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Time to give the Milwaukee Bucks some credit.  Down 0-2 to the heavily favored Altanta Hawks, they win the next two at home then come to hotlanta and steal game 5 and are on the verge of upsetting the Hawks.  Time to introduce one of the most dangerous backcourts in the league: Brandon Jennings and John Salmons.  The former a Rookie, the latter, a sharpshooter.   Tell me these two guys haven’t changed the culture of this team.  No Michael Redd, no problem. No Andrew Bogut, no problem.  I’m not saying these guys are gonna advance past the next round, but WOW, what an upset it would be if they pull of a win at home.  Time to give Salmons a nickname, and I got the perfect one… John Salmons, the PROPHET, huh? The Bulls could’ve used this guy. Might be time to fire the Hawks’ coach Mike Woodson if they don’t rebound quick.  I never thought I’d see so poor coaching having such a huge affect in the playoffs.  Look at the Nuggets coach Adrian Dantley and Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. I won’t mention the Mavs…  I’ll say one last thing about the Bucks, looking at their roster, that’s a nasty lineup (nasty in a bad way).  I don’t know how they’re doin’ it?

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Well, they just beat the Miami Heat and have advanced to the Eastern Conference semi-finals.  The Heat never put much of a fight. The Celts were up by 21 at one point before the Heat came storming back to bring it to 7 but that was it.  The Heat is a PERFECT example of why 1 player by himself cannot win a series. Dwayne Wade, who dropped 31 en route to what I feel is his last game with the Heat, had more point than the other 4 Heat starters.  Jermaine O’Neal, almost tying his postseason high of 8 points with a magical 3-10 shooting and 7 points. Disappointed in Michael Beasley, too.  2 points as a starter, you gotta be kidding me.  No reason for Wade to stay.  As for the Celts, dare I say they’re gelling??? The ONLY reason I would want the Celtics to beat the Cavs is because the Cavs are the only team that can beat the Lakers. That and the fact that I don’t want Shaq to win another ring.  It’s personal for us Angelinos. Celtics’ “Big 4” all scoring in double digits is definitely bad news for the Cavs, their next round opponent.  I can’t wait to see one of these two teams get eliminated.  The Celtics with all their shit talking and thugging and the Lebron with all his dancing and partying all season long.  Bitter sweet, bitter sweet.

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37 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists, 2 steals, 1 block… Those are stats from one game folks… ROYAL stats from the King.  Lebron James is going to win the NBA Championship this year.  There is no doubt about it.  He can not be stopped.  I don’t care who is guarding him.  I don’t even think that he needs help from his teammates.  All he has to do is clear it out, iso, and take his defender(s) to the rack.  Or, he can pull up from half court like he did today at the end of the 3rd quarter and nail a 3 pointer from RANGE.  I’m gonna love it when they eliminate the Boston Celtics, who might have the EASIEST first round match-up in the Miami Heat.  The city of Cleveland is going to be set back 20 years if Lebron James signs with another team next year.

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Paul Pierce is clutch. I’ll say it again… Paul Pierce is CLUTCH.  Now those that read my blog know that I can’t stand the Cs, they’re a classless group of thugs that are a far cry from the days of Larry Bird and Kevin McHale.  Going back to Paul Pierce, he’s clutch.  He’s the only one from the “Big 3” that has any game left in him. Not that hitting a game winning jumper against the Miami Heat is that big of a feat, but still, let’s give credit where it’s due.  I don’t know why the Heat couldn’t defend Pierce.  He has 1 move: dribble, step back elbow jumper. I’ve seen it for years. Bad coaching, bad playering (if that’s an actual word). Did I tell you that the Heat have already mailed it in? Jermaine O’Neal, the epitome of consistency, going 1-7 in 19 minutes. Ata boy!

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How many times can you utilize the 1 handed floater?  Derrick Rose single handedly, LITERALLY, beat the the King and his Cleveland Cavaliers tonight.  I’ve never seen so many 1 handed floaters from so many different areas; inside/outside, 6ft, 15ft.  This guy is sick. I’m gonna love watching this guy for the next 10 years. He has to get a little more aggressive though. He let his team blow a 21 point lead.

I haven’t changed my mind about the series though, the Cavs are still gonna win, in 5 (no sweep though). Other than Rose being ridiculous, I was reminded of another thing tonight… the King can’t be stopped.  In fact, I’m going to take it a step further… Lebron James is the best player in the NBA.  Not only is he the King, but he’s the God as well. His outside shooting now demands respect.  The guy can nail all kinds of threes. I don’t know why they lost this game? Maybe they were bored?  Maybe it’s the the mafia? I guarantee you that they (Cavaliers) will win the next game. Cavs’ big men Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Shaq were nowhere to be found.  Nice to see Mo Williams having a decent playoffs after his choke job last year. Even with that poor performance from the Cavs, they still had a chance to pull it out at the end. Lebron James went one on one and either scored, assisted, or got fouled every time.  He might be able to do this every single possession.  This might be that one game where even though they lost, the Cavs can feel pretty good about themselves. I guarantee you that no one in the Cleveland locker room is worried (maybe Mike Brown a little). Props to the Bulls for not quitting… who knows, maybe they pull this off??? NOT!!!

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TIM DUNCAN: Mr. Fundamentals

Tim Duncan just gave Eric Dampier and Brendan Haywood a free class in Big Man Camp.  Talk about Mr. Fundamentals: 25 points, 17 rebound and 0 turnovers, not to mention COUNTLESS clutch shots in the final minutes of the game.  The Spurs did what they had to, and that was steal home-court advantage from the Mavericks.  They’ve tied up the series at one a piece and are headed back to San Antonio.  No one on the Mavs can guard Tim Duncan.  Not even Dirk.  This victory came at a perfect time, just as owner Mark Cuban opened his big mouth and gave the Spurs some extra bulletin board material in saying that he hates the Spurs.  Well Mr. Cuban, you just got 1 more reason to hate them tonight.  When will the Mavericks learn to play defense? You cannot win by outshooting a team. Richard Jefferson paying dividends, dropping 17 in the first half.  Manu Ginobli putting the nail in the coffin with a 3 point dagger. Tony Parker, though he played well, took a couple of bad shots in the 4th that could’ve almost cost the Spurs the game.  F-U-N-D-A-M-E-N-T-A-L. Dump it in to the big man, if no double team comes, then Duncan eats you up.  If the double team comes, kick it out for a wide open shot. Simple.  That’s their game plan Dallas, now try to stop it.

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A win is a win, right? Listen, at the end of the day, on paper, it doesn’t matter if you blow them out or win on a last second buzzer-beater. Look at me making excuses for the Lakers’ pitiful performance last night in Game 2 of the NBA playoffs.  Sure they won, but by a measly 3 points… ugh! I bought some NBA tickets from Lavatickets.com and watched the game live at Staples last night. The thought that kept recurring in my head throughout the game was “when are the Lakers gonna put the Thunder away?” There’s no doubt that they’re going to win this series, in 4 or 5 games, but if the Lakers had come out and pounded the Thunder last night, they would’ve sent a message to their future playoff opponents that would’ve read something like “we’re for real OR you don’t wanna face us.”  The message that they actually sent was “ehh, we’re from LA, basketball isn’t our life.”

Thank god for some last second Kobe Bryant heroics or else I would’ve been writing a completely different article today. I do question some of his decisions and tantrums last night that hurt the Lakers. Andrew Bynum nowhere to be found on the offensive end (6 points in 32 minutes).  Derek Fisher needs to stop shooting (2-10). The best thing that happened to the Lakers was when this guy fouled out. Gasol and Bryant combined for 64 points.  I wonder what the Lakers would do if they had a bench?

Having lived in LA all my life, you get used to this type of play from the Lakers.  Already looking ahead, thinking about their second round playoff opponent; Jazz or Nuggets.  I would LOVE it if the Jazz upset the Thuggets, I mean Nuggets.  Pick up your playoff tickets and go support your team. This has been one of the best NBA playoffs in a long time.

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I’m sitting at home watching the Miami Heartless getting DESTROYED by the Kevin Garnett-less Boston Celtics.  There’s 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter and the Heat are down by 25 points.  As if going 3-14 in Game 1 wasn’t bad enough, this kid is 1-10 and there’s still 19 minutes of game left.  How did this guy go from high school phenom to this? STOP SHOOTING THE BALL!!! I’m no Heat fan but someone’s gotta say something.  Don’t be fooled by his 5 blocks, they all came in the first quarter against Glen “Baby” Davis.  Jermaine O’Neal is the poster child for not skipping college.  I don’t think it’s too late.  Go back to college.  Learn some fundamentals.  Learn some basketball.  Forget that, learn another sport… Something where you don’t have to have any skill… By the way, the Heat forgot to show up today.  I blame O’Neal, I blame the management, I blame the coach, and I blame the rest of the players…

P.S. this is Wade’s last year as a Heat. He’s already given up on his team. You heard it here first.

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When did Kevin Garnett become a thug? I’m putting his e.t.a. at right after he won the Championship with Boston.  Sure this guy is a hall of famer, sure he’s won  a Championship, but he’s turned from a role model to an idiot.  All I remember last year is this guy being plagued with injuries, and giving dirty looks and acting like he was a thug from South Central.  This is the NBA.  You get paid millions.  Act like you deserve.  This guy went from my favorite player, to my shit list.  And it has nothing to do with being a Celtic. One f my all-time favorites is Larry Bird. As if his actions weren’t enough, Garnett decided to give Quentin Richardson the elbow on Saturday after Q decided to talk shit to Paul Pierce.  Garnett’s response: “Whoever it is, my teammates, [Celtics coach] Doc Rivers, or anyone in the organization, I want them to know I got their back.” Listen up gangsta, gangsta, they don’t need your back.  This ain’t WW! or even Compton or Watts. This is the NBA.  Where there are NBA referees, commissioners, owners and people that can buy or trade you at the blink of an eye.  Now Garnett’s Celtics have to go out and win without him.  I wonder how he’s gonna get their back from wherever he’s watching the game from? And to lower yourself to the level of Quentin Richardson, the traveling journeyman who used to hang with Darius Miles?  I’d say show some class, but you gotta have some first. Disappointing, very disappointing.

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Chicago v. Cleveland: I love watching the Bulls play. Derek Rose is awesome.  Unfortunately, they have no chance against the Cavs.  Lebron is on a mission this year. There is noone that is going to stop this team.  I don’t care what other 4 players are on the court with him.  Cavs in 4, bring out the brooms.  Not this year Rose, you’re gonna need to make a big off-season signing (hint hint: Bosh).

Milwaukee v. Atlanta: I don’t even know how the Bucks got into the playoffs. I know about that kid Brandon Jennings (good move playing in Europe for 1 year).  I also know they’ve lost Bogut for the year. The Jennings/Salmons combo is solid, but not good enough.  Who’s going to step up for the Bucks? Atlanta is gonna roll over these guys in 4.  Might be the easiest first round matchup in the playoffs.  I don’t even think I need to go into the strengths of this team, but I’ll name a few just for kicks: J. Johnson, Horford, J. Smith, Bibby, Jamal Crawford, Mo Evans.

Miami v. Boston: I’m not sure who I hate more, Boston or Denver.  Since they won 2 years ago, Kevin Garnett has turned from a role model into a thug.  Paul Pierce has game, I can’t even hate on him.  Ray Allen is a has been that has 2 things going for him, his FT% and his steaky 3 pointers. D-Wade might be playing his last series as a Heat.  Beasley’s the only other Heat I can name and frankly, he’s not getting it done either.  Can’t wait to see what happens to Dwayne in the offseason… Boston in 5.

Charlotte v. Orlando: Interesting match-up here. On one hand, you have the reigning Eastern Conference Champs, big Dwight Howard, healthy Jameer Nelson, improving J.J. Reddick, and two key offseason pickups in Matt Barnes and Vince Carter.  I actually think Barnes’ presence on the court is more vital than Vince’s. Kudos for the Bobcats for making the playoffs.  Stephen Jackson has turned this team around.  Gerald Wallace has always been a box-score filler. He his one of the best defenders in the league and one of the hardest guys to guard.  Depth will be a problem for this team as well.  They will give Orlando a run for their money but the Magic should pull this off in 5.

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