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Knicks Re-Sign Ewing!!!

Well, Jr., I guess.  In a move to bring back some credibility to New York, Knicks management has decided to sign “highly touted” Patrick Ewing Jr. Let’s see here, a 6-8 rookie small forward.  I was just thinking to myself, one of the main reasons that have led to the Knicks’ failures is the lack of production from the small forward position (that’s online sarcasm by the way). With 4 SF already on the depth chart, I wonder what the Knicks’ were thinking. Let’s not even mention all the money they’ve blown on garbage players (in no particular order): Chris Duhon $5.5 million; Starbury $20.8 million; Jamal Crawford $8.6 million; Jared Jeffries $6 million; Que $8.6 million; Malik Rose $7.6 million; Eddie Curry $9.7 million; Jerome James $6.2 million. New head coach D’Antoni gonna miss Phoenix… But then again, I’m sure he’ll find gratification in taking a last place team, well, nowhere…

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Don’t Jump On That Lakers’ Bandwagon Just Yet…

kobe bryant onthebuzzer.comThe Los Angeles Lakers are 24-11.  They have the 3rd best record in the Western Conference.  Everyone is happy in Hollywood, Lakersland and Staples…or are they?  While most basketball analysts and fans are talking about how good the Lakers are doing and how deep into the playoffs they’ll go, I see a whole different picture.  Sure Kobe’s been quiet for a while.  Don’t you think he’s realized that if he wants out of LA, he needs to be quiet.  That way, his trade value goes back up, and well, more offers by more quality teams.  Sure Andrew Bynum is playing like Shaq and this team looks like the Lakers of the early 2000s, but don’t stand in line for playoff tickets yet.  The Lakers are one injury away from being a lottery team. Call me a skeptic/naysayer but I’ve seen this too often.  Quick start by the Lakers…quicker finish in the postseason. Until the collaps happens, enjoy the ride, because this train is about to derail.

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Mavericks Send the Pistons Packing

dirk nowtizki onthebuzzer.comThis ain’t the Eastern Conference fellas. That’s what the Dallas Mavericks told the Pistons on Wednesday night, as they spanked Detroit 102-86. Does that prove anything??? I don’t know, but I do know that the Eastern conference just lost a hell of a lot of street cred on the same night that the Boston Celtics were upset at the Garden by the Charlotte Bobcats. The same Pistons who I had high on my list of powerhouses in the league. I mean, I can understand losing to the Mavs in Dallas, but a whoopin? After losing to the Celts, Chauncy Billups himself stated that Boston played that game like it was the Superbowl. Well Mr. “Big Shot” Billups, maybe you should take notes and start playing like a championship caliber team, because your 3 assists and 16 points aint cutting it.

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Lucky #14

portland trail blazers onthebuzzer.comOK, it’s supposed to be 13, but technically, their streak ended at 13 games.  The Portland Trail Blazers‘ win streak ended at 13 games on Monday as their bid for 14 fell at Salt Lake City against the Utah Jazz, 101-111. No big deal, everyone’s gotta lose at some point.  But the true test for these youngsters will be their next game.  Will they bounce back or start a losing streak of their own? Luckily, their next opponent is the worst team in the league in the Minnesota Timbewolves and then they’ll face the Bulls right after. So let’s go Blazers, we’re all rooting for you.  Well, all except Wolves’ and Bulls’ fans I guess…

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Celtics Keep Rolling

paul pierce onthebuzzer.comThe Boston Celtics went on a west coast swing and well, their tear continues. Sure their first two games were against the Sacramento Kings and the Seattle Sonics. But they beat the Kirilenko-less Utah Jazz on Saturday night and will face the yellow-hot Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday. OK, maybe this wasn’t the best example of talent representing the west coast. And maybe we won’t know how legit they are until they face the Spurs, Mavericks and Suns. But the Celts have won all but 1 game in the month of December. They have the best record in the league. You can’t help but feel good for the trio of Pierce, Allen and of course, KG. Wise man once said, “it’s a good time to be a Bostonian.”

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Blazers On A Roll

brandon roy onthebuzzer.comJail Blazers no more, Portland Trail Blazers they are.  On Friday, led by last year’s rookie of the year phenom Brandon Roy, the Blazers won their league leading 12th game in a row.  No Greg Oden, no problem.  A lot of people were thinking this team was going to tank when their #1 draft pick Greg Oden went down in the preseason. Tim Duncan/David Robinson combo? Not this team.  The Blazers are looking to make a playoff appearance.  The young guys want some post season experience, with or without their franchise big man. Don’t get me wrong, this team still has a long way to go.  At this point in the season, they have the 8th best record in the West.  They might not make the dance at the end of the year.  But watch out for them next year, when Oden returns and gives these Blazers a true inside presence.

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Part 1: Lakers Shocking the League at 18-10

Someone please explain how the Los Angeles Lakers are pulling off this promising season.  Smoke and mirrors? Not sure but for a team that was in so much turmoil in the preseason, the Lakerskobe bryant onthebuzzer.com have shocked the world.  First you had Kobe throwing Andrew Bynum under the bus.  How did he respond: 12.5 points, 10 rebounds, and over 2 block shots per game. Then you had Kobe requesting a trade, time and time again and most people thinking he was going to mail it in this year.  What happened: he’s leading the Lakers with 27 ppg, 5 asts en route to an 18-10 record.  Their opponent have also been no slouches, beating Phoenix, Utah, Houston, Detroit, Denver, San Antonio.  Their record is the 4th best in the West, and sure they shown they can hang with the heavy weights.  But before we go clearing another spot in the rafters for a banner, the question that must be answered is “can they hang in a 7 game series?” Stay tune f

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Gerald Wallace: I am NOT just a Dunker

gerald wallace onthebuzzer.comI was the first to say it “he’s a dunker.” I accused and convicted Bobcats‘ small forward Gerald Wallace without a jury.  Now, I must repent.  After watching this guy blossom over the past few years into a solid player, I’m ready to take away the DUNK tag and replacing it with the PLAYER tag. Wallace started his career with the Sacramento Kings, where he struggled coming off the bench in the Kings’ hay day with Webber and Bibby. Finally after escaping from Sacramento, he went to Charlotte.  Sure Charlotte has sucked for as long as I remember. But this guy is filling up the stat sheet.  19 points, 5 rebounds, 1 blck, 2 steals per game; how ’bout them apples?  Not bad for all you fantasy geeks and better for all you Bobcats geeks. He’s only 25 and worth every penny of that $9.5 million he’s earning this year. As for what have you done for me lately people, Wallace racked up 32 pts, 9 rbds, 8 assts, 2 stls and a block in a loss against the Wizards on Wednesday.  Too bad his teammates suck.  But oh well, seems to be the ongoing saga in Charlotte.

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Zeke Under Attack!

hate-isiah.jpgIf there are any fans in the league that could pull this off, it’s New Yorks. As the New York Knicks season goes from bad to worse, Isiah’s dream of being a head coach are slowly turning into a bad, bad nightmare. New York hoops fans are angry as ever and they’re not going to take it any more. Last Wednesday they had a rally at Madison Square Garden and about thirty fans presented the team with a symbolic pink slip that called for the firing of Isiah Thomas. How funny is that? That wasn’t all. They also expressed their anger of critical fans being escorted out of the Garden during home games, as happened during Monday’s loss to the Pacers. What looked like a mini strike, picketers held signs that read “Dump Isiah” and “Restore Knicks Pride.” Not that I am extremely loved at my job, but if everyone chanted and screamed their hatred towards me and held signs that wanted me fired, I think I would just pick up and leave. Hmmm… Now that I think about it…… Anyone hiring?

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Bryant Reaches Milestone

kobe4.jpgO.K. Love him or hate him, the guy is the best player in the league. He may not have the greatest attitude and judgment off the court, but on it, nobody comes close. Kobe Bryant has become the youngest player in the history of the league to reach 20,000 points. Huge achievement considering the players to have played the game before him. He joins Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain as the only players to reach that plateau before the age of 30. Bryant’s 39 points against a woeful Knicks team on Sunday gave the Lakers a 95-90 victory to go along with his record. His 3 pointer in the opening minute of the third quarter gave him the record. 29 years and 122 days old! Not bad huh?

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