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Too Much Bruschi…

Alright, enough is enough.  I know that Chad Johnson/Ochocinco is a diva.  He’s probably on the downside of his career and will never put up big numbers like he did in his early days with the Bengals.  But give the kid a break.  His tweet of being in awe after “seeing” Tom Brady put up gaudy numbers over the weekend isn’t as bad as everyone is making it to be.  Worst critic has been ex-Patriot now analyst Teddy Bruschi for ripping Chad.  Sometimes, it seems that these announcers/ex-players miss being in the limelight and will do/say anything to get back into it.  I’m not saying that Chad is innocent, but geez. Nobody on the Patriots has criticized him since the day he signed with them.  I’m sure Ocho expected to get more than 1 reception, especially in a game where his QB threw for over 500 yards. Unfortunately, the Pats have a tough schedule this year with games against the Jets, Philly, San Diego, and Pittsburgh. I actually hope that Chad has a similar type season as Randy Moss did his first year with the Pats.  Don’t think it will happen but who knows? At the very least, give the guy a chance to be part of the team.

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