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NFL Lock of the Week

We are 3 weeks into the NFL season (actually 2 1/2) and tell me it hasn’t been the best season in ages!!! I wish there was a lockout every year if these are the kinds of results we are getting.  Without further ado, my lock of the week comes in teh Jasckonville Jaguars at the Carolina Panthers game.  The Panthers are 4 point favorites, and if Cam Newton keeps throwing for 400+ yards every week, there’s no way he continues losing.  Playing at home against a nasty (and by nasty I mean bad) Jaguars team, look for big Cam to get his first win and flash that million dollar smile.  I hate to say it, but I was wrong about this kid.  Sure it’s only been 2 weeks, but throwing for this many yards in 2 games is impressive.  He’s better than Vince Young, better than Jamarcus Russell and after a few years in the league, my guess is he’ll be probably a rich man’s Donovan McNabb.  Still not a fan of the scrambling quarterback but this guy is big and can run over defenses.  We’re still going to have to see what kind of brain he has on his shoulders but I’m gonna give Cam the benefit of the doubt.  As for this weekend’s games, head over to DocSports.com where they have all your updated NFL lines. You can thank me later for the making you richer!!!

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Jay Cutler is STILL a Bitch

I thought that after quitting in the NFC Championship game last year and taking all that heat, Jay Cutler would learn something.  I guess not.  Cutler completed 9 passes to players not named Forte in the entire game.  He lost aa fumble and finished teh game with a 67 qb rating.  As I’m watching him play, it seems to me like this guy is the biggest crybaby ever.  he blames every incomplete pass or mistake on everyone but himself.  “My line isn’t giving me enough time in the pocket.” “My recievers aren’t holding onto the ball.” “They’re not running the right route.” Did you see this guy all by himself in the 3rd quarter? There wasn’t a teammate within 15 yards of him on the sideline. Cutler is not a winner. OK, I’ll say it, he’s a loser.  He’s talented, but he will not win a Superbowl ever. He has that Chris Webber aura. Too bad for the Bears, I actually respect the team and would have love to see them get a win for Urlacher’s mom who passed away this past week. But with Cutler on their roster, next to Philip Rivers, I love to see him lose.

Keep your head up for the love of god!

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Too Much Bruschi…

Alright, enough is enough.  I know that Chad Johnson/Ochocinco is a diva.  He’s probably on the downside of his career and will never put up big numbers like he did in his early days with the Bengals.  But give the kid a break.  His tweet of being in awe after “seeing” Tom Brady put up gaudy numbers over the weekend isn’t as bad as everyone is making it to be.  Worst critic has been ex-Patriot now analyst Teddy Bruschi for ripping Chad.  Sometimes, it seems that these announcers/ex-players miss being in the limelight and will do/say anything to get back into it.  I’m not saying that Chad is innocent, but geez. Nobody on the Patriots has criticized him since the day he signed with them.  I’m sure Ocho expected to get more than 1 reception, especially in a game where his QB threw for over 500 yards. Unfortunately, the Pats have a tough schedule this year with games against the Jets, Philly, San Diego, and Pittsburgh. I actually hope that Chad has a similar type season as Randy Moss did his first year with the Pats.  Don’t think it will happen but who knows? At the very least, give the guy a chance to be part of the team.

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$53 Million Later….

The Titans finally reached a  deal with holdout superstar running back Chris mutha truckin Johnson. Let me preface this by saying that I like Johnson.  He plays hard and deserves every penny he got. As for the Titans, you got the guy for 2 more years.  Chances are the next two are gonna be his peak and then it’s downhill.  There’s no way he sits out for more than a couple of games.  The Titans were the worst team in their division before the holdout and I still think they’re the worst now.  Maybe a close call with the Jags but still.  They don’t have a quarterback.  They don’t have any wide receivers.  They’re defense isn’t the same since the end of the Vandenbosh-Haynesworth era.  Take a look at the last few Superbowl teams and winners: Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots… What do these teams have in common other than elite quarterbacks, defenses, and no diva wide receivers… NO BIG NAME RUNNING BACKS… I don’t think the Titans led by Matt Hasselbeck are gonna buck the trend. If I’m a Titans fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of Jake Locker on the field…

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