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Washington Redskins: Angel Looking Down on Them

hog.jpgIf you don’t think Sean Taylor is watching his team, think again.  The Washington Redskins are going to the playoffs folks.  Sure they beat up on the Dallas Cowboys 2nd team.  But who cares??? After dealing with the death of Sean Taylor and losing to the Bills at home in week 13, the ‘skins have won 4 in a row and are heading to the post-season.  I’m not saying they’re winning it all, but in the NFC, anyone’s got a chance.  Let’s not forget they still have 1,000 yard rusher Clinton Portis, QB Todd Collins who hasn’t thrown an interception in 10 years, WR Santana Moss and a decent defense.  Watch out for those hogs or hoggettes or whatever…

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Fantasy Football Superbowl

Well, it came down to the finals in my fantasy football league.  My team the Vig vs. the Cinderella story, Common Sense.  He shocked the world by taking down the favorite in the semifinals.  It we against him, good against bad. Surefantasy football trophy onthebuzzer.com I had been in 1st place all year long but I panicked.  I did something that most gamblers would never admit to.  I hedged.  With 1st place getting $175 and 2nd $50, I made a deal with the guy where we would split them and each go home with $112.50.  Heck, I thought to myself why not?  $50 would suck and I would be happy with anything over $100.  Plus I had no confidence in my quarterback Eli Manning and my team was struggling.  He accepted the deal, I got some grief from the other managers, then of course, I spanked him in the finals.  What if..I wish I hadn’t… I knew this was gonna happen anyways.  If I didn’t make the deal, I would’ve gotten crushed, and if I made it, I would’ve won.  I’m OK with the deal, sure $175 would have been nice.  But I’ll take the split and most importantly a fantasy football 1st place trophy in my trophy case.  Now they’ll all be coming after me next year.  That’s what happens when you finish on top, or at least tie for first.

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Fantasy Football: Playoff Time

onthebuzzer.com fantasy footballWell, this is the time everyone has been playing all season for.  For most fantasy football owners, playoffs will either start this weekend or next, either a 4 or 8 team playoff format.  My league has 10 teams, with 8 making the playoffs.  I came in first for my league so I get to play the 8 seed in the first round.  Want me to be honest with you, I’m deathly frightened.  You work all year to get to the top, and 1 loss in the playoffs and it’s Lake Havasu with Nick Van Exel if you know what I mean.  I’ve been there before, getting to the top, then early playoff exit.  I’m the Marty Schottenheimer of fantasy football, unable to win the big game.  I hope this year is different. I hate having a playoff system, it rewards luck as opposed to the good teams.  That’s why I feel the same for college football and the BCS.  Sure it would be more “fair” by giving the top 8 teams a chance to compete for the big one.  But doesn’t the regular season lose some of its intensity and luster?  And what about the 9th or 10th seeded teams, they’re going to get screwed anyways.  Back to fantasy (reality’s a bitch), I have one piece of advice for all of you playing for the money, stick to what you’ve been doing, because if you start to play matchups and mix up your lineup in the playoffs, you’ll be gambling and when you gamble, the house ALWAYS WINS.

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I Hate J.D. Drew

onthebuzzer.com j.d. drewOut of all the players to step up in Game 6, why did it have to be J.D. Drew? My most hated player currently, and possibly of all time, Drew came up big in game 6, going 3-5 with 5 rbis and a grand slam. Thanks for showing up Indians; C.C. Sabathia, what a joke. I finally figured out what the C.C. stands for: CHOKE CITY!!! I’ve said it before, Drew is the epitome of the modern day players and everything that’s wrong with athletes today. I guess I gotta cheer for the Rockies at this point. Unfortunately, by the time the Rockies come back from their week long hiatus, they will be out of their groove and probably come out flat. If there’s a god, the good guys should win, unless the Sox are being set up for a bigger embarrassment in the World Series. If that’s the case, just give me a sign, any sign so I can sleep comfortably…. well, I’m waiting…

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Tribe Take Trey

Jase Westbrook and the Cleveland Indians take a 2-1 lead in the ALCS, beating kennylofton.jpgthe Boston Red Sox 4-2. Kenny Lofton, the ageless one, gave the Indians the jump they needed, hitting a two-run home run in the second inning off rookie Daisuke Matsuzaka. With the next two games at home, the Indians could presumably close out the series! Game 4 on Tuesday night will feature two soft tossers: Cleveland’s Paul Byrd, with his old-school windup, and Boston’s Tim Wakefield, the 41-year-old knuckleballing master who hasn’t pitched since Sept. 29. First the Yanks, now the Red Sox? Make no mistake, the Tribe are for real, but do they have what it takes to close it out?

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Diamondbacks Taking Time Off for the HOLLIDAYs

onthebuzzer.com matt hollidayAnother NLCS game, another loss for the Arizona Diamondbacks. The D-backs lost to the Colorado Rockies, AGAIN, on Sunday, 4-1.  Now they’re down 3 in the series, and looking like they’re about to be swept.  Thanks for showing up in the series guys.  I picked the D-backs myself to win this series in 6, whoops. What happened to the “arms” of this team.  Webb, Hernandez, Valverde, Davis.  I know the team is young and this is a learning experience blah blah blah.  But when you get this close to the World Series, who knows when your next chance could be.  The D-backs will head into the offseason, soon, and will have a lot of questions to answer, like “How do we get to the World Series.”  But until then, congrats on a nice season.

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onthebuzzer.com manny ramirezGame 1 of the ALCS and the Red Sox quashed all that talk about upsets and C.C. and team of destiny.  The Indians looked overmatched, overpowered and frankly over it.  C.C. Sabathia, cy young candidate lasted a measley 4.1 innings and 8 runs.  HUH? What the heck happened hear?  This guy has cruised through the regular season and the playoffs. This is when it counts, that’s the difference.  So Indians, go back to the drawing board and figure out what went wrong b/c if not, this series will be over before you know it.  As for the Sox, you beat my Angels, but I gotta give you props, the best team keeps on rolling.  Either that, or it’s that Red Sox mystique.

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Rockie Start for Diamondbacks

With their ace on the mound, Cy Young candidate Brandon Webb, the D-Backs came up empty at home in game 1 of the NLCS, falling to the Colorado Rockies 5-1.  Webb gave up 4 runs in 6 innings pitchedonthebuzzer.com kaz matsui in the loss.  A huge step for the Rockies, stealing home field advantage.  My pick for this series was (and still is) the D-Backs.  But after today’s performance, I’m beginning to have my doubts.  I hope that their bats wake up or else the Rockies will be rolling to the World Series.  Doug Davis needs to bring his A game or the D-Backs can kiss this series goodbye. By the way, yo’ Mets, how do you like Kaz Matsui now? Mark my words, this guy’s gonna be the MVP of the playoffs.

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Going, Going, Gone…

guerrero.jpgAfter finishing the season as one of the best, the Los Angeles Angels go three and out to a Red Sox team that dominated them all year. David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez both homered again for Boston, as L.A. gets pounded at home in one of their worst games all year, 9-1! Tough to swallow if you are the Halos. Play well all year and have everything overshadowed by getting swept in the playoffs. They batted .192 and had only four runs in three games! Not going to cut it folks. Can someone say shorten the regular season?red-sox-celebrate.jpg

As for the Boston, they are red hot. Schilling had a strong outing and if I am a major league team, I don’t think I would want to face these Sox. Ramirez and Ortiz seem like they are zoned in and the pitching staff has looked great so far. Up next…. Yankees? They survived today after falling behind 3-0 early, winning 8-4 and staying alive in the ALDS. I don’t know about you guys, but even if you are not a Yankee fan, you can’t be looking forward to a Indian-Red Sox match up. Bring on the Yankees, Red Sox, anger, hatred, high hard ones, a whole lot of animosity………. and a cold beer….

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joe torre and george steinbrenner onthebuzzer.comGeorge Steinbrenner has spoken: “His job is on the line. I think we’re paying him a lot of money. He’s the highest-paid manager in baseball, so I don’t think we’d take him back i we don’t win this series.” Now I’m all for the firing of Joe Torre, and they might as well throw in Brian Cashman as well. The Yankees have fallen short of league and fan expectations every year for god knows how long. But I’m not down with calling out Torre in public. The comment did not need to be said through the media. If Steiny thinks that this i gonna jump start the Yanks and win 3 in a row, I got 3 words for you, well actually 2 initials and 1 word C.C. SABATHIA. I head the Pirates are looking for a manager.

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