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LOCK of the Week

I know, I haven’t come through the past 2 weeks, apologies are definitely in order.  But don’t jump ship yet, we can right this, and the time to do so is now!!! Straigth to the pick, no dilly-dallying around… Miami Dolphins at Denver Broncos -3.5.  This is the game that stood out to me.  The Broncos have been sliding as of late but we all know that Mile-High is one of the toughest venues to play in.  Look for the Rat Mike Shanahan to blow the Cinderella Dolphins out of the water. I’m not gonna give you fictitious stats about why you should take this bet.  It’s just a feeling.  FEEL IT!!!

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Hey Lakers Fans!!!

Portland this, Portland that… Look what happened on opening night as the Los Angeles Lakers waxed the Portland Trailblazers, 96-76.  The same Trailblazers that were supposed to be “serious contenders.”  The same Blazers that have waited over 1 year to see big man Greg Oden take their team to the next level.  I’m not judging them yet, but this team (Blazers) has a way to go. They’re young and inexperienced.  They might sneak into the playoffs, maybe… But they’re going to need more than Oden’s 0-4 shooting. As for the Lakers, not bad.  I thought they might come out in true LA fashion and make this one close.  But not if the Kobster had something to do with it.  I guess the Lamar Odom experiment is working, so far.  I do expect more from Bynum though. Let’s just call it rust.  As for MY Lakers, avoid major injuries and the Championship is as good as ours…

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LOCK of the Week

Ok, so it happened…all you haters got what you wanted. After 5 glorious weeks, the Big Dog finally lost one. Stupid overrated Jets is all I can say. But watch me bounce back.  And boy do I have a doozy for you.  The Buffalo Bills -1 at the Miami Dolphins.  Sure this might look like a trap game, being favored by only 1 point, but the Bills are for real.  They have the second best record in the league.  They’re coming off a big win against the Chargers and while they might not whoop the Dolphins, they surely will cover. So don’t wait, do it, bet it. Let’s start another streak.

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Dallas Cowboys: America’s Team in Trouble?

Are these te real Dallas Cowboys or did they just run into the real St. Louis Rams? Another game, another loss to a subpar team.  The Dallas Cowboys are struggling.  Their starting quarterback is injured.  Their project cornerback just signed up with AA. Their owner continues his attempts in purchasing a Superbowl.  It’s just a matter of time before Mount T.O. blows.  I’ll start with Jerry Jones.  Can’t he see what Al Davis has done to his Raiders and how his meddling is affecting his team? Signing Roy Williams isn’t hurting the team but your asking for trouble gathering all these cooks in one kitchen.  I hate to say it but could the “Tony Romo is overrated” rumors actually be true?  I mean, has he really accomplished much.  Look at his post-season record.  The only guys on this team that I have respect for are running back Marion Barber and tight Jason Witten.  They go out week after week, bang, block, run and catch without a peep about carries/touches. And let me tell you, the schedule’s not getting any easier.  Of the 9 games left, 2 are against the Giants, and one each against Pittsburgh, Philly, Tampa Bay, and Washington.  Dare I say that this team is going to miss the playoffs? Get ready for a long offseason and a lot of sound bites… Oh yeah, and Wade Phillips’ job.

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LOCK of the Week

5-0!!! 5-0!!! 5-0!!! For those of you who haven’t been following/profiting from my picks over the past month, I’ve hit a career high 5 “LOCK of the Week”s in a row.  Yeah, I’m bragging and jinxing but I do know at least one person has been profiting from my “advice.”  The secret to my success…well, I can’t tell you or else it wouldn’t be a secret and you wouldn’t need me anymore.  Enough of the boasting, time for business. This week’s spreads are pretty tough. There aren’t that many games that I like but you know me, I haven’t let you down in over a month and I don’t plan on doing so now.  So without further adue, the LOCK of the Week is NY Jets -3 at the Oakland Raiders.  Take the Jets -3, take it now, take it before the spread moves.  Vegas has the line at -3 and well, that’s where I’ve placed my bets.  These two franchises are going in two different directions.  The Jets are serious playoff contenders and the Raiders, well I hate to use a cliche` but they are MAJOR pretenders.  The Jets are coming off a solid performance against the Bengals while the Raiders, just another embarrassing 34-3 loss at the hands of the Saints.

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Dodgers’ Fight Back

Let’s look past the box score; the W, the Hiroki Kuroda performance, the 7-2 shelacking that was handed to the Phillies.  The real win came in the 3rd inning, after Dodgers catcher Russell Martin was thrown at, again. Enter Kuroda, launching a warning pitch over the head of the crazy Hawaiian, Shane Victorino bro. He never meant to hurt him, never even came close to contact.  But the pitch sent a message: DON’T F#@! WITH US.  Well it’s about time.  Chad Billingsley, take notes.  We’ve all watched baseball long enough, so when someone at our team gets thrown at, by rule, the pitcher retaliates at the next possible opportunity.  And with the Dodgers up 6-2, Kiroda had the green light.  Now that the momentum has changed jerseys, the Dodgers have an opportunity to even up the series on Monday.  Tell me you guys didn’t see Manny Ramirez out there backing up his boys.  I know a lot of people are going to say that he’s just faking it, but you know what, who cares?  He’s a Dodger right now and that’s pretty much all that matters.  Let’s go Blue, tell me the world doesn’t want to see a Manny v. Red Sox World Series, I know I do.

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Dodgers: Fragile, Handle With Care

Everything was flowing for the Dodgers Thursday night, on the road against the Philadelphia Phillies.  SP Derek Lowe was pitching a gem against ace Cole Hamels. Up 2-0 heading into the bottom of the 6th inning when BOOM, a routing grounder to ss Rafael Furcal, fielded cleanly, thrown 200 feet off the 1st base bag. Next batter Chase Utley and bye bye lead, 2-run CRUSH, tie game. Two batters later, solo shot by $14 million a year man himself, Pat Burrell.  Goodbye momentum, goodby delusions of stealing game 1, goodbye series?  Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions but this was huge.  The Dodgers had this one in the bag.  Stifling the Phillies, on their way to the World Series. Stupid Furcal.  Routine play. And how fragile are pitchers these days?  He’s a ground ball pitcher.  So your infield f-ed up the play.  Suck it up, shake it off and get the next guy out.  Talk about a glass jaw. Maybe I’m not giving the Dodgers any credit but they looked unstoppable against the Cubs and up until the 6th inning, seemed to the Phillies’ number.  Game 2 will be bigger than big.  Let’s see if Chad Billingsley can bring it home for the Dodgers. Maybe Rafael Furcal will redeem himself by getting on base? Maybe the call needs to be put into the mafia so we can all watch a Red Sox vs. Manny Dodgers World Series.  I’m on the phone right now.

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LOCK of the Week

4-0 on the season… Now it’s getting scary. Damn, if I only had the balls to put money on the games myself, but we all know what’ll happen if I try to cash on on my geniousness… I’m like the guy who wrote the songs for Mini Vanili… Anyway, here’s this week’s lock: Bengals at Jets -6.  Take the NY Jets.  They’ve been playing solid with Favre at the helm.  After a big win against the Arizona Cardinals at home where Farve through 6 tds and now a bye week, this offense is ready to roll on the lowly Bengals.  The same Bengals who are considered the worst team/franchise in the league with an 0-5 record. The same Bengals who wouldn’t even crack the AP Top 25 College poll. I know my picks have been nail biters but a win’s a win. J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!

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Angels Commit Suicide

Or maybe it’s a homicide; Angels guilty of killing the hopes of their fans.  100 wins, 100 shmins. All coming down to a suicide squeeze.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a seldom used strategy in baseball where you have a runner on third with less than 2 outs.  The batter tries to bunt the ball at the same time while the runner at 3rd is sprinting for home.  Now if contact is made with the ball, oala!!! You have a run scored.  But if the batter misses the bunt, you have the runner at third running right into the catcher who has the ball in his glove, ala suicide… Either that or he’s caught in a pickle like Reggie Willits was last night.  After tying up the game at 2 a piece in the top of the 8th and mowing down the side in the bottom of the inning, the Angels had ALL the momentum going their way.  Angels leadoff batter Kendry Morales starts with a double.  He’s moved over to third with a bunt by Howie Kendrick. One out, runner at third, Eric Aybar up at the bag. Instead of taking a pitch with a 2-0 count, Scoscia calls the suicide, Aybar misses the bunt, Willits is tagged out for out number 2 and Aybar grounds out to finish the inning, the game, the season, and finally our hopes. Varitek dropped the ball, who cares??? It should have never come to that in the first place.  There’s a lot of fingers to point.  The Angels infield for one.  The coaching decisions. The disappearing bats of the big guns. The Red Sox wanted it more, Manny or no Manny. They deserve it. And now, they get to cruise through Tampa Bay and into the World Series.

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K-Rod: Thanks For Nothing

Mr. Save leader.  Mr. I want a huge contract next year.  Mr. Electric Closer.  Try Mr. Loser.  Mr. Un-Clutch.  Mr. Mayor of Choke City. The Angels World Series hopes just went down the drain.  Francisco Rodriguez, a.k.a. K-Rod, brought in late in the game to shut down the Boston Red Sox after the Angels clawed back from a 5-2 deficit to tie it against Boston’s Jonathon Papelbon. Try the loss with 2 earned runs. Series over. I don’t care how many saves he had in the regular season. I’ve always said that this kid is overrated.  He makes every save appearance for the Angels dramatic.  He basically has pitched his way out of Anaheim.  Hopefully Angels’ owner Artie Moreno takes this as a sign and doesn’t spend $15 million on this guy. As for the Angels and their best record in the league, thanks for coming.  AAAAARGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!.  I’ve never been this angry before.  Talk about choking.  I thought the Chicago Cubs were bad but this takes the cake. Manny Ramirez replacement Jason Bay cranks two homers in two days. Are you kidding me? How many times do let 1 guy beat you?  How many times do you let 1 team beat you? Apparently while racking up the best record in the league, the Angels forgot their “balls.” No pride. No guts.  Congratulations Red Sox.  Looks like you guys are going to the World Series…again.

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