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Baseball folks, baseball.  Opening day in baseball is quite possible the best from all the sports.  Day games, playing hookie from work, aces going up against aces, everyone tied for first and last.  I remember many moons ago when I attended opening day at Dodgers Stadium, Kevin Brown against Randy Johnson, now that’s big time.  Sure, the big name players seem to have left LA but you have the rival and reigning Champion San Francisco Giants and the biggest Giant of them all in Tim Lincecum pitching tomorrow, you gotta be there. And if you thought betting on the NFL was fun, try baseball for fun.  In fact, take the Giants and the money line.  This kid’s too good to have a Championship hangover.

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Good Ol’ Fashion Shootout at Staples

We knew that the Phoenix Suns don’t play defense.  We also know that the Lakers have “momentary” lapses on D but a triple overtime game and a final score of 139-137 is ridiculous. Nice to see Lamar Odom step up and have a monster double double.  We all know that Kobe can drop 40 in a game, let alone triple overtime.  Big game for Ron Artest coming through in the clutch.  Pnonix on the other hand, this teamhas gone from sheik to geek overnight.  Remember when they had the starting lineup of Amare, Shawn Marion, Steve Nash? Well, they pretty much gave away these guys. Now they have a trio of Nash, Grant Hill, and Vince Carter.  Great team if this was 10 years ago.  All these guys, including Nash are over the hill.  I know, it suck to say it but that’s the truth. As for the Lakers,  we all know they’ve been rolling since the All-Star break. They’ve won 13 of their last 14 games and have 11 games remaining on their schedule.  I don’t think they’re gonna catch the Spurs, who are 6 1/2 games ahead of the Lakers but who cares? The biggest challenge for the Lakers are the Thunder and the way things are going right now, it looks like the Thunder are going to have to go through San Antonio before they face the Lakers. Next victim for the Lakers, Clippers at home.

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So it looks like the BYU Cougars’ leading rebounder has been kicked off the team for… get this.. having sex with his girlfriend? Huh?  It seems that he violated the school’s honor code. This led me to do some research and find out what this code is about, what these students sign up for when they go to BYU. Well, here are the requirements:

  1. no drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee and tea
  2. honesty
  3. NO SEX
  4. don’t break the law
  5. no cussing
  6. respect others
  7. go to church
  8. dressing and grooming standards
  9. no guns on campus

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I violate almost each one of these every day. Why would you ever sign up for this?  Now this kid, who was having consensual sex with his girlfriend, is done for the season, and his team is done for the tournament.  No way Jimmer is gonna take the Cougars deep into the dance without Brandon Davies.  Are you telling me that no one in that school is having sex? drinking boos? smoking a J? cursing? C’mon.  In a world where people are rioting to get rid of their dictators and jump into the 21st Century, BYU is taking steps back into the ice ages.  What ever happened to student-athletes getting superstar treatment? I thought there were above the law. Oh well, in a few weeks, the Cougars will be home watching the Final Four, but at least they’ll be well dressed and groomed.

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