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Kobe Shows Up, Rest of the Lakers?

onthebuzzer.com kobe bryantIn the season home opener Kobe Bryant dropped 45 points in a losing effort after a Shane Battier 3 pointer with 2.5 seconds remaining stuck the final dagger in the hearts of Lakers fans already in the parking lot. Other than Derek Fisher who had 1 points, no other Laker scored in double digits. As for the Rockets, 4 players in double digits, led by Ming’s and T-Macs combined 55 points.  Just a reminderonthebuzzer.com stay kobe Lakers, Kobe’s not going to be able to do this on his own. I know you’re probably thinking that a 1st round playoff loss = successful season.  Well it doesn’t.  We are LA, we come from the era of Showtime, Jerry “the Logo” West, and big Shaq.  We don’t support losers, we’re not happy with anything less than a championship.  Call us bandwagon, call us fairweather, we don’t care because we will sell out the city faster than you can say Chicago Bulls. Make something happen, and make it quick (and that doesn’t mean trading Kobe).

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onthebuzzer.com peyton manning tom bradyThe first thing I did before writing this article was check the line. I was expecting a pick ’em. To my surprise, the Patriots are favored by 5 at Indy. Are you kidding me? What the heck is going on here? Marvin Harrison is expected to play in the game. Joseph Addai is back after going crazy last week. Last time I checked Peyton Manning is still pulling the trigger. And are the Colts 7-0? Let’s flip sides here, you got a sickening, almost nauseating Patriots offense that can’t seem to stop itself from scoring. So I know how we can figure out the winner, time for an ONTHEBUZZER breakdown:

QB Manning v. Brady (push)

RB Addai v. Maroney (edge Colts)

WR Marvin/Wayne v. Moss/Welker/Stallworth (edge Pats)

TE Clark v. Watson (edge Colts)

O-line: edge Pats

Def: edge Pats

I hate to admit it, but since the game is won in the trenches, looks like the evil Pats will prevail…

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Same Ol’ San Antonio Spurs, Blazers?

onthebuzzer.com eva longoriaThe first game of the 2007-08 NBA season just finished and imagine that, the Spurs won their home opener against the Portland Trailblazers.  That’s 10 in a row against Portland, who hung in ’till the very end, but eventually lost, 106-97. It was Championship Ring night for the Spurs with Michael Finley finally getting what he deserved.  I can’t help but notice how many times the camera panned to Eva Longoria throughout the evening. We got it TNT, she hot, he’s whipped, they’re married, they’re a superstar couple. She even held Tony Parker’s ring in her hand (not the only thing of Parkers she’s got the clamps on. Not much else to say about the Spurs, other than Tim Duncan with 24 points and 13 boards and Parker and Ginobli following with a combined 35 points.  As for Parker’s 2 assists, he might want to look into that.

onthebuzzer.com michael finleyLet’s turn our heads to the Trailblazers.  These guys are actually better than I, or most of the country outside of Oregon, thought they are.  LaMarcus Aldridge and Martell Webster led the way with a combined 48 points. Travis Outlaw contributed with 11 off the bench. Rookie of the year Brandon Roy seemed to be bothered by that pesky Bruce Bowen the entire game and only finished with a measly 7 points.  The Blazers looked good, but if only they had someone down low that could block shots and give them some presence…hmmmm…Right now I’m having delusions of grandeur of a healthy #1 pick. We miss you Greg Oden.

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Or as we like to call it, battitude team. This team consists of NBA players that are born losers and will never win a championship for their teams. While many of you might object, please, please place your personal biases and mancrushes aside and be reasonanle… Without further ado, here’s our starting five:

onthebuzzer.com stephon marburyAt point guard, from Georgie Tech., New York Knicks Stephon Marbury. Marbury has bounced around from team to team. He couldn’t play with KG in Minnesota, went to Phoenix and couldn’t lead a talented Sun team past the 1st round, and has finally “found” a home with the lowly NY Knicks. Known as a shoot first point guard, this former Yellow Jacket will NEVER be mistaken for a champion.

onthebuzzer.com bonzi wellsAt shooting guard, from Ball State, we got the Houston Rockets own Bonzi Wells. Once touted for having a promising career, Wells has at least traveled throughout the states. After a horrendous demise with the Portland Trailblazers against the Lakers, Wells has found himself playing in Memphis, Sacramento and now Houston. After multiple injury plagued seasons, this 10 year vet will soon be put out to pasture, WITHOUT any championship bling.

onthebuzzer.com shareef abdur-rahim At small forward, from the University of California, Berkeley, we have Mr. Loser himself, Shareef Abdur-Rahim. This guy was a stud in college, coming into the NBA everyone expected big things. True he put up good numbers, a career avg of 18 ppg and 7.6 rbs. But make no mistake, this journeyman (Van-Atl-Port-Sac) is not a team leader and will never amount to anything other than a role players.

onthebuzzer.com chris webberAt power forward, from the University of Michigan, we have (to no surprise) Christopher (do I have any timeouts left?) Webber. This entry doesn’t even need an explanation. This guy is the poster child for this team. I just hope the Pistons realize it sooner than later.

onthebuzzer.com eddie curryFinally, at center, drafted straight out of high school, Eddie Curry. With all the hype surrounding Curry when he came out, he just hasn’t amounted to an ounce of it. At 6-11, 285, this 6 year veteran should’ve been dominating a long time ago. I will give him credit though, he does have the best chance of losing his spot on this list. Don’t get any smart ideas buddy. Some people can only dream to make this squad.

Congratulations guys, you’ve worked hard and all your lives to finally make the all-something team and allow me to remind you of what you have won, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

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Joe “Not Torre” Girardi

girardi.jpgIt seems as if the Yanks have  finally decided who will man the ship for next year, and it’s not going to be Don Mattingly or Tony Pena. The deal offered by Brian Cashman and the Yankees is reportedly for three years worth six million. Girardi was in Denver for the World Series and is due back for an official announcement on Tuesday. Girardi caught for the Yankees from 1996-99, served as a bench coach in 2005, then managed the Marlins the following year and was NL Manager of the Year.

As for Mattingly, sources say he is extremely disappointed he did not get the position.  Mattingly has no managerial experience, however, he did spend three seasons as New York’s hitting coach before he became Torre’s bench coach last year. A six-time All-Star, Mattingly is among the most beloved players in Yankees history. Mattingly’s agent said that Don will not accept another coaching position in the Yankees organization. Rumors have it that he will join Torre in L.A. if Joe accepts the managerial position with the Dodgers.

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Torre-A Dodger?

torre3.jpgIt’s not yet official, but reports out of New York say that Joe Torre will be hired by the Los Angeles Dodgers! Now, I may be mistaken, but don’t they already have a manager by the name of Grady Little? I guess the word is he will be fired a.s.a.p. to make room for big Joe. Little, although underachieving, did lead the Dodgers to two seasons of above .500 ball. But obviously when you are in a big market like L.A., that’s not going to cut it. As for Torre, doesn’t this guy ever want to retire? Does he really have anything left to prove? I suppose there’s only a handful of places he would accept an offer from, and L.A. is one of them. Now if he really wants to perform some magic, how about filling in that vacancy over at third base…. hmm… i wonder who the Dodgers could get…

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West Coast Bias: Pac-10 Respect

onthebuzzer.com pac 10Let’s give some love to Pac-10 football. All we’ve heard over the past god knows how many years is how the Pac-10 is weak. All the critics around the country (mostly east coasters) kept saying how the Trojans have a weak conference schedule, a walk through the park… Well, last time I checked, Arizona State and Oregon are ranked 4 and 5 respectively in the country. Not only that, but powerhouse SC is no longer in the runnings for a National Title. Cal just fell out of the top 25. UCLA, well, they’re still UCLA, beating teams they shouldn’t be beating and losing to teams they should be pounding (see Notre Dame). So aside from the SEC, I don’t want to hear any more East Coast Bias about how the Pac-10 is weak blah blah blah…Give them the credit and the respect they deserve dammit!!!

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Let The Bids Roll In

onthebuzzer.com a-rodThe champagne was still flowing in the Red Sox clubhouse when Alex Rodriguez opted out of his Yankees contract. Everyone knew that A-Rod had ten days after the World Series to opt out of the remaining three years of his contract, but no one expected it to come this early. This on the heels of the Yankees preparing to offer him a five year extension worth $150 million. The Yankees have said repeatedly that if Rodriguez optedonthebuzzer.com dollar sign ring out, they would not pursue him on the free agent market. Now we have a chance to see if they stay true to their word. Not long after Rodriguez and his agent, Scott Boras filed, Hank Steinbrenner issued a statement saying that Rodriguez doesn’t appreciate the privelage of being a Yankee and that they basically don’t want him around. Sounds like fighting words to me. Now the list of suitors can line up for quite possibly the greatest player of our generation. The list should be a short one, with the Angels, Cubs, and the Red Sox believed to be the only ones that can afford him. This will be the greatest contract in the history of sports. Stay tuned.

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Are the New England Patriots THAT Good?

Simply put, YES. The New Enlgand Patriots whooped on the Washington Redskins on Sunday, 52-7. They were actually up 52-0 before the hapless Redskins dinked in a garbage time td. Are they running up the score, hell yeah! But who cares. onthebuzzer.com tom brady Remember when everyone was calling this team cheaters? Well guess what, they’re still kickin’ some serious ass. By the way, what happened to that great Washington defense? Next week is the only week that matters to the Patriots. That’s when they face the Colts in Indy. I got this sick feeling in my stomach that they are going to light up the Colts too. The Pats are scoring on almost every single possession this season. On Sunday, Tom Brady racked up another 5 total tds, 3 in the air and 2 on the ground. When are opposing teams going to realize that when linebacker Mike Vrabel comes in on the offensive end, he’s going to catch a td? The guy has 8 receptions for 8 touchdowns, none longer than 3 yds. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but this is the most dominant NFL team I’ve ever seen. The best thing that’s going to come out of this team going undefeated this year is the faces of those ’72 Dolphins and their stupid cork popping ritual that’s going to come to an end. But let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. As for running up the score, I’m all for it, but beware, karma’s a bitch!

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NFL London Experiences an Offensive Explosion

onthebuzzer.com jason taylor robotOn Sunday, the NY Giants played the Miami Dolphins in London. The final score, 13-10. I wonder if this was considered a success by the NFL? They played in front of about 81,000 fans. Eli Manning threw for a whopping 59 yards and rushed for one touchdown. He over threw a wide open Amani Toomer 5 yds away in the end zone. The players visibly looked like they had jet lag. The grass was thin and in heinous condition soon after the game began. At the end, the Giants pulled it out, but not after a “scare” by the Dolphins. The 0-8 Dolphins can now end they’re stay in London. Thanks for representing the NFL. As for the 50 foot Jason Taylor robot, what the F!@# was that. Maybe they can bring that back with them and have him line up in the slot? I hear he’s got good hands.

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