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How bad is quarterback Aaron Corp? This guy was the starter for the Trojans about a months and a half ago.  He lost his starting job when he injured his knee and the Trojans inserted freshman pheno Matt Barkley.  Because of an injury to Barkley, in comes Corp, against an unranked Washington squad, 13-22 and 1 pick, no tds.  Let me tell you, this guy can’t play worth shit.  He shouldn’t have been playing the second half.  I’ll take my chances with Mustain (who seems to be in Pete Carroll’s doghouse) or even an injured Barkley. Corp underthrew, overthrew and just fucked up the game.  Worst performance of an SC quarterback I’ve seen in years. How this guy was a bluechip prospect, I have no idea.

How bad is Joe McKnight?  A few years ago, when the news of Joe McKnight committing to SC was anounced, everyone had a hard-on for this guy.  The next Reggie Bush (college, not NFL)!!! McKnight fumbled twice in the game (luckily SC recovered).  He had decent yards, 11 carries for 100 yards, but for god’s sake, make a freakin’ play when your team needs it. McKnight was quoted in the preseason in saying that he wanted to play both offense and defense.  At this point, he’s not even the best RB on his team.  After the game, he said “Washington wasn’t the better team, they just outplayed us.” Huh? Guess what moron, they were the better team today. I’ll tell you one thing, they showed up to play against SC.  Sorry ass McKnight.

How bad is Pete Carroll?  Before anyone jumps on me, I know, blah blah blah 7 years Pac-10 title.  I don’t wanna hear it.  How many times does SC have to lose to an unranked team.  It happens every year. I knew they would lose this year, but this wasn’t the game.  Maybe at Cal, maybe at Oregon, maybe even UCLA?  I think that Mr. Carroll needs to rethink his motivational speeches and start worrying about his team showing for a full season (as opposed to only the big games).  As for his play calling, how about a roll out for Corp to get the guy some confidence? How about a run up the middle with that hoss Allen Bradford instead of a Havili rush or a run to the side instead of the freakin’ gut?

How bad are the SC wide receivers? So bad that they haven’t had a receiving touchdown since week 1? So bad that I bet you can’t even name them. So bad that the second leading receiver of the game was the fullback and the leading receiver only had 40 yards.

I’m just venting, this was a nauseating loss. Bad playcalling on both offense and defense.  Good for Huskies coach Steve Sarkissian.  Big win for their program.  Another mind-boggling loss for SC.

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USC: Back to Business

Matt BarkleySo much for cold feet.  Not that USC’s pounding of San Jose State was that big of a feat (56-3 to be exact), but after losing many of their starters from last year, some people were worried as to how this game would pan out. Rushing attack, re-god-damn-diculous, 6 tds on the ground for a total of 342 rushing yards.  WOW! Passing game, nothing spectacular, but the true freshman quarterback Matt Barkley did was he was supposed to do… make no mistakes. 15/19, 233 yds, 1 TD and not picks. And that defense, how about holding the Spartans to a stingy 3 points. Glad backup/ex-starter Aaron Corps got some reps in to show everyone what he’s got: 4/4, 45 yds 1 TD and again, no picks.   The biggest game of the season comes next week at the Shoe in Ohio State. We all saw what they did to the Buckeyes last year but this is gonna be a little different.  If the Trojans can establish the run early, go up by double digits, them Buckeyes can kiss their National Championship Dreams goodbye.  Anyone saw the rought time the Buckeyes had against Navy this weekend.  Well the Trojans aren’t the Navy, they’re the entire armed forces. FIGHT ON!!!

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