Big D on February 6, 2011.  This might be the first time in a long time that people will be watching the game for the the sport itself as opposed to those million-dollar commercials.  I’ll get right to the point here, how the heck are the Steelers underdogs in this game?  This is their 3rd trip to the show in the last 6 years (winning the last two).  The only difference between those Steeler teams and this one is the running game which has improved for the Steelers.  They went from Jerome Bettis, to Willie Parker, to Rashard Mendenhall.  Big Ben is still the clutchest quarterback in the game right now.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Aaron Rodgers, but look at the teams they’ve beaten in the playoffs.  The Atlanta Falcons who we all agree are overrated and the Cutler-less Chicago Bears.  And let me tell you something, Green Bay looked good in the 1st quarter against the Bears but disappeared the rest of the game. If it wasn’t for that Baji pick 6, we might be talking about the Bears and the Steelers.  I’ll give the Pack credit though for winning both games on the road. The Steelers on the other hand, beat the Ravens and the Jets. Their offense, while also a dirty grindy team, can definitely put up points with the best of them.  They still have Hines Ward, Heath Miller and a pair of rookie WRs that are turning heads.  Don’t forget about that vaunted D led by all-pro Troy Polamalu. So I think you know which way I’m leaning, take the Steelers, take the win.  Forget about the 2.5  Big Ben always has a way to pull it out.  He might not put up Peyton Manning or Tom Brady numbers but at the end of the day, who would you rather have to lead your 2:00 minute drill in the fourth quarter?

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With the NFL season about to start, it’s time to pick my Superbowl favorites. But first we have to differentiate from the pretenders I’m not going to analyze every team but there are some out there that people need to get over.  The NY Jets for example are one.  Having been a USC fan for ever, I can tell you New Yorkers that the Mark Sanchez you saw last year isn’t going to get better. They got hot and lucky at the end of the season and made a respectable run in the playoffs. But if you want my opinion, they won’t even make the playoffs this year.  The Vikings are another team that will end up with a disappointing season.  Even if Brett Farve comes back, there’s no way he’s gonna play better than he did last year.  Assuming he doesn’t get too banged up in the regular season, I have a feeling that the Vikes aren’t going to be that offensive juggernaut they were in 2009.  Everyone’s picking the Cowboys to go all the way this year.  Clearly they haven’t realized that their #1 WR Roy Williams is an overrated diva.  Marion Barber has taken a beating over the years and it showed last year.  Their quarterback Tony Romo is a B+ at best and their coach, Wade Phillips is a joke. As for the rest: the Falcons and Ravens(not there yet), Chargers and Patriots (window closing fast), and the Steelers (too many off-field issues).

I hate to be THAT guy, but I love the Colts and the Saints to repeat.  Hear me out. The only thing both teams have done over the offseason is get healthier.  All the offensive weapons are there.  Each team has the best quarterback in their respective conferences.  Both teams play in the dirty South  where they’ll be able to rack up some easy wins and gain home field throughout the playoffs. I do have one sleeper pick, the Green Bay Packers.  I have to acknowledge my mancrush on QB Aaron Rogers.  He’s quickly become one of the smartest and accurate passers in the game.  The key to winning in this league is a stud at the helm.  A solid defense is huge, but look at the last few Superbowl winners: all quarterbacks at the top of their respective games.

NFL season is right around the corner and for those of you who gamble on football spreads, there’s no better time.  Aside from Monday Night Football, the games are all on Sunday giving you all week to research and prep for your “locks.” While there are thousands of online gambling sites, one of my favorites is PointSpread.com.  They even have preseason spreads just in case you can’t wait till the regular season kicks off in September. Are you ready for the football?!?!?

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Carolina Panthers: Flying Under The Radar

In case you didn’t know it, the Carolina Panthers are 9-3.  That’s right, they are for real folks.  They just marched into Lambeau field and roughed up the Green Bay Packers. “Smoke and mirrors” you say?  “Who the hell do they have” you say?  Let’s start off with the guy in charge, QB Jake Delhome.  12 tds, 9 picks in 12 games, my bad, can’t be him. Maybe it’s the receiving game, WR Steve Smith with 4 tds in 10 games?  No, not him either.  OK, enough beating around the bush, it’s the running game folks.  RBs DeAngelo Williams and rookie Jonathan Stewart with a combined 14 tds and over 1,400 rushing yards. Smashmouth foothball, with a little help from the Julius Peppers and that defense who ranks in the top 10 in the league in every defensive category.  Don’t sleep on these guys folks, they’re tied for first in their division and are leading the wild-card race.  If they can avoid the Giants, they might be playing on February 1.

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NFL Conference Championships

lombardi trophy onthebuzzer.comHere goes nothing…With 2 games left to the Superbowl, do I have some winners for you.  For the record, I’m 6-1-1 in the playoffs.  Not bad for crunch time…

NY Giants at Green Bay Packers -7:  The Giants’ bubble will burst this weekend.  No way will Eli repeat last week’s performance, especially on the frozen tundra. Ryan Grant’s first playoff game jitters are outta the way, Brett Farve’s destined to go to the Superbowl and take down the Pats. This is a no-brainer.

San Diego Chargers @ New England Patriots -14:  Don’t get fooled by the big spread.  The Chargers are hurting in the RB, QB, and most every other position.  The Pats are gonna spank L.T. and his crew for talking smack after last season’s playoff loss. Major ass-whoopin’ coming up.

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Seahawks Sputter Out of the Pack

green bay packers onthebuzzer.comHow do you go up 14-0, then get blown away 42-20?  I don’t know, but ask the Seattle Seahawks.  Just as I predicted, the Seahawks sucked it up against the Green Bay Packers.  Sure, after the first quarter I thought I was gonna hear it from you guys, but the overrated ‘hawks revealed their ugly heads again.  A 42-6 run by the Pack and, well, thanks for coming.   I wish my fantasy team was still going, b/c Ryan Grant and his 201 yds, 3 td performance would have helped.  I’m 5-0 so far in playoffs, not that I’m bragging or anything. Next up for the Pack, the winner of the Cowboys/Giants game… Next up for the ‘hawks, Havasu or Mexico…

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We Don’t Care if Our Son Smells Like S#@!

pigpen onthebuzzer.comOK, his mom washes the jersey twice a week. It’s been in the news since the Packers beat the Lions in Lambeau in the season finale. 11-year old Dave Witthoft has worn the same Brett Favre jersey since he got it as a X-mas present in 2003. That’s right folks 2003. Think about all the money his family has saved from not buying him new gear. Think about all people this kid has offended with that stanky jersey. I know, it gets washed a couple time a week, but still… That’s a die hard fan folks, at the ripe old age of 7… The kid has stated that he might be getting too big for the jersey and the streak might come to an end. Ummm…yeah buddy, if you have any thoughts of getting laid in the future, you might wanna consider that. It might be cool and cute in elementary school, but I don’t think the chicks will dig it in high school. Just my opinion though.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Bid Goodbye to Superbowl

What little chance the Pittsburgh Steelers had to beat the Patriots and go to the Superbowl, just got a little littler on willie parker onthebuzzer.comSunday. Their stud runningback/horse, at the time NFL rushing leader, Willie Parker injured himself on his first carry and is done for the season.  With his injury, the Steelers now will have to resort to starting Packers’ reject Najeh Davenport in the backfield.  Davenport is no slouch, but does not have breakaway speed. The Steelers lose their home run threat on the ground and now will have to solely rely on Big Ben’s arm to take them back to the promised land.  I’m thinking everyone is already going to lay down to the Patriots.  But you would like teams to at least put their best men on the field for the losing effort.

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