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Jay Cutler is STILL a Bitch

I thought that after quitting in the NFC Championship game last year and taking all that heat, Jay Cutler would learn something.  I guess not.  Cutler completed 9 passes to players not named Forte in the entire game.  He lost aa fumble and finished teh game with a 67 qb rating.  As I’m watching him play, it seems to me like this guy is the biggest crybaby ever.  he blames every incomplete pass or mistake on everyone but himself.  “My line isn’t giving me enough time in the pocket.” “My recievers aren’t holding onto the ball.” “They’re not running the right route.” Did you see this guy all by himself in the 3rd quarter? There wasn’t a teammate within 15 yards of him on the sideline. Cutler is not a winner. OK, I’ll say it, he’s a loser.  He’s talented, but he will not win a Superbowl ever. He has that Chris Webber aura. Too bad for the Bears, I actually respect the team and would have love to see them get a win for Urlacher’s mom who passed away this past week. But with Cutler on their roster, next to Philip Rivers, I love to see him lose.

Keep your head up for the love of god!

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