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Bowl ban, shmole ban.  Take away their scholarships, take away their heismans, but you can’t take away their pride  After beating the Oregon Ducks in Autzen a week ago, the Trojans came home to play their final game in of season against the Bruins who were looking to get into the Pac-12 titale game with a subpar 6-6 records.  Matt Barkley threw for over 400 yards and 6 touchdowns in what I believe will be his last game at the Coliseum. There’s no quarterback in the country that’s playing better than Barkley right now, including Stanford phenom Andrew Luck.  How pathetic of a showing by the Bruins. Head Coach Rick Neuheisal is probably out this offseason.  Junior quarterback Kevin Prince needs to be replaced as well.  I know this guy’s only a junior but it seems like he’s been QB for UCLA for 10 years.  Anyway, I’m proud of the Trojans and proud of Lane Kiffin for bringing this team back to the top after Pete Carroll and company ditched them when the going got rough.  Time for the SC contingency to embrace Kiffin. Time for SC to take back the crown.  Time for another Heisman celebration.


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The Bad News-Losing;The Good News-Going Home

uga onthebuzzer.comThe Hawaii Warriors got their asses kicked on Wednesday against the Georgia Bulldogs, 41-10.  My boy Colt Brennan, 3 pics, no Tds. What a bust…  I’ve been singing the Colt for Heisman tune all year long and this is how he repays me.  I guess the rumors were true, easy schedule = bad news when you play a legitimate opponent.  Well, hopefully Colt will get a chance in the NFL to redeem himself.  As for the rest of the Warriors, at least they get to go back home to the beautiful Hawaii.  Not a bad consolation gift, huh??? UGAAAAAA!!!

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RUN DMC: So Close, yet So Far

darren mcfadden onthebuzzer.com2 years in a row, 2 years coming in second place, 2 years disrespected, Arkansas Razorbacks running back Darren McFadden was stopped again on 4th and goal. McFadden was the Heisman runner-up for the second year in a row, losing to Ohio State’s Troy Smith last year. There probably won’t be a next time either. This back is prime for the bigs. After rushing for over 1,700 yards, McFadden should and probably will declare for the NFL. Nothing like an angry back with something to prove. Adrian Peterson did it this year, coming back with a vengeance to prove that he’s not injury prone. I think he broke another record while I wrote this article. So let me warn those who pass on this guy in the pros, he’s gonna come back and bust you in the mouth.

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And the Heisman Goes Too…

tim tebow onthebuzzer.comTim Tebow, Florida Gators SOPHMORE quarterback.  And the bad news for the rest of the SEC, he’s coming back next year. Tebow became the first sophmore to ever win teh Heisman, beating out Chase Daniels, Darren McFadden, and my boy Colt Brennan.  20 years old, at least 20 passing and 20 rushing tds, the future is looking bright for this kid.  Good luck to him, hope he doesn’t suffer the Heisman jinx that has infected some past winners, i.e.  Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, Danny Wuerffel, Rashaan Salaam, soon to be Reggie Bush (if he doesn’t clean up his act), and many, many more.

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Heisman Finalists Announced

heisman onthebuzzer.comHere they are folks, the fab four, the finalists for NCAA’s Heisman Trophy: Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan, Arkansas runningback Darren McFadden, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, and Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel. I don’t think Chase Daniel has a chance to win it.  Hawaii’s quarteback Colt Brennan, while probably the most talented quarterback in the group, played in a week conference so he’s probably out too.  My problem with Darren McFadden is that he seemed to disappear in the middle of the season.  He had 3 games where he was held to under 100 rushing yards. The preseason favorite jumped back into the scene after leading his team to a huge 3OT victory over LSU.  Tim Tebow, Mr. Sophmore, Mr. 51 Total Tds, can be the first in his class to get the Heisman.  He probably has the best chance, given the fact that he wasn’t even the starting quarterback on his team last year.  I’d like to see Colt win it, to be honest with you.  I don’t mind Tebow either.  The Heisman is all about individual performance, and not how your team does.  None of these guys picked their schedule, it was given to them.  And now, the Heisman goes to…

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onthebuzzer.com bayou billySomewhere out there, Bayou Billy is on suicide watch. A game where LSU was favored by 12, turned into a nightmare for the Tigers.  The unranked Razorbacks walked into Baton Rouge and stole this game in overtime, 50-48.  What happened to that vaunted LSU defense? “#1 defense in the country” is what the nation wasonthebuzzer.com darren mcfadden chanting.  Well I’ve been singing it all year, this team is overrated.  And if you don’t believe me, watch any of our NCAA College Football videos on youtube.  Their defense is giving up more ass than a hooker on Sunset. And well, LSU, don’t let the door hit you on your way out. Arkansas Razorbacks Darren McFadden’s attempt at some late heisman votes was successful, with over 200 rushing yds, 3 tds and 1 passing td. I still don’t think he’ll win it (insert Tim Tebow pic here). The BCS shakeup continues…stay tune, because this season is FARRRRR from over.

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My Heisman Vote (if I had one): Florida’s Tim Tebow

onthebuzzer.com tim tebowHow many times do I have to say it? Time Tebow is the man, I mean, the heisMAN.  On Saturday afternoon, Tebow led his Florida Gators to a victory against Florida Atlantic, 59-20.  Tebow threw for 339 yds, 3 touchdowns and rushed for 1 more.  Most importantly, Tebow became the first player in Div. I-A to have 20+ passing and 20+ rushing tds in the same year.  Now if that doesn’t get your heisman vote, I don’t know what will.  I’m not sure if this guy can make it in the NFL, as it seems that the trend of scrambling quarterbacks is going out of style, but that’s not what the heisman stands for. The “most outstanding college football player.” Remember, Tebow wasn’t even the starting quarterback during last year’s championship game, as that honor belonged to Chris Leak.  Considering this is Tebow’s first year at the helm of the Gator ship, you gotta give props and serious credit to what he’s accomplished.

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Bad News for Bostonians; BC Eagles Lose

onthebuzzer.com matt ryanSorry Bostonians, you will not be dominating in every sport this year.  Sure you have the Celtics, Patriots and the mighty Red Sox and up until Saturday evening, it was looking like the Boston College Eagles were on their way to a National Title appearance.  Not if the Florida State Seminoles had something to say about it.  The Seminoles marched into Alumni Stadium in Massachusetts and raided the Eagles’ nest. The UNRANKED Seminoles.  QB Matt Ryan went from heisman hopeful to heisman hopeless, throwing 3 pics, 1 inside the Seminoles 10yd line.  Maybe the Eagles were caught looking ahead to their matchup next week against Maryland, or #25 Clemson the week after, or the finale against Miami. I don’t know. I think they were just caught with their pants down. A chance to appear in the title game does not come around too often for programs like Boston College.  Oh well, Bostonians, enjoy your Pats and your Celtics, things could be worse, you could be living in NY.

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NCAA FOOTBALL Rumble Out West: Arizona St. @ Oregon

onthebuzzer.com dennis dixonThe spread is 7.5, but there’s a lot more on the line than just the game, Pac-10 bragging rights, and heisman votes: the loser will most likely forgo any chance to play in the National Title game. Ononthebuzzer.com rudy carpenter Saturday, #4 Arizona State travels up north to Autzen Stadium to face the #5 Oregon Ducks. The Ducks already have 1 loss while the Sun Devils are still perfect. Both teams have studs at quarterback, Rudy Carpenter for the Devils and Dennis Dixon for the Ducks. The problem for the Devils is that Carpenter has a sprained thumb and hasn’t thrown the ball this week in practice. I’m sure Carpenter’s not going to sit this game out, but he’s gonna have to be as close to 100% as possible to beat a sizzling Oregon squad that’s coming off a huge win courtesy of the Trojans. My pick, Ducks to win, but not to cover. 7.5 is way too large for 2 solid teams. One *, if Carpenter doesn’t play, then Ducks to cover and win in a big way. Remember, Autzen stadium is quite possibly the loudest place to play in the country (no offense to the Swamp in Florida), so the 12th man will definitely play a role. Damn you Ducks for beating my Trojans and knocking them into mortality and mediocrity…

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Buckeyes in a “Happy” Place

onthebuzzer.com ohio state buckeyesAnd now they’re legit, or are they? The Ohio State Buckeyes went into Happy Valley and took what’s rightfully theirs, the game.  With a 37-17 victory over the Penn. State Nittany Lions, the Buckeyes are hoping that this win silences the critics. Unfortunately, Penn. St. has been one of the most overrated programs in the country.  They’ve been living off their legacy for the whole season, and with this loss, they should drop out of the top 25. With only 3 games left (next 2 at home), Ohio St. only has to worry about Michigan in the season finale.  Then it’s HELLO NATIONAL TITLE.  As for Penn. St., dare I say it’s time for Joe Pa to step aside?  Before you guys send the mob after me, let’s admit that everyone has thought about it, but no one has the cajones to say it. But I guess we can round table this topic in the offseason.  Right now, the Lions need to wonder how they’re 6th in the Big Ten and what it’s going to take to get back to the top. FIRE JOE P…I mean…umm…How about those Buckeyes?

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