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Deja vu all over again…Los Angeles Lakers blew another 4th quarter lead tonight, just like they did in game 2.  Instead of being up 3 games to 1, the Lakers just kissed their season and hopes of a Championship… GOODBYE.  I blame Kobe for game 2’s loss.  I blame the team for this one.  Changing of the guard, well that happened last year when the Lake Show got swept by Dallas. This was just a reminder for all those Angelinos that thought that the Lakers were going to pull this series out.  There’s something toxic, cancerous about this Lakers team. It reminds me of Shaq’s last year.  Andrew Bynum was dominating the 1st half. 2nd half, M.I.A.  Blame the others for not getting the ball to him. Blame Bynum for not getting open. Blame Mike Brown for not drawing up plays for Bynum.  Pau Gasol, I’m done defending this guy. Step aside Dirk Nowitzki, here’s the posterboy for softness.  Ramon Session, disappointing is all I can say. Lakers bench, what bench? Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant… Too many errors, too many mistakes, too many bad shots too, too many turnovers. How easy was it for Westbrook and Durant to score? GEEZ, James Harden looked like a superstar. The Lakers are gonna get blasted next game.  I promise you that they will lose by double digits. As for the offseason, now would be the time for Jimbo Buss to make a name for himself.  Put everyone on the block.  Get some heart on this team. To have 3 all-stars on 1 team and no get past the second round for the 2nd year in a row is a joke. If this same team returns next year, you can expect another playoff torching.  Buss should call Sterling and maybe join the two teams.

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Los Angeles Lakers Keep Rolling

If you thought that the Lakers just didn’t have enough this year to compete, you weren’t the only one.  Then something happened: they traded for pg in Ramon Sessions, got PF Jordan Hill, dumped the crap off their payroll (i.e. Luke Walton and Jason Kapono) and then willed their way to 3rd place in the West.  Now they’ve beaten the Denver Nuggets twice…handily and are on their way to Denver to steal at least one of the next two games.  The Lakers are the only team with 2 legitimate 7 footers that can go drop 20+ points and grab 10+ boards a game.  We all know about Kobe.  Their only glaring weakness is the bench.  I’m concerned about Ron, I mean Metta World Idiot coming back and ruining their flow. Wish the league suspended him for the entire playoffs. 

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  Just 1 week after Dwayne Wade broke Kobe Bryant’s nose and gave him a concussion in an All-star game, Kobe Bryant punched the entire Heat team right in the mouth.  In what everyone (including myself) thought was going to be a beat-down by the Lebron led Heat, turned out to be quite the opposite.  Bryant came out storming, with 16 points in the first quarter alone. He finished the game with 33.  The big men also dominated, with each Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol posting double-doubles.  I’m not gonna say it but I’m beginning to see Ron Artest, err Metta World Peace showing flashes of his Sacramento and Houston years when he was averaging close to 20 points again. Don’t count this Lakers team out. Everyone has been giving the crown to the Clippers and not giving the Lake Show a chance.  Don’t look now but they have the 4th best record in the West with plenty of time to move past the Clips.  Second half of the season should be sick.

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And With the First Pick of the Draft, the Portland Trail Blazers Select:

So the Portland Blazers have decided not to re-sign Greg Oden. The #1 pick in the 2007 draft, Greg Oden is possibly and probably one of the biggest NBA draft busts.  Plagued with injuries, Oden hasn’t amounted to much. He didn’t play his rookie year, 61 games in 2008, 21 in 2009 and so far a big donut for 2010. Remember, the Blazers picked Oden over Kevin Durant in the ’07 draft.  Doh! I would fire everyone in the organization that contributed to that decision. Imagine a Brandon Roy and Kevin Durant combo… OK, now stop imagining because it’s never going to happen.  I gotta be honest with you, I’m a little disappointed with Oden.  I remember him in college, when he broke his arm and still played, shooting freethrows with his left hand. I told myself, this guy’s a soldier. And look at him now, looking like a WWI soldier.  Big men in this league are at a premium. And it’s too bad that this kid couldn’t get it together.  I myself thought that Oden would be better than, gulp, Andrew Bynum. Not that Bynum is that spectacular.  Both injury prone, both far from their peak.  But heck, at least Bynum is only injured 50% of the time.  Oden’s a long distance away from those Ohio State days but maybe if he can get his act together, he can resurrect his career.  Actually, forget resurrecting, let’s hope he can salvage it. I’d give Grant Hill a call. And if I was Oden, I’d give Hakeem Olajuwon a call.  Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant did.  I’m betting Oden could use some help down low in the post, all 7 feet, 285 lbs of him. Oden’s supposed to be back late November. Let’s cross our fingers. Maybe he’ll be most improved player… Maybe not.

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Lakers lose again in Boston. Kobe Bryant shows up, rest of the team doesn’t.  Haven’t we all learned by now, that if Kobe Bryant drops over 30 pts, the Lakers lose? Even with the Lakers playing so poorly, they had a chance to steal this game.  with 45 seconds left, Lakers down 5, Ron Artest got fouled on a breakaway.  Rather than cutting the lead to 3 (1 possession), Artest, a 55% shooter from the line during playoffs, bricks ’em both.  Are you kidding me? How much worse did this guy get?  He hit two 3-pointers in the first quarter and finished the game with 7 points… What the f#@!!! Andrew Bynum plays 32 minutes and finishes the game with 6 points and 1 rebound? Are you serious? I hate to blame the refs but this was a poorly called game.  First foul on Lamar Odom in the first quarter was called a charge when it was clearly a blocking foul (and the bucket went in).  Instead of Lamar headed to the ft line with some confidence, you get a 5 points switch and most importantly a fragile Odom. Bad calls in the end clinched the game for the Celts.  I never thought home court included the refs as well. Someone tell Pau Gasol to go up with two hands and try to dunk the ball.  This one handed, soft-ass, European moves aren’t gonna cut it in the playoffs. Freakin guy got blocked twice on 1 shot by the same guy, Tony Allen, who is 6 inches shorter than him. Celtics on the one hand, balanced scoring.  Paul Pierce bringing his A-game today, killing anyone that was guarding him. Don’t have much to say about them.

There was one funny play in the first quarter when Artest fouled Garnett and sent him to the ground (looked like a flop to me).  Refs called a foul but then, Rondo stepped in and pushed Artest with one hand.  Everyone in Boston, fans and players both, cringed.  As good as Rondo is, and I give him credit, he needs to check himself.  Artest is a crazy MF.  He will knock your ass down.  There isn’t a player in the league that’s not afraid of him.  I think even Rondo realized what he did after the push. You better watch out kid… you only get 1 get out of jail free card.

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#1 rule of making tough guy faces: make sure you win the game.  #2 rule of making tough guy faces: make sure you are winning at the time you make it.  Big Baby, who actually had a decent game, looks like a fool.  Don’t talk shit when you haven’t led since the 5 minute mark in the 1st quarter.  Don’t talk shit when you’re not a starter.  Don’t talk shit when you haven’t accomplished anything on the court in your life. Enough of the Baby, let’s move on to the game. WHAT A GAME!!!

Derek Fisher, my new hero.  There’s only 1 guy I’ve seen take over games like that, and he too is on the Lakers.  Fisher, who I myself have sworn off MANY times, came through in the clutch again.  He’s making a great argument for being series MVP and possibly even hanging his jersey from the rafters at Staples. D-Fish, guts.

Nice to see Lamar Odom contributing.  Still worried about Ron Artest’s offense. He still needs to shoot to keep the defense honest.  As for the Cs, they can blame this game on Ray Allen who put up a big donut, and Paul Pierce.  Lakers back in the driver’s seat, oh what I would give for a sweep in Boston….

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Here we go again.. Just a few days after the Los Angeles Lakers blasted the Celtics in game 1, the Lakers go ahead and get stomped by Ray Allen and his cronies. I’m not gonna sit here and blame it on the ref, the calls went bad both ways.  you can’t let the refs dictate the game.  Where do I start?  Let’s see, Ron Artest 1 for 10 from the field and 3 for 8 from the charity stripe? Garbage. Lamar Odom, why even show up if you’re gonna stink it up? Odom had more fouls (5) than points (3).  Kobe Bryant, bad shot after bad shot.  He never got in the game.  Very disappointed.  The only thing working for the Lakers was the bigs, Bynum and Gasol combining for 46 points on 13 for 20 shooting. I don’t even want to get into the Lakers’ bench, I can’t stand Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown.  So much inconsistent play from these guys. Finally, Lakers’ defense.  DON’T LEAVE RAY ALLEN OPEN.  He can shoot 3s, he can make them.  As for the Celtics, forget about Ray Allen’s 8 3-pointers, Rajon Rondo and his triple double killed Lakers.  This kid got offensive rebound after offensive rebound.  He had more rebounds (12) than ANYONE on the Lakers. All the Lakers had to do was hold court. Now, Boston split here, heading back home with all the momentum. I’m not saying they’re gonna win all three but it’s going to be REAL hard for the Lakers to steal 1, let alone 2.  For some reason, it seems that Boston has a lot more offensive weapons than the Lakers.  Even that thug Nate Robinson comes in and hits a 3.  Who on the Lakers can do that? Let me throw out some key stats: Lakers shoot 5-22 from 3 point range, Celtics, 11 for 16. Lakers outrebounded 44-38 (even though Lakers have two 7-footers). Paul Pierce shoots 2-11, but Cs still end up with a win. I’m done with stats.  I feel sick to my stomach.  It feels like 2008 all over again.

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This was the Kevin Garnett that I once loved.  The “Big Ticket.” Truly one of the best power forwards to every play the game.  Inside, outside… all around. The best player to ever don a Minnesota Timberwolves jersey (though that’s not saying much). He was humble, respected the game. Now he’s with the enemy, the Boston Celtics.  Three years ago, this guy brought some toughness, some hope for the Boston Celtics.  First year with his new team, 1 ring.  3rd year, back to the Show. He’s turned that humility into swagger, confidence.  Some might say he’s taken it too far with the gangsta attitude. But the only thing that matters right now is the next 7 games.   This guy is gonna pose the biggest problem for the Lakers.  Ron Artest should be able to contain Paul Pierce.  Kobe Bryant should be able to keep Rondo in check.  Cancel out Bynum and Perkins (although I actually think Kendrick Perkins is actually a tougher player).  But the problem is going to be the PF slot.  KG has been playing like he’s 15 again. He’s gonna pull the Spaniard out, kill him from range.  Then as soon as Gasol steps out to guard him, Garnett’s gonna put in on the ground and go past him.  He can also post up Gasol and is a bjillion times tougher and more intense than Gasol. This series isn’t about flashy.  This is gonna be a dirty series, a bloody knuckles series.  I’m hoping I see a new Gasol this series.  I’m hoping that the Lakers give Pau a chance to establish himself against KG. Maybe even throw it down on the ticket. Because if you don’t punch the bully in the mouth, he’s gonna take your lunch money. And in this case, this lunch money’s worth about a year’s worth of bragging rights and something blingy for your ring finger. And if the Lakers don’t pull it out, I’m gonna be seeing nightmares of this guy’s mug for the next year.

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Ron Artest: Welcome to SHOWTIME

This is not the reason why the Lakers signed Ron Artest in the offseason.  But it’s definitely the reason Ron Artest signed with the Lakers.  Talk about making a play.  Ron Artest hit the game winning shot tonight to put the Lakers up 3-2. The first time in a long time that I found myself jump out of my seat in excitement, kinda fell good. The Lakers had the game won, being up by 16 at one point but then let the lead trickle away in true LA fashion and it seemed like Phoenix had controlled the “mo.” Recognizing that Kobe Bryant’s 3-pointer was going to fall short, Artest muscled his way into the paint, grabbed the rebound, and with his own teammate D-Fish banging into him, put the game winner in… Phoenix, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I’ll give it to the Suns though, they played a hell of a game.  Big mistake by Coach Gentry not putting in Brook Lopez and Amare Stoudamire in the last play to box out for the boards. This was the game the Suns could’ve stolen, and frankly should’ve stolen.  Now, they have to go back to Phoenix and try to muster up some energy to win and then come back to LA. Not sure I’ve said this before, but Steve Nash is sick.  Props to D-Fish for dropping 22. Is it time to worry about Andrew Bynum’s knee yet? 2 points on 0-5 shooting in 19 minutes of play? Might be good enough to beat the Suns but we’re gonna have problems against those nasty Celtics.

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A win is a win, right? Listen, at the end of the day, on paper, it doesn’t matter if you blow them out or win on a last second buzzer-beater. Look at me making excuses for the Lakers’ pitiful performance last night in Game 2 of the NBA playoffs.  Sure they won, but by a measly 3 points… ugh! I bought some NBA tickets from Lavatickets.com and watched the game live at Staples last night. The thought that kept recurring in my head throughout the game was “when are the Lakers gonna put the Thunder away?” There’s no doubt that they’re going to win this series, in 4 or 5 games, but if the Lakers had come out and pounded the Thunder last night, they would’ve sent a message to their future playoff opponents that would’ve read something like “we’re for real OR you don’t wanna face us.”  The message that they actually sent was “ehh, we’re from LA, basketball isn’t our life.”

Thank god for some last second Kobe Bryant heroics or else I would’ve been writing a completely different article today. I do question some of his decisions and tantrums last night that hurt the Lakers. Andrew Bynum nowhere to be found on the offensive end (6 points in 32 minutes).  Derek Fisher needs to stop shooting (2-10). The best thing that happened to the Lakers was when this guy fouled out. Gasol and Bryant combined for 64 points.  I wonder what the Lakers would do if they had a bench?

Having lived in LA all my life, you get used to this type of play from the Lakers.  Already looking ahead, thinking about their second round playoff opponent; Jazz or Nuggets.  I would LOVE it if the Jazz upset the Thuggets, I mean Nuggets.  Pick up your playoff tickets and go support your team. This has been one of the best NBA playoffs in a long time.

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