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super-bowl-xlviii-preview-seattle-seahawks-denver-broncosSuperbowl times folks.  I gotta be honest with you, this is the first Superbowl where I kinda like both teams.  I was just happy to see both the 49ers and the Patriots lose.  I like Russell Wilson of the Seahawks, as he’s a class act.  And I know if Pete Carrol wins a Superbowl, Jim Harbaugh is gonna commit suicide.  On the other hand, Peyton Manning is the best quarterback ever and with a win in 2 weeks, he will cement his place a top the list of greatest all time. Imagine how much Bill Belichek is gonna hurt if Wes Welker wins another ring, especially after Billy had him in the doghouse last year. Either way, looks like a good matchup. Oddsmakers have Denver at -2.5 (that’s a 2.5 points favorite for you rookies) and my gut is telling me that Denver’s gonna take it.  Seattle hasn’t earned its bones yet and after watching them again the 49ers, they seem to inconsistent on offense and frankly a bit nervous.  The line will probably move 1 point by the end of next week so you might want to jump on the Broncos now.  Either way,, should be a great game in shitty weather. Too bad my Chiefs choked away a 9-0 season and a 28 point lead against the Colts in the opening round.

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eric-fisher-chiefsThis could be quite possibly the most boring NFL draft EVER! And the funniest part of it all is that I’m a Kansas City Chiefs’ fan.  Don’t get me wrong, I know most games are won in the trenches, but how can you have an NFL draft without a stud? Where are the RGIIIs, the Andrew Lucks, the Cam Newtons? How about an Elway or Marino?  For the first time in a long time, the Chiefs “won” the first pick in the draft and you’re coming at me with an ERIC FISCHER from Central Michigan? I hear the mid-American conference is a tough one.  Now if Fisher turns into an Orlando Pace, you can throw it in my face, but geez, quite possibly the most boring draft ever. I guess I gotta entertain myself with “I wonder how low Mantei Teo will fall?” and Roger Goodell’s “big homie” hugs!

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Super BowlIf you haven’t placed a wager on the many Superbowl odds and prop bets so far, you’re probably the only person in the WORLD!!! Go to Docsports right now, and that’s an order. This is probably the most interesting game in ages.  You have the aging Baltimore Ravens trying to “win one for Ray” and the San Franciscoe 49ers trying to “just win one.” My heart wants the Ravens to win but my gut is telling me the Niners are going to blow them out.  San Francisco is favored by 4 points and even though that line has fluctuated between 4.5 and 3.5 over the last 2 weeks, I think it’s not even gonna be close.  The 49ers are putting up big points and I don’t think the Ravens office has enough mojo to hang with them.  So head over to Docsports and take the 49ers with the points, take the over, and thank me in the morning. Enjoy the game!!!

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NFL season is well under way. Heading into week 9, we pretty much have an idea of which teams are good and which teams suck.  For example, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars… SUCK! Atlanta Falcons, NY Giants and Green Bay Packers… GOOD! For all of you out there that like to bet on NFL Football, I have a lock for you this week. Sunday Night Football, Dallas Cowboys against the Atlanta Falcons, in Atlanta.  The Falcons are favored by a measly 4.5 points.  The Falcons, as many of you already know, are 7-0 this year. They have a top 5 quarterback in Matt Ryan, top 5 running back in Michael Turner, a top tier tight end in Tony Gonzalez and top tier wide receivers in Julio Jones and Roddy White. They’re defense isn’t as great but are ranked 10th in passing. Fortunately for them, the Dallas Cowboys are coming to town.  The same ‘boys who are ranked 28th in the league in rushing. They have an overrated quarterback in Tony Romo, no running game, a diva WR in Dez Bryant and an aging defense.  Now its time for you to cash in on this.  Take the birds, put the house on it… Thank me Monday morning.

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Miami Heat concluded their season today with a parade in South Beach.  Lebron’s first title, and probably not his last.  I’m not saying that he’ll get to 7 or 8 rings but my guess is that he’ll end his season with about 4. Dwayne Wade’s on the down of his career.  Mike Miller will never play like he did in game 6. Shane Battier still has some fight left in him.  Chris Bosh still has it. Mario Chalmers surprised me with his play. Nevertheless, they’re gonna have to face a Derrick Rose and his Bulls, a season Kevin Durant and the Thunder, and dare I say, the Clippers? Okay, wishful thinking with that last one but tell me that with a healthy Chauncey Billups and a Clipper squad that has 1 year under its belt, these guys aren’t gonna make some serious noise next year? Anyway, with the NBA season officially over, time to head into the dog days of summer and the country’s official pastime, baseball.  Yawn…

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Believe it or not bingo is a game that can be adapted for just about any purpose. Most of us are familiar with the home version of the game we played as kids. Believe it or not the game has been adapted for some adult purposes. Sports fans can find free printable bingo cards online that contain several ‘prop bet’ items. For those that don’t know, a prop (or proposition) bet is an exotic or side bet. Examples could include betting on which team scores first in a game, which player will score the most points, which team will score first and many other sports prop bets. In 2009, one enterprising sports fan created an NBA Finals bingo card with some very interesting and amusing prop bets like “Rashard Lewis speaks” and “Dwight Howard goaltends a shot that had no chance to go in.”

Anyone can easily create their own sports bingo game. This year’s baseball season should provide plenty of fodder for enterprising baseball fans. The NBA playoffs should also provide plenty of material for sports fans during the playoffs. Most people design these games to be played by several people while watching a game or sporting event. The recent Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia would have provided plenty of material to Tiger Woods fans. The game stakes could be just about anything. Players could win money, take a drink when they mark a square, the possibilities are endless.

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Cinco De Mayo… Churchill Downs… 5 p.m. eastern… the granddaddy of them all, that’s right folks, the KENTUCKY DERBY!!!  For the ladies, time to whip out the Derby hats and for the men, time to place your bets.  And if you’re looking for a site that’ll take your bets, head over to Doc’s Sports.  They’re offering a no obligation $60 in free Kentucky Derby picks. Bodemeister is the favorite right now at 4-1. But then again, when was the last time that a favorite won the Derby? Five of the 21 horses are coming in a 50-1.  While its a LONGshot for any of them to win, or even show (that’s coming in the top 3), how awesome would it be to put a couple bucks on a 50-1 winner?  Only one way to find out.  Doc’s Sports is waiting.



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Will The Celtics Make A Big Trade?

The Boston Celtics have the look of a team that needs to make a major trade to turn things around. The Celtics started the season slowly losing eight of their first twelve games but they turned things around winning 10 of 12. The wheels have come off again though as Boston went into the game against Oklahoma City having lost six of seven. It may not get any better in NBA betting action for the Celtics in the near future.

The Celtics have the look of an old team that needs to make a big trade to shake things up. Boston general manager Danny Ainge has said that he is willing to break up the big three of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce but it could be that trading Rajon Rondo is the best option. Ainge is not willing to pull the trigger yet though.

The Celtics would like to build around Rondo but their point guard hasn’t shown the maturity or consistency that gives Boston a lot of confidence. He was recently suspended two games by the NBA for his antics on the court. Rondo threw the ball at a referee after not getting a foul call in Boston’s loss to the Detroit Pistons.

Boston will likely make the playoffs this season but finishing 7th or 8th in the Eastern Conference is almost as bad as missing the playoffs because a first round exit against either Miami or Chicago awaits. Will the Celtics make a major deal before the March 15th trading deadline? Looking at the numbers it seems inevitable that Ainge will have to do something. The Celtics are attempting the fewest shots in the NBA this season. The Big Three of Garnett, Allen and Pierce still have their moments but far too often they look old and slow. Rondo is the one player who can make the Celtics into a contender but he is also the one player who would bring in some talented players to Boston if he was traded. Rondo is averaging 14.8 points per game this season along with 9.5 assists, 4.9 rebounds and 1.6 steals per game. Those are definitely solid numbers but they are not the number of a franchise player.

The next few weeks in NBA betting action will be very interesting as teams like Boston decide whether to make a big trade to improve their playoff hopes.

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Well, it’s a rematch from a few years back and everyone’s been sucking Eli Manning’s you know what since he’s won all his games on the road and since he beat Tom Brady and his Pats in the regular season and it the previous Superbowl.  Before I tell you who I know is going to win, I want to put to rest one issue.  That being whether or not Eli has passed Peyton Manning on who the better quarterback is.  Let me tell you something, Peyton is hands down the best quarterback in the family.  If Peyton Manning had the defense that Eli Manning had, Peyton would have won 4 Superbowls.  Don’t come at me with Dwight Freeney. The Giants have had the best front 4 in the league for at least 4 years.  They have a running game which Peyton never had.  OK, time to move on to the big game.  Picking this one is easy.  The rule is that if you beat a team in the regular season, you lose to them in the playoffs.  Hence, the Pats will take this.  Look for G-men to be overconfident and get lit up early by Tom and his merry band of men.  I know that Pats have a worse defense but their running game has picked up recently and we all know that Tom Brady is, well, Tom Brady. Not that much insight in this article but I’m telling you, take the Pats.  Watch the game at home or even head out to the game. Surprisingly enough, it’s not sold out.

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With The First Pick, the Indianapolis Colts Take…

That’s right, folks, the Colts are officially on the clock. Although, they don’t need to look further than Stanford’s Andrew Luck. Don’t get me wrong, I love Peyton Manning. Drafting Luck is no disrespect to Manning. Manning is 35 years old. He will be 36 before the 2012 season begins. At best, he has 3 PRIME years remaining, and that’s if he is fully recovered from his neck injury. I have no problems with Luck sitting on the bench for a couple of years and taking notes form the best quarterback to ever play the game. Aaron Rogers watched Brett Favre. Carson Palmer watched Jon Kitna. Tom Brady watched Drew Bledsoe. The list goes on. Throwing a rookie quarterback into the fire has proven to be a mistake. Look at all the past qbs that have been disappointments: Jamarcus Russell, Vince Young, Akili Sith, Cade McCown. This past year has been an anomaly. The successes of Ponder, Dalton and Super Cam is something I’ve never seen. Nevertheless, you’re going to hear a lot of jibberish about the Colts taking Luck. They shouldn’t taken Robert Griffin. They shouldn’t draft a running back. They shouldn’t draft defense. They shouldn’t trade their pick. Draft the kid, let him sit for a couple of years. Luckily for us, we still have a month of playoffs, upsets, and the Superbowl coming up.  If you’re team is still in the hunt, don’t watch them from your couch.  Take you son, your buddy, your wife, or just go yourself and support them live.

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