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I Love This Lamar Odom

Nuggets Lakers BasketballWhat a dunk!?!?! How’s your face Birdman?  Sure Lamar Odom pushed off with his off arm but who cares? In the land of dunking, once it’s in your face there’s nothing you can say to taint it.  Now let me give props to the Birdman, he blocked 4 shots including a dunk attempt by Odom in the first half.  The Birdman is one of the few Nuggets that I respect. But when you go up to block so many shots, sometimes you’re gonna get shit on.  And shit on he got.  WOW!  As for the game, I gotta be honest with you, the Lakers are balls.  Their defense is pathetic.  Their big men are weak.  Bynum is a bust.  He can’t board to save his life and most of his shots are junky putbacks and dunks. He had one good move in the first quarter, an up and under, and then that was it.  I would definitely take the Birdman over Bynum, simply based on the Birdman’s talent and energy. Back to the game, the Lakers got lucky this game.  Kobe played like shit.  He kept forcing the ball late in the game until he finally wised up and gave it up to Gasol.  Shannon Brown’s dunk on the Birdman (we won’t talk about that one) was the turning point in the game.  Phil Jackson should give Brown minutes over Sasha and Farmar.  Finally, lovin’ J.R. Smith’s 3-13 performance.  Where u at gangsta? Unfortunately, the Nuggets are gonna wax the Lakers in game 6 and this is going to a game 7 at Staples next Tuesday. Until then, though, enjoy this win LA.  It might be a while before Odom performs like this again.

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J.R. Smith is a Douchebag

Not much to say here.  I’m watching the Lakers lose to the Denver Nuggets on Monday night and one player seems to bother me time and time again.  You guessed it, J.R. Smith.  Mr. Tatoo Gangsta.  The guys thinks he’s the sickest baller in the world.  It seems that every time he scores, he’s talking shit.  To me, he’s a rich man’s Eddie House. I checked the box scores today, and to his credit, he did drop 24 points. But to my credit, none of them were important shots.  All his buckets were scored while the Nuggets were leading by double digits.  I don’t mind the Denver Nuggets.  I like Billups, Carmelo, and even the Birdman.  But if there’s one reason why I don’t want the Nuggets to win, it’s J.R. Smith. Definitely a starter on the NBA All-Hated Team.  Oh yeah, for all those people that keep doing the wing flap when tthe Birdman enters or leaves the game, STOP. You look like idiots.

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You’ve Got A Lot To Learn Mr. Bynum

Nuggets Lakers BasketballThat’s 6’3, 33 year old Chauncy Billups taking it to the hole against 7’0 foot, 22 year old Andrew Bynum. At the end, the Lakers pulled it off in a squeaker.  They were supposed to win.  They were at home.  They just came off a big win against the Rockets.  They won by 2. Not pretty, but they’ll/I’ll/you’ll take it.  Now, I’m listening to sports talk radio today and I heard an interesting postgame interview by Vic “the Brick” with Andrew Bynum.  The Q & A went something like this:

Q: Andrew, it seemed like the Denver Nugget bigs were giving you guys trouble early on in the game, can you explain why?

A: No they weren’t.

Q: Andrew, you guys pulled off the win, it was a tough game, what was the key to the win?

A: The key to the game was me getting more minutes. The team is better off if I’m in the game.

AAARGGGHH??? Scooby snack? Is this guy for real?  This guy’s been the biggest bust since Gred Oden.  Ever since he signed that huge contract extension, the only thing he’s done is drop 45 on a depleted Clippers team and now he’s coming at me with “I’m the man?” 2 for 4 shooting, 6 points and 6 rebounds in 16 minutes of play? D.J. Mbenga could pull in those numbers. Kobe needs to pull this kid aside and smack him around.  This guy hasn’t accomplished anything and has been M.I.A. the entire playoffs. He’s averaging 5.6 ppg, 3.9 rpg, and less than 1 block per game in over 15 minutes of play per game.  Who the F#@! is this guy to mouth off like that.  He needs to shut his mouth and beg Phil to let give him some minutes.  Heck, he’s lucky if the fellas let him rebound during pregame warmups. If this guy wasn’t 7 feet tall, he’d be paying for tickets to the game. In an ideal world, the interview  should’ve gone like this:

Q: Andrew, it seemed like all the Denver Bigs made you their bitches, can you comment on that?

A: Well, I’m overrated and out-of-shape.  I conned Jerry Buss into giving me a contract extension and now I’m sitting pretty. As for the Denver Bigs, they’re just better.  They have more heart and talent.  I’m just a big piece of bleep….

Q: Andrew, can you comment on the game?

A: Well, from my vantage point on the bench, I could tell that if this game went into OT, I would get stuck in heavy traffic on the 110 fwy. As for the game itself, I’m gonna try to give my team 6 hard fouls and not put my foot in my mouth when giving interviews.

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Now That’s Kobe Doin’ Work!

kobe bryantLet’s get something straight, I never said Kobe sucks.  I’ve been getting a lot of backlash from the Kobe faithful the past couple of days for my article on Kobe’s Documentary “Doin’ Work.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not backtracking. I still think the guy is a hateable guy and isn’t the fun-loving teammate that he wants us to believe he is. He is however, a sick baller.  He dropped 40 tonight agains the Nuggets at home in what many including myself considered a pivotal game.  The Lake Show came out soft, falling behind by double digits.  The game was dirty, a lot of bangin’ around, a little ol’ school.  But they pulled it out.  I did think that the Lakers needed to come out and punch the Nuggets in the mouth to show them who’s the boss but a win’s a win.  When you get this close to the money, it doesn’t matter how pretty the wins are.  If the Lakers win on Thursday, it’s curtains for the Nuggets.  No way they take 4 out of the next 5 after that.  So there you go, all you Kobe lovers.  He’s a stud.  But he’s still a bitch. Tell him to stop flailing his arms every time he doesn’t get a call and run back on defense.  That’s just me, a blogger.  Then again, what do I know about basketball.

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Kobe & Spike.. Give ’em an Oscar!!!

do_the_right_thingAlas, it has come, May 16, 2009, the highly anticipated Spike Lee Joint/Documentary titled, “Kobe Bryant: Doin’ Work.” I watched it.  Ok, well, I could only stand watching the first half hour of it before I began to feel my dinner coming up through my esophagus.  I did watch enough to realize what the point of the documentary was: a self-serving, public relations stunt by Kobe and Spike.  People that watched it were supposed to come out and say “Wow, Kobe is a good guy” or “Wow, Kobe is such a team player,” or “Wow, his teammates and opponents love/respect him.” Let me tell you something, I saw a superstar (give credit where it’s due) trying too hard; trying to give “constuctive criticism” to those who don’t care (i.e. Gasol and Odom).  Trying to joke around with opponents like Bruce Bowen and Kurt Thomas who seemingly don’t give two shits about him. Trying to show the world that he’s aJOrdan4-spike loved guy. Most importantly, trying to fake the funk.  Listen Kobe, word of advice: when you’re on the top, there are gonna be haters.  Who cares? You’re the best at what you do (for now at least).  We acknowledge that.  But not everyone is gonna like you. That’s the game. Love it or leave it.  You can’t call it a documentary when the main character is acting throughout the whole movie.  You’re not gonna be as loved as Lebron is. I’ve never seen Kobe give so many compliments in one game.  Am I the only one that feels this way? Am I just a cynic? As for Spike Lee, Mr. Knicks fan…what a sellout.  Kobe clowns the Knicks throughout the film and all you see is little Spike stroking the Mamba.  I’ll give it to Spike though, Mars Blackman Jordans and Mookie from Do the Right Thing, played a small part in all of our youths. Aside from that, shame, what a joke.

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Relax Lakers Fans

Lakers Rockets BasketballEveryone, just relax.  So the Rockets are taking them to a Game 7.  So the Rockets spanked them without Yao Ming or T- Mac. So, who cares.  I think everyone is forgetting what the Celtics did last year.  They went to a game 7 against both the Hawks and the Cavs, and a game six against Detroit. Everyone was saying “Oh, they don’t stand a chance against the Lakers; they can’t win on the road; they’re too soft.” We all know what happened next. I’m not saying the Lakers are cruising to the Finals, but they are gonna breeze past the Rockets. Sure it’s going to a “decisive” game 7 and “anything can happen.” I’ll give credit to  Houston, they put up a valiant effort but at the end of the day, they’re not gonna win in LA without Yao.  That’s it. It’s plain and simple. The game will be close in the first half.  The Lakers will pull away at the end of the third.  Artest will get kicked out.  Thanks for coming. I hear Cancun’s great at this time of the year.  Now Denver on the other hand, throw out my relaxation argument. These guys are stacked, hungry, and most importantly, HEALTHY. I’m not gonna get into the Western Conference Finals though. I’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.  In the meantime, enjoy Game 7, on Sunday. Here in LA, there’s nothing to worry about.

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knowyourroleListen Gibroni, no one can say it better than the Rock… Know your role! Know your role! Know your role! How, you ask is this a sports related issue? Well, I was role playing last night with my wife… no, that’s not it. On a serious note, I’ve been watching/playing a lot of basketball lately and I’ve noticed an unusual trend (aside from the fact that nobody like to play defense or pass the ball)… drumroll please… unclear roles.  Watching the NBA, playing pickup games, playing league games, many people seem to ignore reality and use the court as an escape into lalaland. You got guys that shouldn’t be dribbling wanting to play point guards, guys that shouldn’t be on the court not only playing, but taking outrageous shots. Why did the Celtics spank the Lakers last year in the finals? Because everyone knew their roles. This person’s a star, that person’s not, this person’s gonna get minutes and shots, this guy’s not. That’s it, fair and simple.  You’re a good player, you get PT.  You suck, you get bupkis. You didn’t see Leon Powe taking over games. You didn’t see Eddie House do more than he’s supposed to.

Q: What’s worse than a bad basketball player?

A: A person who sucks and doesn’t know.

For all the guys that wanna have fun and get some exercise, that’s great. Take it to the a local high school or black top where there are similar-class players.  Try the eliptical or the treadmill, it’s good cardio. If you insist on playing ball with guys that are better, fine. JUST DEFER. Don’t try to take over. Don’t try to show them up. You’re not better.  You’ll never be better.  Because while you might get lucky one day and hit a couple of shots, in the long run, you will cause a lot of grief and aggravation to both yourself and your teammates. Let the guys who can play, PLAY. If you’re playing in a league or tourney and let’s say father time or father skill has passed you by, accept it. Figure out how you can help your team, whether it be from the bench, (i.e. glorified cheerleader) or even spelling the stars for a couple of minutes.  Cause at the end of the day, ain’t no fun to lose.  And I don’t want to hear that it’s taking away from the fun of the game.  Everyone who ever plays a sport, plays to win. Bottom line. There is a silver lining though, depending on who you play with, your role can change.  I’ll give you a perfect example, ME. This weekend, played in an alumni tournament.  Guys on my team for the most part were subpar; my role – option 1 or 2. Contrast that with the days that I run with a bunch of younger guys; role change – defense, boards, set some picks, block some shots, when I’m on the court – option 4-5. You wanna become a better player, know your role, accept it.  Trust me, take it from someone who has been playing for over 20 years and has struggled with this very same issue.  The sooner you come to terms with it, the sooner you will become one…with basketball. WHO IS THIS ROODY-POO! (sorry, I had to end it with my favorite Rock quote).

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