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Today, head coach, or shall I say ex Brad Childress was “let go” by the Minnesota Vikings.  I have 2 words for the Vikings organization… TOO LATE.  After being waxed at home by the rival Packers, the Vikings have sunk to 3rd place in their division with an ugly 3-7 record.  They are 1 game ahead of the Lions and 4 games behind both the Pack and the Bears.  Why wasn’t this move made 1 month ago, when they could’ve salvaged their season?  Their wins have come against the Cowboys, Lions, and Cardinals.  Who would’ve thought that the Brett Favre of last year would turn into a pumpkin this year.  That’s karma for Brett and the Vikings.  Brett should have come to training camp this year.  He has been out of sync with his receivers all year.  Chilly and the Vikes should’ve never bent over for Brett.  They sent players to recruit him sent the head coach to the airport to pick him up.  Are you kidding me? The Vikings forgot that their most important player wasn’t Favre, rather it was Adrian Peterson.  Now they’ve wasted this year, AP’s legs and any chance to make the Superbowl in a weak NFC. Good luck Chilly, I’m sure you’ll find a job somewhere, just not as a head coach.

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Just when you thought that Randy Moss would take a team to the next level…BOOM! Wrong again.  They didn’t need him in New England after he kept mouthing off about his contract.  He turned the Minnesota Vikings into a bigger circus, if that’s even possible.  Then they released him too.  And now in his debut with the Titans, they lose to the hapless Miami Dolphins.  Sure, the Titans didn’t have Vince Young and Kerry Collins got injured in the game but they still had enough fire power to win this games.  I’m a big believer in team chemistry and locker room cancers.  Randy Moss is about to join the Terrell Owens club of “plenty of talent, but no takers…”  There is no specific event that triggered Moss’ fall from grace. He wasn’t happy in Minnesota when they had Chris Carter and Dante Culpepper.  He wasn’t happy in Oakland (understandably so). He barked up the wrong tree in New England and got traded for a measly mid-round draft pick.  He couldn’t get it together in Minnesota and now this.  I got a feeling that Jeff Fisher is going to regret this decision in a few weeks.  Moss is a sure fire hall-of-famer but his reputation is being tarnished.  It’s a good thing this is the MLB where players are judged on their character along with their stats.  Look what happened to Albert Bell. Stay tuned next week for the continuation of this soap opera, the saga continues.

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Randy Moss: Home Sweet Home

Randy Moss was traded from the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings.  GREAT trade for the Vikings.  With Sidney Rice out, the Vikings were struggling with their passing game.  We all know Brett Favre has had a huge crush on Randy.  Now he has him.  Now he has to get the ball to him or else face the same wrath that Daunte Culpepper, Tom Brady and Jamarcus Russell felt when they didn’t get the ball to him. Make no mistake that Randy Moss is a diva.  But he will make the Vikings INSTANT superbowl favorites in the NFC.  Brett Favre, Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson… WOW!

As for the New England Patriots, a 3rd round pick?  They could’ve gotten more but don’t think that this wasn’t done for a purpose. Belichek traded Moss just in time for the Vikings’ Monday Night showdown with the Jets.  He basically traded Moss for a Jets loss.  His offense will suffer though.  The Pats dismal running game will suffer, as will Wes Welkers’ numbers.  Moss is one of the players you have to scheme your defense around.  Moss was too big for the Pats and this move is gonna hurt them in the long run.  Moss still has some years left in him and if I was Tom Brady, I’d be pissed.  I don’t want to say they’re throwing the towel in but after trading away pass-rusher deluxe Richard Seymour last year, I’m not sure where this organization is headed.

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Could the NY Jets be the real deal? I hate to say it, let alone think of it.  I’m not gonna crown ’em yet. Sure Mark Sanchez is proving Pete Carroll and all the naysayers wrong.  He makes plays when his team needs them and rarely makes mistakes.  Ladanian Tomlinson appears to have drank from the fountain of youth because on Sunday against the Bills he decided to reel off 133 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns. Braylon Edwars, since his little D.U.I. incident a few weeks ago, is averaging 86 yards and 1 td in the last two games. They lost their first game of the season to the Ravens.  They’ve won 3 straight since including games against rivals Patriots and Dolphins.  Now if they beat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night, I might start jumping on the bandwagon.  If there’s 1 high profile game you wanna watch next weekend, it’s this one.  Witness a star quarterback in the making. How does that chant go? J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS?!?!?!

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Viking Not Who We Think They Are!

With Brett Favre coming back to the Minnesota Vikings in true dramatic Favre style, everyone thought that they were going to be a shoe-in for the Superbowl.  Ummmm…. think again.  This team has a couple holes to fill and that hole got deeper today with the loss of their #1 pro-bowl receiver Sidney Rice who’s going to be out for half the season.  Enter the highly touted Percy Harvin to take his place.  We all saw what happened to Brett over the weekend when he got knocked to the ground by the 49ers defense.  My suggestion, the Viking go back to what got them here in the first place, one Adrian Peterson.  Remember this guy, the best running back in the league for the past couple of years?  The Vikings need to start feeding him the ball to open up the passing game.  Brett certainly hurt the team by not coming in early for training camp and is frankly messing with the team’s mojo. First game of the season will be at the reigning champion New Orleans Saints.  The Saints are 4.5 point favorites and I LOVE that line.

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With the NFL season about to start, it’s time to pick my Superbowl favorites. But first we have to differentiate from the pretenders I’m not going to analyze every team but there are some out there that people need to get over.  The NY Jets for example are one.  Having been a USC fan for ever, I can tell you New Yorkers that the Mark Sanchez you saw last year isn’t going to get better. They got hot and lucky at the end of the season and made a respectable run in the playoffs. But if you want my opinion, they won’t even make the playoffs this year.  The Vikings are another team that will end up with a disappointing season.  Even if Brett Farve comes back, there’s no way he’s gonna play better than he did last year.  Assuming he doesn’t get too banged up in the regular season, I have a feeling that the Vikes aren’t going to be that offensive juggernaut they were in 2009.  Everyone’s picking the Cowboys to go all the way this year.  Clearly they haven’t realized that their #1 WR Roy Williams is an overrated diva.  Marion Barber has taken a beating over the years and it showed last year.  Their quarterback Tony Romo is a B+ at best and their coach, Wade Phillips is a joke. As for the rest: the Falcons and Ravens(not there yet), Chargers and Patriots (window closing fast), and the Steelers (too many off-field issues).

I hate to be THAT guy, but I love the Colts and the Saints to repeat.  Hear me out. The only thing both teams have done over the offseason is get healthier.  All the offensive weapons are there.  Each team has the best quarterback in their respective conferences.  Both teams play in the dirty South  where they’ll be able to rack up some easy wins and gain home field throughout the playoffs. I do have one sleeper pick, the Green Bay Packers.  I have to acknowledge my mancrush on QB Aaron Rogers.  He’s quickly become one of the smartest and accurate passers in the game.  The key to winning in this league is a stud at the helm.  A solid defense is huge, but look at the last few Superbowl winners: all quarterbacks at the top of their respective games.

NFL season is right around the corner and for those of you who gamble on football spreads, there’s no better time.  Aside from Monday Night Football, the games are all on Sunday giving you all week to research and prep for your “locks.” While there are thousands of online gambling sites, one of my favorites is PointSpread.com.  They even have preseason spreads just in case you can’t wait till the regular season kicks off in September. Are you ready for the football?!?!?

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Brett Favre is allegedly calling it quits.  There is no confirmation yet, other than some alleged inside sources and text messages to teammates.  I’ve been the hardest Favre critic in the past, for letting his team hang until the last minute and not making his decision early.  Are you quitting or staying? If the team needs to go to camp, that means EVERYONE has to.  But today, I took a step back and re-evaluated my stance.  I was watching ESPN and someone mentioned that father-time has taken a toll on Brett’s body and as we all know, father time never loses a fight.  Now the reason that this struck home was that I too have been put in a similar position.  I tore my ACL recently (2nd time) and had surgery about 6 weeks ago.  The doctors have informed me that I can’t resume playing bball ’till the end of the year.  I’m not claiming that I’m a pro, but basketball is my first love.  The thought of never playing again is frightening.  But the thought of re-injuring the knee is worse. There’s not a day that goes by that I flip flop between playing and calling it quits.  Now imagine someone who plays at a level of Brett.  A future hall of famer, playing in front of thousands of people, let alone millions on TV.  Of course this guy is going to have a hard time making this decision.  I’m sure if he wasn’t hurting, he would be back already.  Remember, this guy has started in 309 consecutive games, an NFL records.  That’s 300 games as a quarterback, a position where you’re constantly getting knocked down and/or chased around. The only position that touches the ball EVERY offensive possession. So let’s cut the guy a break, it’s tough to say goodbye.  And while the gunslinger has done this twice before, we all know that the league and the Vikings would be better off with this guy in the league.

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LOCK of the Week

OK, OK, so I didn’t come through for you guys last week.  NO, actually you know what, the Patriots didn’t come through for you guys last week. Yeah, Bill Belichik didn’t come for through for us.  Tom Brady failed us again. Yeah, so did Giselle Bunchin…mmmm.  Giselle…  Me, well, I’m 6-4 on the season, still not too shabby, still on the plus.  Been doing a lot of sould searching this past week.  A lot of wondering what went wrong in my life, where I went wrong.  But that’s a different article for a different blog. Ready for this week’s pick/lock, here goes nothing… Minnesota Vikings at the Jacksonville Jaguars -2.  Take the Jags and the points. The Vikes are in the thick of a playoff spot with a WHOPPING 5-5 record. The Jags on the other hand, are already playing for next year.  So why would you take the Jags you ask? Don’t be fooled. 5 of 6 of the Jags’ losses are by 7 points or less.  These guys just have problems finishing games. The Jags are stacked with talent. Throw in the fact that this is a home game and you got yourself a “LOCK of the Week.”

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Dream Year Gets Better for Vikings RB Adrian Peterson

adrian peterson onthebuzzer.comFirst he breaks the single game rushing season in his rookie year. Second, it looks like his team is headed to the playoffs. Third, he’s the leading rusher in the NFC, third in the NFL after missing 2 games because of a sore knee. And finally fourth, he’s named starting running back for the NFC and their pro-bowl roster. What a year. You think the teams that passed up on him feel stupid? Well if they haven’t yet, now would be a good time. The Minnesota Vikings control their own playoff destiny and have to beat Washington at home and then head to Denver for the finale. Their quarterback is peaking at the right time and their coach has wised up to the fact that he has the best running back in the league. I’m not saying their gonna beat the Patriots, but with a two headed monster of Peterson and Chester Taylor, don’t be surprised if this team is representing the NFC in the Superbowl. By the way, add a fifth as this guy is a shoe-in to win the rookie of the year award.

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All Day Adrian Peterson

onthebuzzer.com apInjury, shminjury. Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson returned from his knee injury on Sunday, on route to 116 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns. Not bad for an encore performance. You think this guy can persevere through injuries? He’s the real deal and the Vikings and any fantasy owners should be thankful that they landed this guy. This kids gonna be a top 5 pick next year in any fantasy draft.  He’s also making all those NFL teams that passed up on him regret it. I wonder if the Raiders, Lions, Bucs, Browns, Cardinals or Redskins feel stupid every time he scores a touchdown, or every time he eclipses the 100 yard mark?

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