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Please, oh please, let someone beat the Jets. I can’t stand the New York Jets.  And it’s not the all of the players.  It’s what the team stands for… arrogance, swagger, and unsportsmanlike conduct.  I hate Ladanian Tomlinson and Antonio Cromartie.  I can’t stand Braylon Edwards.  And Shonn Greene is getting on my nerves. I hate the way they flew around the field flying around lake airplanes.  But I have no beef with Mark Sanchez, Darrelle Revis, Santonio Holmes and the rest of the gang.  I’m even beginning to like their coach Rex Ryan.  I mean after watching him these two past playoff games, he just wants to win, and like having fun doing it.  Sure he’s classless but you can tell that he’s the kind of coach players wanna go to battle with.  That, plus every other word that comes out of his mouth is a profanity. With all that said, I still hate the NY Jets, and I think the clock is about to strike 12:00 on them this coming Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The rule is if you beat a team in the regular season, it’s a lock to lose to them in the playoffs. For all  of you who remember, the Jets barely beat the Steelers on December 19.  Now, next Sunday will be the game of the year.  A showdown between a team that punches people in the mouths (Steelers) and a team that needs to be punched in the mouth (Jets).  If you’re in the area, grab some tickets, as the game’s not sold out yet. In the meanwhile, for all you Jets’ fans and players, don’t forget, you still have 2 more games to win.

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Could the NY Jets be the real deal? I hate to say it, let alone think of it.  I’m not gonna crown ’em yet. Sure Mark Sanchez is proving Pete Carroll and all the naysayers wrong.  He makes plays when his team needs them and rarely makes mistakes.  Ladanian Tomlinson appears to have drank from the fountain of youth because on Sunday against the Bills he decided to reel off 133 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns. Braylon Edwars, since his little D.U.I. incident a few weeks ago, is averaging 86 yards and 1 td in the last two games. They lost their first game of the season to the Ravens.  They’ve won 3 straight since including games against rivals Patriots and Dolphins.  Now if they beat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night, I might start jumping on the bandwagon.  If there’s 1 high profile game you wanna watch next weekend, it’s this one.  Witness a star quarterback in the making. How does that chant go? J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS?!?!?!

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Ravens’ Defense Shuts Up Jets

The most anticipated game of the opening weekend and all we got was a 10-9 struggle.  Sure the Ravens won, we’re happy about that.  We’re happy that the Jets couldn’t do shit on offense.  74 passing yards for “phenom” Mark Sanchez.  I’m not sure I’ve written it down before but I’ve said it many times to date, Mark Sanchez is going to have a not-so-spectacular year.  He’s not the quarterback y’all think he is.  He is no Brady, Manning, Brees, or Rogers.  Frankly, he’s no Matt Ryan, Donovan McNabb or even Carson Palmer.  I’d even take Joe Flacco, Tony Romo, and Eli Manning over him.  This kid is average at best.  He won’t lose again, but he won’t win one for you either.  The Ravens, on the other hand, got the victory.  But I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed with the 10 points.  This team was supposed to be much improved offensively.  They signed Anquan Boldin and Houshmanzadeh, 2 marquee receivers.  Add them to Derrick Mason, Todd Heap and that 2 pronged running attack of Ray Rice and Willis McGahee and these guys should easily be putting up gaudy numbers week in and week out.  I’m gonna chalk this one up to a combination of the Jets’ D and first game jitters. But I better see some fireworks next week at Cincinnati.

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What’s All This Jets’ Hype?

Enough about the Jets… So they had a good year last year… They exceeded everyone’s expectations. You know what that means? That means that everyone expected them to suck and they made the playoffs.  Now everyone’s talking about who’s town is it, the Jets’ or the Giants’? Let’s see, the Jets let the league leader in rushing yards walk away (Thomas Jones) and signed a has been in Ladanian Tomlinson.  They have a rookie quarterback who is sure to hit the sophmore wall. Their #1 receiver Braylon Edwards is the epitamy of a pre-madonna.  I do like their rookie runningback Shonne Green though.  On defense, the Darrelle Revis and newliy acquired Antonio Cromartie might possible be the sickest cornerback combo since Deion Sanders and well, Deion Sanders. On the other hand, we have the NY Giants.  Superbowl Champs from a few years ago. They still have Eli at the helm and Bradshaw/Jacobs combo at runningback.  Their d-line is probably one of the top in the league with Justin Tuck and Osi Uminyiora.  They could use some help in their secondary and lack any threats at WR.  The only reason why the Jets get more love is ’cause they play in the crappy AFC East where they face the Dolphins and Bills 4x a year where the Giants have to play Dallas, Philly and even Wasington.  Oh well, wise man once told me “you’re only as good as your last game.” I wouldn’t hold my breath with either of these teams next year, Minnesota and New Orleans still own the NFC and in the AFC, I’ll still put my money on the Colts and Brady and Co. I’ll give it to the Jets though, they do have a more promising future. The Plaxico fiasco in NY is still haunting the Giants.

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Cam Cameron: Remember Me?

ept_sports_nfl_experts-157065367-12241703061The 1-15 season for the Dolphins just ended.  Enter Bill Parcells.  Exit Dolphins’ head coach Cam Cameron, a.k.a. the goat.  Everyone threw this guy under the bus, saying he was the reason that teh DOlphins lost 13 in a row.  Not the injury plagued roster, not the talentless and emotionless players left on the field.  And most definitely not the front office.  Everybody forgot what this guy did before he came to Miami.  Offensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers (when they were good).  Remember when Ladanian Tomlinson broke the single season TD record? Cam Cameron for you. Let me tell you something… quality coaches ALWAYS bounce back.  And off to Baltimore went Cam.  What’s he doing there…mmmmmmm…..guiding the Ravens to a probably playoff appearance, molding rookie Joe Flacco into one of the best quarterbacks today.  Remember the Ravens’ defense.  Well, let me introduce you to the Ravens’ offense.  The same offense that has scored over 20 points in 9 of 13 games this year. I’m done stroking Cam. He deserves it.  Look at the aftermath in San Diego since he’s left.  Miami…they’re playing out of there asses.

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I Hate the Chargers

That’s all there is to it.  When this team first started gelling a few years ago, I was all for them.  Ladanian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Marty Schottenheimer.  But for some reason, throughout the years, my love and passion for this team has turned it disgust. As  soon as they fired Marty, blaming him for a horrible playoff loss after multiple players mishaps, this team went from heroes to zeroes. A bunch of overrated, underachieving pre-madonnas. They talk shit (Rivers) and expect everyone to bow down to them when they haven’t proven NADA. The only guys that was ever respected on this team was Lorenzo Neal, who is no longer with the team. They don’t back each other up when the going gets tough (L.T.).  Well, guess what, they lost at home today to the Indianapolis Colts.  This was a MUST-WIN game for them.   They”re 2 games behind the Broncos, who just got waxed by the Oakland Raiders. The AFC West is a freakin’ joke. 3/4 teams are WELL under .500 and the division leading Broncos are whopping 6-5. With that said, whoever comes out of this division is a guaranteed first round and out.  I’m not sure what I’d rather see, the Bots not making the playoffs or the Bolts getting waxed in the first round. I’m thinking the former.  Thanks for coming Chargers. Here’s a prediction for the rest of the league: Norv’s gonna hang for this.

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LOCK of the Week

2 LOCKS so far this season and twice I got ’em right.  You gotta stick with what’s hot, and right now ONTHEBUZZER is sizzling.  Alright, enough bragging.  My pick for Week 4 of the NFL season comes from the San Diego Chargers -7 at the Oakland Raiders game.  If anyone watched what the Chargers did last Monday night to the Packers, you’ll know that this is money in the bank.  The Raiders suck, period.  They don’t even know who’s gonna be their coach.  On the othe hand, if you’ve seen Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers (and I hate to admit it), he’s been playing at whole different level.  The Charger defense is finally coming around.  A divisional game, they (the Chargers) don’t have a choice.  It’s just a matter of whether they’re gonna blow them out early or late. I’d put my money on early but let’s not get carried away.  Chargers -7. Enjoy the $$$.

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Props to Marty Schottenheimer

ving rhames onthebuzzer.commarty schottenheimer onthebuzzer.comTo quote Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction, “let’s not suck each other’s d#@!s yet.” Before everyone hails Norv Turner as the godsend, the best post-season football coach out there, STOP. Think. Who put the San Diego Chargers together? Who pieced together all the talent, the plays and the schemes. Some like to call him the biggest choke artist in NFL history, I like to call him the most underrated, Marty Schottenheimer. Schotty was given the pink slip last year after the Chargers failed fell apart in a divisional playoff game against New England. Rather than rightfully blaming the players, management decided to blame the coach. Surprise, surprise. Exit Marty, enter Norv who basically tried to drive the ship himself until he realized that all you have to do is hand the ball off to possibly the greatest running back ever. Add in the easiest playoff opponent in the Titans, and you have a recipe for success. So take a monment before you throw Marty under the bus, and give credit where it’s due.

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Titans Vince Young a NO-SHOW

jeff fisher onthebuzzer.comI am officially worried.  I haven’t seen Vince Young since he injured his quad against Indy last week.  Call 9-1-1.  OK, I’m just kidding, he started the game today against the San Diego Chargers, going 16-29 for 138 yards, no tds, 1 int. At a boy, that’s how you lace ’em up, play through injuries and lead your team…back to Tennessee.  What a pitiful performance by the second year quarterback.  Don’t get me wrong, I give the guy props for leading his team to the playoffs in just the second year.  But he just folded today.  Let’s also not forget former USC Trojan RB Lendale White, 19 carries, 69 yards.  Any time you yards per carry is less than 4, you’re not doing your job. As for platoon teammate Chris Brown, who fumbled the ball on the San Diego 9, it might be time for you to hang up your cleats.  YOU SUCK!!! As for the 3 points Jeff Fisher is making to the official: 1) My quarterback sucks, 2) My offensive coordinator can’t put together a decent game plan, 3) I bet you Norv Turner is gonna get all the credit…

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Bill Parcells Cleaning House

The Bill Parcells demolishing company is working overtime. After firing the Dolphins‘ general manager last week, Parcells fired 1st year head coach Cam Cameron. Cameron, who came over from San Diego last year, was actually wrecking ball onthebuzzer.complaced in a lose-lose situation. He lost stud running back Ronnie Brown, veteran quarterback Trent Green and linebacker Zach Thomas all to injuries. The club then traded their #1 wide receiver Chris Chambers. How did anyone expect Cameron to succeed? A lot of people don’t remember, but before Brown went down, he was one of leading running backs in the league. It seemed that Cameron’s style which made Ladanian Tomlinson so great was rubbing off on Brown before he went down. But alas, not good enough for Billie. Rumors have it that the Dolphins are considering Marty Schottenheimer, Art Shell and Pete Carroll as replacements. I love Pete, but he’s not fit for the NFL. Marty hasn’t won a playoff game in ages (but then again, we might be putting the carriage in front of the horse). As for Art, I never want to see this guy coaching again, he plain and simple sucks. Good luck Bill, you’ll need it.

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