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What a game today against the Chargers! Ok, maybe it wasn’t that pretty of a game but it went to overtime and in the wee minutes of the extra period, Tim Tebow, the prophet, marches his followers down the field and puts his team in a position to win it with a field goal… and they do. I’m not hear to talk about the Xs and Os of the game.  I’m here to say one thing: Tell John Elway and John Fox to get off the bandwagon.  I’ve never, ever, in any sport, seen 2 guys high up in an organization VERBALLY and PUBLICLY throw one of their own under the bus week after week.  Everyone has said that Tebow couldn’t make it as a starter in the league; how it was a mistake that the Broncos drafted him; how it was a mistake to bench Kyle Orton and then even release him. Well folks, here’s a slice of crow’s pie.  Tebow is 5-1 in his last 6 starts and has put his team in a position to win the AFC West.  The San Diego Chargers are out.  The Kansas City Chiefs are out.  If the Broncos defense led by Von Miller, Champ Bailey and Elvis Dummerville can continue doing what they do, this fairytale ride might not end as soon as you think.  Next up for the Broncos, the struggling Vikings in Minnesota.

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Bowl ban, shmole ban.  Take away their scholarships, take away their heismans, but you can’t take away their pride  After beating the Oregon Ducks in Autzen a week ago, the Trojans came home to play their final game in of season against the Bruins who were looking to get into the Pac-12 titale game with a subpar 6-6 records.  Matt Barkley threw for over 400 yards and 6 touchdowns in what I believe will be his last game at the Coliseum. There’s no quarterback in the country that’s playing better than Barkley right now, including Stanford phenom Andrew Luck.  How pathetic of a showing by the Bruins. Head Coach Rick Neuheisal is probably out this offseason.  Junior quarterback Kevin Prince needs to be replaced as well.  I know this guy’s only a junior but it seems like he’s been QB for UCLA for 10 years.  Anyway, I’m proud of the Trojans and proud of Lane Kiffin for bringing this team back to the top after Pete Carroll and company ditched them when the going got rough.  Time for the SC contingency to embrace Kiffin. Time for SC to take back the crown.  Time for another Heisman celebration.


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I’m sure by the time you read this you would have already  heard that head coach Joe Paterno was fired from Penn. State.  If you disagree with the decision made by the board of trustees, Google the Sandusky Grand Jury Reports.  If you still disagree with the decision, I want you to think about this: let’s say you had a 10 year old son and you found out that a defensive coordinator of a Division I college football program was sodomizing him.  Then, let’s say that the head coach new about it but didn’t report it to the proper authorities. Now how do you feel about the trustees’ decision?

This had to happen and it had to happen now.  There needs to be additional firings.  The president of the University Graham Spanier is just the beginning.  I would even get rid of the then graduate assistant coach now wide receivers coach Mike McQueary.  How this guy could witness a kid getting raped in the shower and run away is beyond me.  He was probably 23 years old at the time of the incident and should have whooped Sanduzky’s ass.  This is only the 2nd day and look at all that’s unraveled.  It’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.  The U.S. Department of Education has gotten involved, the police have gotten involved and the NCAA should get involved too.  They gave USC the death sentence for receiving improper benefits. I’m not even going to suggest how they should handle this.  As for those idiot students that rallied in front of Paterno’s house yesterday night and probably gonna go and riot tonight, I say go for it… GO TEAR UP YOUR SCHOOL FOR FINALLY PUTTING THEIR MORALS AHEAD OF THE FOOTBALL PROGRAM.


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