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Jay Cutler is STILL a Bitch

I thought that after quitting in the NFC Championship game last year and taking all that heat, Jay Cutler would learn something.  I guess not.  Cutler completed 9 passes to players not named Forte in the entire game.  He lost aa fumble and finished teh game with a 67 qb rating.  As I’m watching him play, it seems to me like this guy is the biggest crybaby ever.  he blames every incomplete pass or mistake on everyone but himself.  “My line isn’t giving me enough time in the pocket.” “My recievers aren’t holding onto the ball.” “They’re not running the right route.” Did you see this guy all by himself in the 3rd quarter? There wasn’t a teammate within 15 yards of him on the sideline. Cutler is not a winner. OK, I’ll say it, he’s a loser.  He’s talented, but he will not win a Superbowl ever. He has that Chris Webber aura. Too bad for the Bears, I actually respect the team and would have love to see them get a win for Urlacher’s mom who passed away this past week. But with Cutler on their roster, next to Philip Rivers, I love to see him lose.

Keep your head up for the love of god!

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This NFL season has turned out to be AWESOME so far.  I don’t know about you guys, but Donovan McNabb and the Redskins beating the the Philadelphia Eagles felt so good for me.  Must’ve been nice for Donovan to rub it in his former employers’ face.  “Trade me to a division rival” is the same as saying “F-off, you’re no threat to us.” Well the Eagles lost Michael Vick to injuries after he seemed to resurrect his career.  Shouldn’t have harmed those dogs.  How about Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears? One of the biggest cry babies in the league getting sacks countless amount of times and knocked out of the game with a concussion.  I’m not even going to start with Brett Favre. Nothing more fun than watching NFL this year… well watching them and betting on the games makes it a wee bit more interesting.

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What the Hell is Going on With the Miami Dolphins?

Bill freaken Parcells??? C’mon, is he that good?  Are you going to tell me that firing Cam Cameron as head coach and hiring Bill Parcells as GM is making that big of a difference for a team that just won 1 game last year?  I don’t believe it.  I can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it, do I?  The Miami Dolphins have returned essentially all their players from last year. Lost linebacker Zach Thomas. Sure they signed Chad Pennington but he’s not a difference maker. Maybe having a health Ronnie Brown is working for them.  You know what I think, SMOKE and MIRRORS folks… They’re doing it with SMOKE and MIRRORS. The Dolphins are tricking teams, lining up in formations that are commonly used in the BCS rather than the NFL. This team is 4-4 in a division where the 3 other teams are 5-3.  Don’t be surprised if they sneak into the playoffs.  These guys have something to prove after being the laughing stock of the league last year. They’ve already surpassed this bloggers’ expectations, as they’ve busted my “LOCK of the Week” 2 weeks in a row. My apologies to my readers.  My apologies to the Dolphins.  These fish are for real and I ain’t gonna touch ’em for the rest of the season.

P.S. Denver Broncos suck balls…

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LOCK of the Week

I know, I haven’t come through the past 2 weeks, apologies are definitely in order.  But don’t jump ship yet, we can right this, and the time to do so is now!!! Straigth to the pick, no dilly-dallying around… Miami Dolphins at Denver Broncos -3.5.  This is the game that stood out to me.  The Broncos have been sliding as of late but we all know that Mile-High is one of the toughest venues to play in.  Look for the Rat Mike Shanahan to blow the Cinderella Dolphins out of the water. I’m not gonna give you fictitious stats about why you should take this bet.  It’s just a feeling.  FEEL IT!!!

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LOCK of the Week

Football season is underway and it’s time for us regular folks to make some money. After running through this weekend’s NFL and NCAA football games, I’m ready to let you in on my “LOCK” of the week: the San Diego Chargers at the Denver Broncos.  It’s a pick ’em. After the way the Broncos torched the Raiders last week (I know, it’s the Raiders), I’m beginning to believe the Jay Cutler hype.  This guy is turning out to be one of the top quarterbacks in the league. We all know about that Mile-High mystique.  Denver’s not the easiest place to play in. Plus, don’t think that the Broncos forgot what happened the last time these two teams met when Chargers’ QB Philip Rivers began trash tralking at the end of a meaningless win over the Broncos.  As for the Chargers, they struggled against Carolina last week. LB Shawne Merriman is officially out for the rest of the season. Plus, the Chargers are notoriously slow starters.  Frankly, I’m not sold on Rivers. It’s payback time for the Broncos and hopefully payday for all you who like to dabble in the art of sports betting. Well folks, there you have it.  Put the house on it or just put a $20 spot on it, it’s your call.  You can thank me on Monday. And remember, I accept tips…

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