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eric-fisher-chiefsThis could be quite possibly the most boring NFL draft EVER! And the funniest part of it all is that I’m a Kansas City Chiefs’ fan.  Don’t get me wrong, I know most games are won in the trenches, but how can you have an NFL draft without a stud? Where are the RGIIIs, the Andrew Lucks, the Cam Newtons? How about an Elway or Marino?  For the first time in a long time, the Chiefs “won” the first pick in the draft and you’re coming at me with an ERIC FISCHER from Central Michigan? I hear the mid-American conference is a tough one.  Now if Fisher turns into an Orlando Pace, you can throw it in my face, but geez, quite possibly the most boring draft ever. I guess I gotta entertain myself with “I wonder how low Mantei Teo will fall?” and Roger Goodell’s “big homie” hugs!

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NFL season is well under way. Heading into week 9, we pretty much have an idea of which teams are good and which teams suck.  For example, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars… SUCK! Atlanta Falcons, NY Giants and Green Bay Packers… GOOD! For all of you out there that like to bet on NFL Football, I have a lock for you this week. Sunday Night Football, Dallas Cowboys against the Atlanta Falcons, in Atlanta.  The Falcons are favored by a measly 4.5 points.  The Falcons, as many of you already know, are 7-0 this year. They have a top 5 quarterback in Matt Ryan, top 5 running back in Michael Turner, a top tier tight end in Tony Gonzalez and top tier wide receivers in Julio Jones and Roddy White. They’re defense isn’t as great but are ranked 10th in passing. Fortunately for them, the Dallas Cowboys are coming to town.  The same ‘boys who are ranked 28th in the league in rushing. They have an overrated quarterback in Tony Romo, no running game, a diva WR in Dez Bryant and an aging defense.  Now its time for you to cash in on this.  Take the birds, put the house on it… Thank me Monday morning.

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I will preface this article by saying that I’m a Kansas City Chief fan. With that said, how the heck to the Green Bay Packers lose to the Chiefs?  13-1 Packers against 6-8 Chiefs? Packers with pretty much all their starters against the Chiefs with a quarterback that just joined the team 2 weeks ago? I don’t understand. The Packers have been destroying most teams every week.  They had gone through the tough part of their schedule and had  one away game left on their schedule, at Arrowhead.  Trap game?  Not sure if you can call it that.  I can call it playing down to the level of your competition.  A lot of dropped balls by the WR corp.  Having watched sports for many, many moons, I’ve learned that no matter who you are playing, if you enter the 4th quarter with a close game when you should be up by a lot, all bets are off.  Pride kicks in? Ask the Trojans a few years ago when the Bruins ruined their National title  hopes.  This was going to be a perfect season for the Packers, capped off by a Superbowl victory.  Hasn’t been done since those wretched Dolphins.  Now we have to hear about how Mercury Morris and his cronies popped a bottle of champagne.  Tom Brady and his bunch could’ve done it a few years ago but Eli and company took him down.  Great win for the Chiefs though.  Not sure why they can’t play like this every week?  The problem with this win is that it will probably get interim coach Romeo Cronell the job, which is not what the Chiefs need.  Oh well, it is nice to play spoiler though.


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Christmas came a day late for me this year.  The Charger’s loss to the Bengals coupled with the Chiefs win against the Titans gave teh Chiefs the AFC West title and the Chargers, a one-way ticket to the no-man’s land.  There’s nothing more that I love to see than the Charger’s demise. For the past 2 weeks, every NFL analyst has picked the Chargers to make their typical late season push into the playoffs eventhough they were in 2nd place in the division.  Well suck it!  The only reason the Chargers beat the Chiefs (and when I say beat, I mean BEAT) was because the Chiefs didn’t have their quarterback Matt Cassell.  Now he’s back and hasn’t missed a beat.  Dwayne Bowe is playing like the stud he is and Jamaal Charles is shining.  Can someone start the Matt Cassell for MVP chant? As for the Chargers, looks like another clutch interception by Philip Rivers.  How you lose to the Bengals without T.O. is a shock to me.  Carson Palmer played like his senior year at USC again. I’m guessing that Norv Turner won’t be there when next season starts.  If he is, you can expect another disappointing season in 2011. Kudos to head coach Todd Haley, coach of the year for turning this 5 win team around.  How about Charlie Weiss? After getting kicked out of Notre Dame, he’s re-establishing himself as an NFL genius. As for this Chiefs’ fan, it’s off to the post-season, and man does Matt Cassell beat Elvis Grbac and/or Steve Bono.

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OK, week 3 of the NFL is coming to a close and the questions are  being asked, who’s the worst team in the league.  There are five teams in the league that are currently winless (Rams, Lions, Chiefs, Texans, Bengals). Looking at these 5 teams, some have injury problems, some have bad luck, and some are just plain bad run franchises, which leads me direclty to the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Chiefs, how should I put this… are garbage.  They haven’t had a legit quarterback in years and refuse to sign any vets.  They have a decent receiving corp., with Bowe, but Gonzales is getting old. Their running back is a crybaby and overrated.  Their defensive and offensive lines…horrible.  I know, I sound frustrated. But I need to vent. See, I’m a Chiefs’ fan. I’ve been watching these guys be the doormat of the AFC West, let alone the AFC.  They never get a top pick. They rarely get into the playoffs, and when they do sneak in, they get bounced in the first round.  The Arrowhead faithful deserve better. I deserve better.  See, I know what the problem is.  Chiefs fans are thinking it, but are afraid to say it. But ONTHEBUZZER fears no one: FIRE HERM EDWARDS!!! FIRE HERM EDWARDS!!! FIRE HERM EDWARDS!!! When the Chiefs first hired this guy, I thought to myself, awesome, a tough, smashmouth type head coach that’ll punch you in the face if you cross him.  Maybe it would rub off on the team.  What did we get instead?  A head coach who has a win-loss record of 13-22.  A coach that couldn’t concoct a successful offensive scheme against a junior varsity team.  A head coach who doens’t know how to maximize the talent of Dwayne Bowe, Tony Gonzales and Larry Johnson. A head coach who’s only contriution to the league is a funny sound clip given as a Jet Coach. With Edwards leagin the helm, the Chiefs are going nowhere. With that said, the award of worst team in 2008 (so far) goes to you Kansas City Chiefs, don’t forget to thank the little people.

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LOCK of the Week

I’m not gonna brag, but I got it right last week. 1-0 baby!!!  Sure, I needed the help of referee Ed Hochuli but a win’s a win, I don’t care how the Broncos did it.  I’m going for 2 in a row.  Without further delay, here it is:  Atlanta Falcons -5 at home against the Kansas City Chiefs.  Take the birds.  Let me tell you guys something; I’ve been a Chiefs fan for over 10 years.  I know one thing, this year they suck. They can’t stop anyone and they can’t score.  They let the Raiders march into Arrowhead and whoop them on their own turf. Their starting quarterback this week is some kid named Tyler Thigpen, undrafted from Coastal Carolina. RB Larry Johnson is back to his old antics, bitching about not getting the ball. Now, on the other hand, the Falcons are a team on the rise. RB Michael Turner will have a huge week against the Chiefs, who gave up over 300 yards on the ground to the Raiders last week. Rookie qb Matt Ryan has more NFL experience than Thigpen does.  Playing at home, this game’s a gimmie.  Take the Falcons, take the points, take the money. Don’t forget who got you there.

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Tom Brady to Spend A LOT More Time With Gisele

What a turn of events!!! I’ll get right to it: opening game of the season, the New England Patriots hosting the Kansas City Chiefs, 1st quarter, no score, Tom Brady steps up to make a throw to Randy Moss when Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard, already on the ground, lunges forward at Brady’s knee; the result, torn ACL, out of the season (Brady that is).  This team just went from Superbowl favorites to “let’s hope we make the playoffs.” WOW!!! I don’t know what else there is to say.  Sure they still beat the Chiefs, which actually shows how pathetic my Chiefs are, but is backup starter Matt Cassel the answer for the Pats? Cassel hasn’t started a game since he was in high school, though he did a decent job managing the game Sunday. Now I wanna see the “genius” Bill Belichik work some of his magic.  For years, I’ve been hearing how he’s the best coach in the league. Let’s see what he’s gonna whip up for the rest of the season.  Is that Daunte Culpepper’s phone I hear ringing?  Don’t forget, in 2004 Culpepper threw for 39 tds, with a third of those going to Moss.  Maybe Culpepper’s a stretch, but I’m not sure Cassel can handle this.  Looks like the race in the AFC is wide open, ready for the pickin’s.  I know there’s one team that’s smiling right now. Ummm, Steelers/Colts, please step up and take your spot at the head of the class.

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Buffalo Bills: J.P. Losman Wants Out

j.p. losman onthebuzzer.comBills BACKUP quarterback Jonathan Paul Losman wants to be traded from the Buffalo. Reports are that he is upset after losing his job to rookie Trent Edwards.  I wonder why he’s upset?  Is it because Buffalo is last in the NFL in yards? Is it because in the 8 games he played this year (was knocked out early in 2 games), Losman has thrown a total of 4 touchdowns and 6 picks? Losman’s agent said that the team quit on him.  When the going gets tough, blame your team.  I’m sure they’ll step up for him next year.  Looks like Losman has been talking to Donovan McNabb.  I’m sure Losman can be an asset for some other sorry team, like the Chiefs or maybe even the Dolphins. With that said, don’t let the door hit you on the way out buddy…

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Ail to the Chiefs

herm edwards onthebuzzer.comAfter starting the season 4-3, the Chiefs dropped 9 in a row to end the season, including today’s loss against the Jets in New York.  How pathetic.  The Chiefs used to be the cream of the AFC West.  Their high-powered offense is nothing but a faint memory.  Led by Brodie Croyle, the Chiefs are probably the worst team in the league next to the Dolphins.  I don’t even think that Brodie Croyle and the word “led” can be used in the same sentence. The problem for them going into the off-season is that they have soooooo many holes to fill.  Sure they’ll end up with a top draft pick.  But who do you take? They’re in dire need of a quarterback, wide receivers, lineman…the list goes on and on.  As for their coach Herm Edwards, I was always a fan of his tough guy approach.  But now I’m beginning to wonder…hmmmmm….(or should I say hermmmmmm…).  I thought we play to win the game???

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Lendale “perfect timing” White

shawne merriman onthebuzzer.comlendale white onthebuzzer.comTennessee Titans running back Lendale White had himself a gem of a game on Sunday, 30 carries, 113 rushing yds, 1 td, 2 rec, 24 yds.  Sure it was in a losing effort but you can’t blame the guy, can you? After scoring his 7-yard touchdown run early in the 4th quarter, White went on to mock the Chargers Shawne Merriman in his endzone dance. That’s cool and all, but make sure the other team can’t win the game.  Then you look like an idiot. What happened next, surprise surprise, the Chargers came back and beat the Titans in OT.  Lendale, who’s having a pretty good year seems to have solved his character issues, for the most part. But unless you can guarantee a victory, keep your mouth shut.  Don’t ever give an opponent more motivation to beat you. Look what happened to the Steelers Anthony Smith. With that said, next week you’re playing the Chiefs – go ahead and do the Kolby Smith or the Tony Gonzalez, you guys should be an overwhelming favorite to win. I guarantee it!!!

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