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Well, it’s a rematch from a few years back and everyone’s been sucking Eli Manning’s you know what since he’s won all his games on the road and since he beat Tom Brady and his Pats in the regular season and it the previous Superbowl.  Before I tell you who I know is going to win, I want to put to rest one issue.  That being whether or not Eli has passed Peyton Manning on who the better quarterback is.  Let me tell you something, Peyton is hands down the best quarterback in the family.  If Peyton Manning had the defense that Eli Manning had, Peyton would have won 4 Superbowls.  Don’t come at me with Dwight Freeney. The Giants have had the best front 4 in the league for at least 4 years.  They have a running game which Peyton never had.  OK, time to move on to the big game.  Picking this one is easy.  The rule is that if you beat a team in the regular season, you lose to them in the playoffs.  Hence, the Pats will take this.  Look for G-men to be overconfident and get lit up early by Tom and his merry band of men.  I know that Pats have a worse defense but their running game has picked up recently and we all know that Tom Brady is, well, Tom Brady. Not that much insight in this article but I’m telling you, take the Pats.  Watch the game at home or even head out to the game. Surprisingly enough, it’s not sold out.

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As I’m watching the Los Angeles Lakers crumble again late in a game (this time against the Milwaukee Bucks), I can’t help but wonder what a nasty squad this is.  How they beat the Clippers 3 days ago befuddles me? They come off a big win against LAC and with 3 days rest, play like shit against a Bucks’ squad that’s missing their all-star center Bogut. The Lakers made Mike Dunleavy look like Jordan.  While the Lakers were clinging to a 8 point deficit, it seemed like the Bucks were handing the game to them, missing one shot after another.  But the problems was that the Lakers couldn’t hit either.  Ron Artest missed 3-pointer after 3-pointer.  Kobe Bryant did the same. I don’t think the Lakers dropped the ball into post once in the 4th quarter, and I’m not kidding.  Mike Brown, whose hire was a HUGE mistake by the Lakers, needs to man up.  This is not Cleveland where the gameplan was “do your thang Lebron.”  This is LA with an over-the-hill Kobe and a nasty drop-off after the first 3 options. The only way the Lakers will make a playoff run with this team is if they keep dropping the ball in the post.  Their outside shooters are horrendous.  Watching them lose tonight was just the icing on the cake.  They’ve won 1 road game all year.  That is ridiculous! If the playoffs were to start today, they’d be watching them from their homes. The Lakers are a lost cause.  They don’t need to trade Bynum and Gasol, they need to get rid of Kobe.  I’m sorry for saying that but if there’s 1 thing worse than a has been, it’s someone who doesn’t know that they are one.  Tell me you wouldn’t rather see Dwight and D-Will on the Lakers rather than this nasty squad? D-Will, Dwight and Gasol? Looks a lot better than what the Lakers put on the court tonight. Oh well, game on tomorrow against surging Timberwolves.  I wonder if Rubio is going to light up Fish? OK, I don’t really wonder.

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With The First Pick, the Indianapolis Colts Take…

That’s right, folks, the Colts are officially on the clock. Although, they don’t need to look further than Stanford’s Andrew Luck. Don’t get me wrong, I love Peyton Manning. Drafting Luck is no disrespect to Manning. Manning is 35 years old. He will be 36 before the 2012 season begins. At best, he has 3 PRIME years remaining, and that’s if he is fully recovered from his neck injury. I have no problems with Luck sitting on the bench for a couple of years and taking notes form the best quarterback to ever play the game. Aaron Rogers watched Brett Favre. Carson Palmer watched Jon Kitna. Tom Brady watched Drew Bledsoe. The list goes on. Throwing a rookie quarterback into the fire has proven to be a mistake. Look at all the past qbs that have been disappointments: Jamarcus Russell, Vince Young, Akili Sith, Cade McCown. This past year has been an anomaly. The successes of Ponder, Dalton and Super Cam is something I’ve never seen. Nevertheless, you’re going to hear a lot of jibberish about the Colts taking Luck. They shouldn’t taken Robert Griffin. They shouldn’t draft a running back. They shouldn’t draft defense. They shouldn’t trade their pick. Draft the kid, let him sit for a couple of years. Luckily for us, we still have a month of playoffs, upsets, and the Superbowl coming up.  If you’re team is still in the hunt, don’t watch them from your couch.  Take you son, your buddy, your wife, or just go yourself and support them live.

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