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Nuggets Fall To Knicks… Not Ready Yet

This, folks, is why the Denver Nuggets will not win the NBA Championship this year.  How do you lose to the NY Knicks when you’re the second best team in the Western Conference and arguably the main threat to dethrone the Lakers in the West? Do you not bring your “A” game?  Were the Nuggets looking ahead to their next game against Boston (which it tomorrow btw)?   I can’t even name 5 guys on the Knicks’ squad.  Let me not crucify the Nuggets by themselves.  This happens to many teams, including the Lakers and even the Cavs.  But if you want to be a lock in for the NBA Finals, you have to bring that same intensity every single game. The Boston Celtics did it 2 years ago.  The Lakers did it last year.  There was no doubt that these teams were the best in the league the year they won.  They all had that swagger.  They had that “you can’t hold my jockstrap” attitude.  The Nuggest have the talent, but they’re missing that swag.  Don’t get that confused with being confident.  I’ve never seen a group of guys that are cockier than the Nuggs.  Even their poster child J.R. Smith thinks he could beat Michael Jordan at his prime.  But if these fellas want to make it and win the finals, they have to have beaten teams before they even step on the court…mentally. And that doesn’t mean being mental…

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What Happened to the New Orleans Hornets?

Two years, ago, this team took the San Antonio Spurs to a game seven of the Western Conference semi-finals and lost.  And all everyone could think about was, this team is going to be a contender for the next 5 years, AT LEAST.  They had the best point guard in the league in Chris Paul, an up and coming emerging power forward in David West, a Peja Stojakovic who could still hit a three, and a supporting cast of Tyson Chandler, Morris Peterson, Chris “Birdman” Anderson, Bonzi Wells, Bobby Jackson, and Rasual Butler, to say the least????  What the heck happened to this team? If the playoffs started today, they’d be watching from the sidelines.  No more Tyson, no more Birdman, an injury prone Chris Paul.  Sure, they play in the powerful Western Conference but this team went from one of those scary teams on the schedule to a sorry ass, maybe sneak into the playoffs as an eight seed and one and done.  It goes to show you how hard it is to stay competitive for consecutive years, let alone 5 or 10.  Kudos to winning franchises like the Celtics and Lakers who have been winning for years, even through making trades. After losing to the Spurs at home tonight, the Hornets are now a whimpy 31-30, 1 game over .500.  I personally hope they make the playoffs so the Lakers get a first round bye, so to speak…

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