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Los Angeles Lakers Keep Rolling

If you thought that the Lakers just didn’t have enough this year to compete, you weren’t the only one.  Then something happened: they traded for pg in Ramon Sessions, got PF Jordan Hill, dumped the crap off their payroll (i.e. Luke Walton and Jason Kapono) and then willed their way to 3rd place in the West.  Now they’ve beaten the Denver Nuggets twice…handily and are on their way to Denver to steal at least one of the next two games.  The Lakers are the only team with 2 legitimate 7 footers that can go drop 20+ points and grab 10+ boards a game.  We all know about Kobe.  Their only glaring weakness is the bench.  I’m concerned about Ron, I mean Metta World Idiot coming back and ruining their flow. Wish the league suspended him for the entire playoffs. 

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  Just 1 week after Dwayne Wade broke Kobe Bryant’s nose and gave him a concussion in an All-star game, Kobe Bryant punched the entire Heat team right in the mouth.  In what everyone (including myself) thought was going to be a beat-down by the Lebron led Heat, turned out to be quite the opposite.  Bryant came out storming, with 16 points in the first quarter alone. He finished the game with 33.  The big men also dominated, with each Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol posting double-doubles.  I’m not gonna say it but I’m beginning to see Ron Artest, err Metta World Peace showing flashes of his Sacramento and Houston years when he was averaging close to 20 points again. Don’t count this Lakers team out. Everyone has been giving the crown to the Clippers and not giving the Lake Show a chance.  Don’t look now but they have the 4th best record in the West with plenty of time to move past the Clips.  Second half of the season should be sick.

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As I’m watching the Los Angeles Lakers crumble again late in a game (this time against the Milwaukee Bucks), I can’t help but wonder what a nasty squad this is.  How they beat the Clippers 3 days ago befuddles me? They come off a big win against LAC and with 3 days rest, play like shit against a Bucks’ squad that’s missing their all-star center Bogut. The Lakers made Mike Dunleavy look like Jordan.  While the Lakers were clinging to a 8 point deficit, it seemed like the Bucks were handing the game to them, missing one shot after another.  But the problems was that the Lakers couldn’t hit either.  Ron Artest missed 3-pointer after 3-pointer.  Kobe Bryant did the same. I don’t think the Lakers dropped the ball into post once in the 4th quarter, and I’m not kidding.  Mike Brown, whose hire was a HUGE mistake by the Lakers, needs to man up.  This is not Cleveland where the gameplan was “do your thang Lebron.”  This is LA with an over-the-hill Kobe and a nasty drop-off after the first 3 options. The only way the Lakers will make a playoff run with this team is if they keep dropping the ball in the post.  Their outside shooters are horrendous.  Watching them lose tonight was just the icing on the cake.  They’ve won 1 road game all year.  That is ridiculous! If the playoffs were to start today, they’d be watching them from their homes. The Lakers are a lost cause.  They don’t need to trade Bynum and Gasol, they need to get rid of Kobe.  I’m sorry for saying that but if there’s 1 thing worse than a has been, it’s someone who doesn’t know that they are one.  Tell me you wouldn’t rather see Dwight and D-Will on the Lakers rather than this nasty squad? D-Will, Dwight and Gasol? Looks a lot better than what the Lakers put on the court tonight. Oh well, game on tomorrow against surging Timberwolves.  I wonder if Rubio is going to light up Fish? OK, I don’t really wonder.

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Lakers’ Christmas Wish

So it seems like the Los Angeles Lakers are interested in Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.  Let’s just say it works cap-wise, how the heck would New Orleans and Orlando basically hand the Lakers the Championship. The Lakers starting lineup would be Chris Paul at the point, Kobe at the 2, Ron Artest at the small forward, Dwight Howard in the middle and Derrick Caracter at power forward?  In essence, the Lakers are going all in with this move, if it happens.  I do like trading away Andrew Bynum.  He’s had knee problems for a while and I don’t think he likes being a 4th option. I’d love to see how he is when he’s the man.  Although I’d miss Pau Gasol, getting Howard will give the Lakers a physical presence in the paint.  As for L.O., consistency has always been a problem for Lamar.  Double-double one game, M.I.A. the next. Getting Chris Paul will finally give the Lakers a true point guard, one they haven’t had since Magic. I can see the Dwight Howard trade happening but not Chris Paul. Paul has made it obviosu that he wants to go to NY to play with Carmelo and Amare.  Paul is not an LA guy.  He’s East Coast. If the Lakers made this move, it would be the sickest every.  Better than the Shaq signing, better than the Pau Gasol. Anyway, Lakers better be good if they want Santa to give them title hopes for the next 5 years…

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It seems that ex-Clevland Cavaliers head coach Mike is going to try to lead the Lakers to teh promised land next year.  I have one think to say, BAD MOVE… Out of all the coaching choices out there, the Lakers picked probably the worst one.  Let me tell you what Mike Brown’s gameplan was when he was coaching the Cavs… give the ball to Lebron and stay out of his way. The Lakers passed on Jeff Van Gundy, Brian Shaw, Rick Adelman and a handful of other coaches.  The only person worse would have been Mike Dunleavy.  I know what’s gonna happen next year, Kobe is gonna score over 30 a game and piss off the rest of the team.  I give Brown till the all-star break before he loses complete control of his team. Ron Artest and co. are gonna run circles around this guy. He’s gonna wish he was back at ESPN studios breaking down film.  I guess the days of high powered coaches are done, no more Rileys and Jacksons.  A new era has begun with the Lakers, and I see nothing but trouble ahead.

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I can’t stop listening to Randy Newman’s “I LOVE LA.”  It keeps giving me chills.  It’s official by the way, I have a Ron Artest man-crush.  No one can say that this guy didn’t come to play today.  I knew when I purchased my Ron Artest jersey T-Shirt in November that it was going to be worth the $20 I spent on it at Staples.  Good for Ron.  I can’t say enough about this guy.  5 steals. 20 points. 5 boards. A lot of Lakers fans were concerned when they didn’t resign Trevor Ariza in the offseason and pretty much offered Ron the same amount of money that Trevor signed with Houston for. Trevor is a good player, but he’s no Ron. Ron is a man.  Ron hasn’t been afraid of anyone in the past, whether it be Kobe, fans, David Stern, or whoever else stepped in front of him.  This year, he was able to channel his rage into something positive, a victory.  Don’t think for 1 second that his grit in the regular season and toughness in this series didn’t affect the Celtics.  Enjoy it Ron. If you guys run into this guy on the streets, give him some love.  That’s all he’s ever wanted. By the way, are their lips touching?

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All the Sullies in the world can now shut their mouths. All the angry Boson fans in LA can now leave. Dane Cook can jump off the bandwagon he was on for 2 weeks. Maria Menounos can go back to hosting the real world. What a game!!! Karma’s a bitch Celtics. Take your 80s chants of Beat LA, take your nasty chants of “ugly sister,” take your weak-ass chants of “no means no” and shove them up your ASSES!!! To quote the big Shaq Fu, tell me how my ass tastes. First of all, I gotta say, we lucked out. That game was Celtic-controlled for 3 quarters. I think they ran out of legs. Ray Allen, garbage. Paul Pierce, choke city. KG had a half decent game for a player his age. Rajon Rondo, as much as I dislike him, is the sickest point guard in the NBA. He needs to practice his outside J. Enough of the crap, let’s talk showtime. Poor game by Kobe Bryant, but he came through with a couple of clutch plays in the 4th. Legacy, shlegacy, he found a way to win with his 15 rebounds. Ron Artest, game MVP in my book. Played more minutes than anybody (46). His line, 20 points, 5 rebounds, 5 steals. HUGE!!! I couldn’t be happier for a person winning the title. This guy deserves it more than anyone. Derek Fisher, clutch. Biggest shot of the game, tying it up with a 3 (from range) at 64. Great game by Gasol on paper. His double double was solid but he did shoot poorly (6-16). Probably the most consistent Laker this finals. Should’ve got the MVP though. Lakers FTs almost cost of this game. But now, we can chill. Relax in LA this summer and wait ’till the ring ceremony next season. I do have to reconsider my Kobe is better than Jordan stance though. I LOVE LA!!!

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Watchin’ the game tonight with the homey #3, everything was going right for the Lakers.  Nothing went wrong (other than Bynum’s knee).  Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, it did.  #3 pointed out that after Ron Artest nailed a 3 pointer late in the game and a Celtics timeout was called, Ron Artest went over to the bench and approached Kobe.  Kobe put his hands up for a high five and Ron left him hanging, instead going for a hug.  We then quickly thought back to that buzzer-beater Ron hit against Phoenix and how all he wanted was some love.  Who ever thought that Ron Artest just wanted a hug? Luckily for me, I was reminded of that tonight. The NBA has been trying to figure out Ron Artest for years.  Forget about the brawl at the Palace in Auburn Hills, that’s not Ron.  Forget about the funky hairdye, that’s not Ron. Forget about the Chicago Bulls Ron, that’s not him either.  Ron Artest is RAW. Ron Artest is NO BUCKES.  Ron Artest IS an offensive weapon. Ron Artest is Queensbridge. Ron Artest is LOVE and RESPECT.  All of these acts, just a cry for love.  That’s all he wants.  Why do you think he’s playing for the Lakers?  Lamar Odom is his boy, a comfort zone for Ron.  Why would someone come and play for the Lakers after almost scrapping with Kobe last year? Respect.  I’ve even dogged on Ron a few times for his offensive disappearing acts.  I was frustrated, sorry.  Ron has been a primary option for the most part of his life and is now forced to run the triangle and be a possible 5th option on a team full of firepower.  His shot selection has gone from consistent to sporadic and untimely.  But today, make no mistake, that Ron’s 8 points  (including two 3s) in the first quarter played a big role in the Lakers’ victory tonight.  No more leaving Ron open.  No more “SHOOT IT” chants. There would be nothing more I would love to see than this guy get a championship ring, more than Kobe and Fish getting their 5th, more than Phil getting his 11th, more than Boston losing, more than the fans rioting in the streets of LA.  For someone who was suspended for 73 games for a reaction to some ugly behaving fans, someone who has been labeled a “cancer” and has been shipped from team to team, Artest has finally found a home in LA.  I’m loving all the naysayers who said that this was a bad pickup by the Lakers in the offseason.  If and when the Lakers complete the journey on Thursday, everyone, including NBA Commissioner David Stern is gonna have to swallow their egos and pride and congratulate this kid, coming a long way from the projects.  SAY IT “QUEENSBRIDGE PLAYA, QUEENSBRIDGE!!!”

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This just out, Rajon Rondo is trying out for the part of Glass Joe in the new Mike Tyson’s Punchout video game.  You remember when Rondo pushed Ron Artest in game 5 and everyone in Boston held their collective breaths in fear of Artest tearing up Rondo?  Well, Rondo was sent back to high school today after taking an “inadvertent” elbow to the chops from Ron Artest. Karma’s a bitch!  You’d think the guy was shot by a sniper in the Staple’s Restaurant, the way he went down.  Rondo’s act on the ground led to a Lakers’ fast break and a 3-point dagger by Sasha Vujacic, thanks for coming, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. All I’m saying is that for all the toughness and grit the Celtics have and are known for, they sure are a bunch of pussies. I’m gonna leave Kendrick Perkins out of this one, cause I too recently suffered a knee injury (torn ACL).  But Paul Pierce, KG, Ray Allen, and now Rondo, sneeze on these guys and down they go.  I thought Derek Fisher was the flop master but these guys take the cake. Getting back to the game, BLOW OUT CITY… This is exactly what the Lakers and their fans wanted, a win and a MESSAGE. We’ll talk more about that later on… ONE MORE GAME!!! BOS-TON SUCKS! BOS-TON SUCKS! BOS_TON SUCKS!!!

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Lakers lose again in Boston. Kobe Bryant shows up, rest of the team doesn’t.  Haven’t we all learned by now, that if Kobe Bryant drops over 30 pts, the Lakers lose? Even with the Lakers playing so poorly, they had a chance to steal this game.  with 45 seconds left, Lakers down 5, Ron Artest got fouled on a breakaway.  Rather than cutting the lead to 3 (1 possession), Artest, a 55% shooter from the line during playoffs, bricks ’em both.  Are you kidding me? How much worse did this guy get?  He hit two 3-pointers in the first quarter and finished the game with 7 points… What the f#@!!! Andrew Bynum plays 32 minutes and finishes the game with 6 points and 1 rebound? Are you serious? I hate to blame the refs but this was a poorly called game.  First foul on Lamar Odom in the first quarter was called a charge when it was clearly a blocking foul (and the bucket went in).  Instead of Lamar headed to the ft line with some confidence, you get a 5 points switch and most importantly a fragile Odom. Bad calls in the end clinched the game for the Celts.  I never thought home court included the refs as well. Someone tell Pau Gasol to go up with two hands and try to dunk the ball.  This one handed, soft-ass, European moves aren’t gonna cut it in the playoffs. Freakin guy got blocked twice on 1 shot by the same guy, Tony Allen, who is 6 inches shorter than him. Celtics on the one hand, balanced scoring.  Paul Pierce bringing his A-game today, killing anyone that was guarding him. Don’t have much to say about them.

There was one funny play in the first quarter when Artest fouled Garnett and sent him to the ground (looked like a flop to me).  Refs called a foul but then, Rondo stepped in and pushed Artest with one hand.  Everyone in Boston, fans and players both, cringed.  As good as Rondo is, and I give him credit, he needs to check himself.  Artest is a crazy MF.  He will knock your ass down.  There isn’t a player in the league that’s not afraid of him.  I think even Rondo realized what he did after the push. You better watch out kid… you only get 1 get out of jail free card.

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