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Deja vu all over again…Los Angeles Lakers blew another 4th quarter lead tonight, just like they did in game 2.  Instead of being up 3 games to 1, the Lakers just kissed their season and hopes of a Championship… GOODBYE.  I blame Kobe for game 2’s loss.  I blame the team for this one.  Changing of the guard, well that happened last year when the Lake Show got swept by Dallas. This was just a reminder for all those Angelinos that thought that the Lakers were going to pull this series out.  There’s something toxic, cancerous about this Lakers team. It reminds me of Shaq’s last year.  Andrew Bynum was dominating the 1st half. 2nd half, M.I.A.  Blame the others for not getting the ball to him. Blame Bynum for not getting open. Blame Mike Brown for not drawing up plays for Bynum.  Pau Gasol, I’m done defending this guy. Step aside Dirk Nowitzki, here’s the posterboy for softness.  Ramon Session, disappointing is all I can say. Lakers bench, what bench? Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant… Too many errors, too many mistakes, too many bad shots too, too many turnovers. How easy was it for Westbrook and Durant to score? GEEZ, James Harden looked like a superstar. The Lakers are gonna get blasted next game.  I promise you that they will lose by double digits. As for the offseason, now would be the time for Jimbo Buss to make a name for himself.  Put everyone on the block.  Get some heart on this team. To have 3 all-stars on 1 team and no get past the second round for the 2nd year in a row is a joke. If this same team returns next year, you can expect another playoff torching.  Buss should call Sterling and maybe join the two teams.

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Believe it or not bingo is a game that can be adapted for just about any purpose. Most of us are familiar with the home version of the game we played as kids. Believe it or not the game has been adapted for some adult purposes. Sports fans can find free printable bingo cards online that contain several ‘prop bet’ items. For those that don’t know, a prop (or proposition) bet is an exotic or side bet. Examples could include betting on which team scores first in a game, which player will score the most points, which team will score first and many other sports prop bets. In 2009, one enterprising sports fan created an NBA Finals bingo card with some very interesting and amusing prop bets like “Rashard Lewis speaks” and “Dwight Howard goaltends a shot that had no chance to go in.”

Anyone can easily create their own sports bingo game. This year’s baseball season should provide plenty of fodder for enterprising baseball fans. The NBA playoffs should also provide plenty of material for sports fans during the playoffs. Most people design these games to be played by several people while watching a game or sporting event. The recent Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia would have provided plenty of material to Tiger Woods fans. The game stakes could be just about anything. Players could win money, take a drink when they mark a square, the possibilities are endless.

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Finally, 33 games and 139 at bats later… Albert Pujols, el hombre, tees off for a  2 run blast.  I’ve been waiting months for this.  Was Pujols older than 32? Was Pujols cycling of roids? Was Pujols just feeling the pressure of a $240 million contract?  So many unanswered questions, so many conspiracy theories.  I’m glad for the big guy.  The first one is always hard to get. But he still has a difficult road ahead him.  He needs to hit 30+ homers this season.  He needs raise his batting average from… gulp, .196. He needs to raise his slugging and on base percentages.  Draw a few more walks.  Take the Angels to the promised land (and I’m not just talking about the playoffs). But for now, let’s let Pujols and the Angels enjoy this.  I gotta feeling that he’s about to get back on track. By the way, nice gag by Tori Hunter and the fellas heading into the clubhouse while Pujols is rounding the bases.

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Cinco De Mayo… Churchill Downs… 5 p.m. eastern… the granddaddy of them all, that’s right folks, the KENTUCKY DERBY!!!  For the ladies, time to whip out the Derby hats and for the men, time to place your bets.  And if you’re looking for a site that’ll take your bets, head over to Doc’s Sports.  They’re offering a no obligation $60 in free Kentucky Derby picks. Bodemeister is the favorite right now at 4-1. But then again, when was the last time that a favorite won the Derby? Five of the 21 horses are coming in a 50-1.  While its a LONGshot for any of them to win, or even show (that’s coming in the top 3), how awesome would it be to put a couple bucks on a 50-1 winner?  Only one way to find out.  Doc’s Sports is waiting.



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Los Angeles Lakers Keep Rolling

If you thought that the Lakers just didn’t have enough this year to compete, you weren’t the only one.  Then something happened: they traded for pg in Ramon Sessions, got PF Jordan Hill, dumped the crap off their payroll (i.e. Luke Walton and Jason Kapono) and then willed their way to 3rd place in the West.  Now they’ve beaten the Denver Nuggets twice…handily and are on their way to Denver to steal at least one of the next two games.  The Lakers are the only team with 2 legitimate 7 footers that can go drop 20+ points and grab 10+ boards a game.  We all know about Kobe.  Their only glaring weakness is the bench.  I’m concerned about Ron, I mean Metta World Idiot coming back and ruining their flow. Wish the league suspended him for the entire playoffs. 

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