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And with the 8th overall pick of the NFL draft, the Tennessee Titans select…. a quarterback? 4 years after selecting Vince Young from Texas, the Tennessee Titans and owner Bud Adams have decided to end the VY experiment.  The rift between the coach and the player has been lingering for years only to come to a climax this season, leading to the Titans’ losing 8 of their last 9.  I’m glad someone finally took the coach’s side over the diva players’.  NFL and most modern day athletes are so spoiled and used to getting their own way that when something like this happens, everyone is so shocked.  This is how it used to be, when sports was real.  Coaches these days have to walk on eggshells when they criticize their star/franchise players.  Jeff Fisher has been coaching this team for 16 years or so.  If you think there’s another qualified coach out their, good luck finding one.  The Titans can easily draft a scrambling quarterback, they’re a dime a dozen in college. I don’t think VY every played up to his potential.  Then again, I do believe that his type of quarterbacks, while successful in the short term, can never win you a Superbowl.  Look at Vick and McNabb. It’s no coincidence all the winning Superbowl quarterbacks have been pocket passers… Brady, Manning, Brees.  I’m sure there will be some suitors for Vince Young.  Half the league is in need of a quarterback.  As for the Titans, they’re 1 QB and 1 WR away from making a deep run in the playoffs.  They have the best runnign back in the game in Chris Johnson, and like most RB careers go, he’s got about 2 more years of playing at this level. The next move the Titans have to make is cutting Randy Moss.  Look how it helped the New England Patriots.  I love Moss but he reeks of clubhouse cancer.  You can’t have selfish guys like that on a team, especially without a true team captain to put him in place. It’s going to be an interesting offseason…wait a minute, don’t the playoffs start this weekend?

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This NFL season has turned out to be AWESOME so far.  I don’t know about you guys, but Donovan McNabb and the Redskins beating the the Philadelphia Eagles felt so good for me.  Must’ve been nice for Donovan to rub it in his former employers’ face.  “Trade me to a division rival” is the same as saying “F-off, you’re no threat to us.” Well the Eagles lost Michael Vick to injuries after he seemed to resurrect his career.  Shouldn’t have harmed those dogs.  How about Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears? One of the biggest cry babies in the league getting sacks countless amount of times and knocked out of the game with a concussion.  I’m not even going to start with Brett Favre. Nothing more fun than watching NFL this year… well watching them and betting on the games makes it a wee bit more interesting.

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The song goes something like this: “Kevin Kolb is our future, trade Donovan McNabb; Kolb is our quarterback, Vick is the back-up; Vick is the starter, only until Kolb come back; Kolb is the starter; Vick is the backup; Vick is the starter, Kolb is the backup.”

I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, we all know what we get with Michael Vick: a moron who has had troublesome past off the field but on the field, spectacular plays but nothing else.  We all know that Vick can win some games, but he will never take you to the Superbowl.  He’s good for a playoff birth and possibly 1 win but that’s it.  It’s easy for teams to scheme against him because he’s one dimensional.  And don’t come at me with he can throw now.  For the love of god, they only beat the Detroit Lions, let’s see what he’ll do against the Jaguars this week.

On the other hand, I think it’s a great move benching Kolb.  The kid never got a chance to prove himself.  If the Eagles lose this week’s game against Jacksonville, the fans would’ve called for his head. Unless he played a perfect game, there was no way he was going to come out winning.  And let’s be honest, the Jags are gonna beat the Eagles this week.  Then I want to hear what the critics and the Vick lovers have to say. Until then, enjoy the honeymoon Mike, because you certainly DON’T deserve it. As for Coach Reid, you just lost your “future” quarterback’s trust.

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Michael Vick to the Philadelphia Eagles

michael vickWow!!! I don’t know what’s bigger news, Vick to the Eagles or Madden 2010 coming out?  Michael Vick has just signed a 2 year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles who are run by Donovan McNabb.  Why would they pick him up? A secret weapon perhaps?  Maybe Andy Reid was sick of all the distractions that revolved around his family? Maybe the Eagles got sick of the seeing the Giants and the Cowboys be the toast of the NFC East?  I don’t know.  Not sure if it’s a good pickup on both a team level and PR level.  I do know one thing though, Vick better send Tony Dungy a basket of fruit or something.  If it wasn’t for Dungy vouching and lobbying for this guy, he’s be playing in the AFL or even worse, for the Raiders. I guess if he shows remorse for what he’s done, everyone deserves a second chance… right?  I don’t know, this guy did some serious shit to those dogs.  I’m glad they put him in the penn for a year and I’m more glad that it almost ruined his career (I say almost because we won’t know if it did until he gets some touches).  Oh well, it’s gonna be an interesting season to say the least.  Wonder how many % of managers will draft him in their fantasy leagues?

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Lock of the Week

9468150fc4fb2010It’s been a while since the last lock.  I know many of you are lost without my picks. But I had to do it…for you of course.  I wasn’t seeing straight.  I couldn’t eat.  I couldn’t work.  But after taking a few weeks out and tinkering around with my delivery, I’m back, just in time for the AFC/NFC Championship with not just 1, but 2 locks of the week. Go ahead, parlay it. Let’s start with the Eagles -3.5 at the Cardinals, battle of the birds.  Now you tell me, if an Eagle and a Cardinal duked it out, who would win?  That’s why I’m taking fe803f39e0e1f146the Eagles (just kidding). No, I’m really taking the Eagles, but for a different reason.  This team is on a mission.  Plus they have one thing that the Cards don’t, a little thing called DEFENSE. Game two is a good old fashion battle in the Baltimore Ravens at the Pittsburgh Steelers, with the home team favored by 6.  Now I do think that the Steelers are going to win, but 6 is too much for Ray Lewis and company.  This game is going to end on a last minute field goal…

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Buffalo Bills: J.P. Losman Wants Out

j.p. losman onthebuzzer.comBills BACKUP quarterback Jonathan Paul Losman wants to be traded from the Buffalo. Reports are that he is upset after losing his job to rookie Trent Edwards.  I wonder why he’s upset?  Is it because Buffalo is last in the NFL in yards? Is it because in the 8 games he played this year (was knocked out early in 2 games), Losman has thrown a total of 4 touchdowns and 6 picks? Losman’s agent said that the team quit on him.  When the going gets tough, blame your team.  I’m sure they’ll step up for him next year.  Looks like Losman has been talking to Donovan McNabb.  I’m sure Losman can be an asset for some other sorry team, like the Chiefs or maybe even the Dolphins. With that said, don’t let the door hit you on the way out buddy…

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Donovan McNabb: He’s Baaack…

onthebuzzer.com donovan mcnabbHey guys, I’m ready to come back. That’s what Donovan McNabb essentially said.  His team on the verge of another losing season, is currently in the cellar of the NFC East.  And no thanks to McNabb, by the way. The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t been over .500 the entire season.  McNabb  is ranked 14th in passingonthebuzzer.com aj feeley touchdowns, 26th completion percentage and 13th in quarterback rating.  For someone who has once been touted as a top 5 qb in the league, it might be time to move on. Time for McNabb to throw some other team under the bus. Blame another group of guys for his problems. McNabb at 31 years of age is no spring chicken. The Eagles have A.J. Feeley, who’s only 1 year younger then McNabb but does not come close to the injury problems that have plagued McNabb over the past few years. I’m no Eagle fan, but give Feeley the starting nod. You can’t do any worse.  Who knows, with the Giants, Cowboys, Saints and Bills, the Eagles can potentiall go 3-1 and build some momentum going into next year.  Trade McNabb for some draft picks or a marquee receiver and boom, you’re a threat in the NFC again.

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Bye Bye Donovan McNabb

onthebuzzer.com a.j. feelyEveryone saw what the Philadelphia Eagles can do without Donovan McNabb.  Sure they lost against the Patriots, but then again, so did the Indianapolis Colts.  On Sunday night, A.J. Feely, in his first start since 2004, went into New England and put up a fight that McNabb could only dream of. I’ve been saying it all season, time for this guy (Donovan) to go.  The Eagles need to trade him and get some marquee player(s) or draft picks for him. Westbrook is tearing it up, but his days are numbered.  That Philly defense is not what it used to be.  The wide receiver corp needs major help. Forget this season Philly, think next year, and think about getting rid of McNabb and his cancerous attitude.  Plus, I hear there’s a recall on all Campbell’s soup.  Try Cup of Noodles…

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New England Patriots: Ooooh So Close

onthebuzzer.com tom bradyThe Philadelphia Eagles almost did it, ALMOST.  How does that saying go, “almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.”  They almost shocked the nation and beat out the Patriots, but fell short, 31-28.  Sources say that the whole state of New England was on suicide watch throughout the game.  Everyone can rest now, the Pats will go undefeated and will win the Superbowl. Don’t hate on them, they’re a good team. Everyone called them liars and cheaters and now they are punishing every team, every city, and every fan that ever doubted them.  I would do the same thing, and so would you.  So just sit back and enjoy the ride, you know you want to.  Don’t fight the feeling.

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5 NFL Players that Should’nt Be in the League

I’m sitting at home and watching the NFL on Sunday and I realized that there are some players out there that make me repeat to myself, “why the hell is this guy in the league.” Lightbulb! Time for a new blog. Now you’ll find it interesting that they are all quarterbacks, but hey, it just worked out that way. Look how happy they all are…

onthebuzzer.com culpepperDante Culpepper OAK. qb: I had hope for this guy before the season began, thinking he might be prime for a comeback. But after watching him play this year, I’ve realized, he’s not a smart player. He makes bad throws, bad decisions and frankly is not a leader. Get this guy outta here!!!

onthebuzzer.com joey harringtonJoey Harrington ATL. qb: I hate to say it because he plays with so much heart and emotion, but Joseph, maybe football’s not your sport. While you’re at it, take Byron Leftwich with you.

onthebuzzer.com trent dilferTrent Dilfer SF qb: You should’ve retired after the superbowl victory with the Ravens. Now, you just stink. With 3 tds, 5 ints and a 52.2 passer, what more is there to say.
onthebuzzer.com donovan mcnabb

Donovan McNabb PHI. qb: He never takes full responsibility for anything. He’s one of those guys that always finds fault with something else, like the D or the running game or Campbells’ soup. T.O. was right about him, he is not a leader.

onthebuzzer.com chad penningtonChad Pennington NYJ, qb: How many chances are we supposed to give this guy? Hopefully the Jets have learned that he’s not the answer and move forward WITHOUT him

    Honorable mention to the entire Miami Dolphins team (sans Ronnie Brown). Continue reading

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