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Dear Mr. A. Bynum;

Lakers Clippers BasketballFirst off, I would like to express my sincere apologies.  For what you ask-for doubting you.  For doubting your heart. For doubting your talent. For doubting your potential. I admit it, I cheated on you with Greg Oden. Yes, it’s true that I was the person that said “Oden WAS better than you.” I admit it, I was confused. I smokin’ some bad shit. It felt soooo good.  He [Oden] dropped 24 and 15 on the Nets. It just made things blurrier. But I never loved him.  He didn’t mean anything to me.  And then, without any warning, you dropped a nuke on my heart and the Clippers for that matter: 42 points, 15 rebounds and 2 blocks. GEEEEEZZZ!!! It doesn’t mattter that it was against the 9-32 Clippers.  And I’m sure it doesn’t matter that it was against a depleted Clippers’ team without Camby, Randolph and Kaman.  I mean, Brian Skinner and DeAndre Johnson are just as worthy of an opponent.  I seem to be going off in a tangent again.  I just wanted to say sorry for doubting you. Remember the good times we used to have. If there’s room, I’d love to puchase a pass on the Bynum Bandwagon. Maybe we could even hang together. What d’ya say Dru? I mean, Mr. Bynum. Hit me up sometime, my number’s listed. Did someone say M-V-P! M-V-P! M-V-P!



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Hell Has Frozen Over…

Suns Knicks BasketballThat’s the only way I can explain the Phoenix Suns’ loss to the New York Knicks.  Not only did they lose, but David Lee took a shit (excuse my language) on Amare Stoudemire. Let’s compare starting lineups: Suns have Nash, Shaq, Amare, Grant Hill and J-Rich while the Knicks have Chris Duhon, Jared Jeffries, Q-Rich, David Lee and Wilson Chandler? Who? What? HUH?  Something is wrong in Phoenix, and I might be mistaken but it all goes back to the Shawn Marion for Shaq trade. The Suns traded quickness and defense for 1/2 court offense and a lot of catchy phrases.  Then D’Antoni leaves in the offseason for $$$ in NY and to top it off, they trade Raja Bell and Boris Diaw for J-Richardson. This team still has talent but they’re going nowhere, fast. I hate to say it but they need an escape goat, a shake-up. Sorry Terry Porter, but this team is underachieving, BIG TIME and it’s all your fault.  The longer it takes for this team to gel, the older they get.  With 3 of their starting five over the age of 34, the biological clock for this Suns’ team is ticking fast. If you don’t agree, I’d love to hear your reason why the Suns are sucking it up.  And PLEASE, don’t tell me the Knicks are good.

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Welcome to the NBA Greg Oden

459017852_6d4723045bRemember this guy? Dare I say he’s back. I think? Anyway, it’s about freakin’ time.  I’m sick of defending Greg Oden to my friends.  I remembered him in college, tearing it up with a broken hand. Then came the NBA, landing on the injured list his rookie year, microfracture surgery.  Enter the ’08-09 season full of promises and dreams, and el stiffo has been nothing but a disappointment, showing flashes of brilliance every full moon or so.  Bynum or Oden, Oden or Bynum.  I stuck by Oden, even through the ridicule of all my peers.  And, as if someone has been listening to my prayers, bring on the fat chicks of the NBA, the slumpbusters, a.k.a. the New Jersey Nets.  Career high 24 points and career tying 15 rebounds.  Throw in 2 blocks and 2 steals and whala!!! Nice game.  Now if you’re reading this Mr. Oden, you can’t have another big game the next time a shitty team comes around.  You gotta play big every minute of every game, like maybe against the Cleveland Cavs on Wednesday. That’s the only way I’ll, I mean you’ll get the respect you deserve. We know you got it in you buddy, maybe your second year in the league might be a good time to show it? Nothing says “I’ve arrived” like back to back double doubles. I’d ask for a triple-double but that might be pushing it… Baby steps, baby steps.

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Hyperdunks: GANGSTA

2234151428_0c08c11f1dSo the new kicks already paid off dividends.  I’m at the local gym Saturday morning and I’m ballin’ fools up.  Now for those of you who don’t know me, at 6’1, 210 lbs, I play big. Beastin’ fools in the paint or the trenches as us big dogs like to call them.  Two possessions in a row, offensive rebound, put back AND ONE, they can’t stop me. Then I hear it from the fellas on the sideline, like music to my ears, “yo, that’s GANGSTA.”  Now I’ve been called many things on the court, anywhere from Duncan, to Garnett, even Ben Wallace (when he was good, though not to proud of that one).  Hell, I’ve even been asked what college I played for. Never been called “gangsta” on the court.  And I kinda like it. And I kinda owe it to the hyperdunks.  Because if I’m gangsta, the hyperdunks are my Tommygun. Don’t ask me if the hyperdunks (white/black white/black) were worth the $110 plus tax plus $8.00 shipping I paid for them – ask the guys who left the gym shaking their heads in disappointment.

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What the Hell Happened to Jermaine O’Neal?

ONeal Pacers BasketballJermaine O’Neal’s career has been a long journey.  Being drafted straight out of high school, many, including myself thought that it was a mistake for both him and the Blazers. Of course, I was right. His first four years in Portland were HEINOUS, averaging under 4 ppg and 3 rbds a game. Finally, he was traded to the Pacers where he tore it up, averaging a double double in points and boards.  When he was sent to Toronto this season, I thought to myself, now the Raptors are contenders in the East. With 2 dominant big men, they were a sure shot in my opinion to make a deep run. But I forgot that other thing that O’Neal brough with him.  Known to most as age.  At 30 years old, O’Neal hasn’t played over 70 games in a season since the 2003-2004 season.  I’m not saying he’s soft, but…  O’Neal has been nothing but disappointing.  They’re 16-26, in the cellar of the Atlantic Division, behind (hope you’re sitting) the New York Knicks. Now there’s talk of trading him to Miami for Shawn Marion? Great move for the Raps, but WHY for Miami? Are the Heat looking to get older and shittier?  They have a sick young core that is going to be dangerous in 2 years with B-Easely, Chalmers and Flash.  O’Neal is not the answer for them or ANY team for that matter. The only team he should be playing for is the disabled list.  Though, I can see the Clippers getting him. Why not, that’s where has been big men with large contracts go to die. As for the Raptors, 1 step forward, two steps back. I guess that’s what a team gets for making Jason Kapono a franchise player.

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Andruw Jones Draws First Walk As A Dodger

andruw_articleWell, technically, the Dodgers sent him on his way, (intentional walk?) and more technically, he ain’t no Dodger anymore. Good riddens… Probably going down as one of the biggest heists of all time, Andruw Jones’ Dodger career is over.  He signed a 2 year $36 million contract with LA in the winter of 2007.  1 season with the Dodgers, 3 home runs and 14 rbis in over 200 at bats. Oh yeah, that was worth it.  Now the Dodgers have to pay this crook $22 mill or so over the next 6 years.  Dodgers’ management, you gotta love ’em.  Between Darren Dreifort, Jason Schmidt, and Andrew Jones, can it get any worse?  Whoops, forgot about passing on Manuel Ramirez.  Good move.  Back to the cellar of the NL West. Damn it’s good to be home.

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Class Bully is About to Get Knuckleheaded!!!

clippers1Who would have ever thunk it, Darius Miles the “hot” topic in the league… Now, I use that term “hot” very loosely. This guy hasn’t made headlines until he was drafted 3rd by the Clippers in 2000. Since then, some injuries, some weed, some racial slurs and this guy has been shipped around the league.  Now he’s back, after suffering what most, especially the Blazers, thought was a career ending microfracture surgery. The Blazers released him and saved BIG on cap space, as long as noone resigned him.  I guess the Memphis Grizzlies don’t have email. It  seems that if Mr. Miles plays 1 more game, the Portland Trailblazers can take their “legal action” threat and stick it where the sun don’t shine… Good for teh Grizz for standing putting the interests of their team first. Now I was never a big fan of Darius Miles, let’s get that straight. From the moment he stepped into the league with the Clippers, he and his boys Quentin Richardson and Keyon Dooling were nothing but street ballers that didn’t play a lick of defense.  Miles never developed into, well, anything.  All he could do is dunk the ball. No outside shot.  No inside game.  And at 6’9, 235 lbs, this anorexic basketball player learned quickly that without muscle, them injuries are a comin’.  Now, the Portland Trail Blazers are on the hook, monetarily of course, if he plays 1 more game.  Tonight, Miles went off for a whopping 13 points in 14 minutes. Look, let me not be too negative. That’s not too bad, it’s actually pretty good.  He did once drop 49 in one night, god only knows how. The guy has had a tough time coming back. Maybe he’ll change his Snoop Dogg attitude this time and contribute to this young Grizzlies’ team on and off the court.  Then again, if I’m Grizzlies’ management, I don’t want this guy coming close to my young and impressionable nucleus (Mayo, Gasol, Lowrie, Gay, etc.) But on Friday, when he enters the game against the Jazz, it’s all but over for the Portland Trail Blazers and any chance of a big offseason acquisition.  Looks like it’ll be the Oden/Roy combo, or as most like to call it, Roy/Roy combo for a couple more years.

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Lock of the Week

9468150fc4fb2010It’s been a while since the last lock.  I know many of you are lost without my picks. But I had to do it…for you of course.  I wasn’t seeing straight.  I couldn’t eat.  I couldn’t work.  But after taking a few weeks out and tinkering around with my delivery, I’m back, just in time for the AFC/NFC Championship with not just 1, but 2 locks of the week. Go ahead, parlay it. Let’s start with the Eagles -3.5 at the Cardinals, battle of the birds.  Now you tell me, if an Eagle and a Cardinal duked it out, who would win?  That’s why I’m taking fe803f39e0e1f146the Eagles (just kidding). No, I’m really taking the Eagles, but for a different reason.  This team is on a mission.  Plus they have one thing that the Cards don’t, a little thing called DEFENSE. Game two is a good old fashion battle in the Baltimore Ravens at the Pittsburgh Steelers, with the home team favored by 6.  Now I do think that the Steelers are going to win, but 6 is too much for Ray Lewis and company.  This game is going to end on a last minute field goal…

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Hyperdunks: Gooder than Good…

vince20carter20olympic20dunk4gThis will probably be the last article I do on these shoes, but I had to give a shoutout.  My new pair of kicks, Nike Hyperdunks white/black white/black, arrived yesterday.  Left on the doorstep, I was sure that they were going to get jacked before I came home from work.  The hardcore streets of Glendale are no joke. Unfortunately for my opponents though, they were there.  Straight to the gym, and these shoes felt like a million bucks as soon.  I slipped in my size 12s and I was walking on air. That’s right, size 12, 6’1, 205+ lbs.   I’m not saying that the shoes gave me extra hops or took me to a different level, but… Maybe it’s the level of confidence? Maybe it’s the extra ankle support or the aerodynamics of the shoe? The looks?  Maybe it’s bullshit?  I think it’s superficial and mental.  I mean, image is a big everythin right?  I’m down either way.  The sickest looking shoes I’ve seen in ages let alone on the court.  Anything that can improve my game deserves a shot. Now I promise not to turn this into a daily log of my Nikes, but if you got the extra cash, $110 to be exact, these are the kicks for you. Luckily there was a spectator at the gym taking a picture of me. People are always mixing me up with Vince Carter… Don’t know why though?

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andrew-bynumYes.  So far, so good.  That’s what I’m labeling him. Last year, everybody was chanting that Bynum is solid.  Bynum is dominating. Bynum is the next Shaq, no, no, better than Shaq.  Well, I’m coming out and saying it, he’s a freakin’ bust. I’m not saying he sucks.  He’s just not that superstar that everyone (except me) thought he was/is going to be.  He’s a dunker, that’s it.  But the worst kind too, one that can’t bang on someone.  Last year when he was piling up his “career” stats before he got injured, most people didn’t realize where he got his points from.  Not from a sexy drop step or a fadeway J ala Hakeem the Dream or even a hook shot.  How ’bout Kobe drives and Kobe dishes? Kobe commanding a double/triple team, leaving Bynum open…for a dunk. Heck, he’s the fourth option, at best on the team today.  He doesn’t get playing time during minutes that count.  He’s usually on the bench sulking and has even resorted to complain in public. I’ll give him credit, he gathers a bunch of boards, but at 10 points a game, a superstar he ain’t. I had a discussion with a friend the other day about who’s better, him or Greg Oden. I truly think Oden has greater upside. At least he tore it up in college and will hopefully return to form. The new debate between these two will be who’s buster, Bynum or Oden? I hope these stiffs prove me wrong. Or else we’ll be forgetting about the Sam Bowie debacle.

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