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LOCK of the Week

I’m not gonna brag, but I got it right last week. 1-0 baby!!!  Sure, I needed the help of referee Ed Hochuli but a win’s a win, I don’t care how the Broncos did it.  I’m going for 2 in a row.  Without further delay, here it is:  Atlanta Falcons -5 at home against the Kansas City Chiefs.  Take the birds.  Let me tell you guys something; I’ve been a Chiefs fan for over 10 years.  I know one thing, this year they suck. They can’t stop anyone and they can’t score.  They let the Raiders march into Arrowhead and whoop them on their own turf. Their starting quarterback this week is some kid named Tyler Thigpen, undrafted from Coastal Carolina. RB Larry Johnson is back to his old antics, bitching about not getting the ball. Now, on the other hand, the Falcons are a team on the rise. RB Michael Turner will have a huge week against the Chiefs, who gave up over 300 yards on the ground to the Raiders last week. Rookie qb Matt Ryan has more NFL experience than Thigpen does.  Playing at home, this game’s a gimmie.  Take the Falcons, take the points, take the money. Don’t forget who got you there.

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Vince Young: “Stop! You’re Hurting My Feelings”

So, Vince Young’s feelings are hurt.  After going down in game 1 of the NFL season with a sprained knee, the Titans’ fans, his Titans fans, booed him.  Guess what buddy, this ain’t college anymore.  The difference between college and NFL has never been so apparent to me.  Look at Matt Lienart and Reggie Bush, 2 huge studs in college, teetering on the brink of duds in the pros. I got some advice for Vince: You were the #3 pick in the 2006 draft. You signed a 6-year $58 million contract with a $26 million guaranteed signing bonus. Suck it up and play.  It’s part of the game.  You should actually feel flattered; fans only boo the athletes that they have great expectations from.  It’s when they stop booing you when you should start worrying. The first 2 year of your career we can forget, growing pains. We won’t talk about how you’ve thrown more career interceptions (30), than touchdowns (21), and that’s not even talking about your performance on Sunday. Let’s see, 1 game, 12-22, 110 yds, 1 td, 2 ints. But let’s not forget to factor in your scrambling skills, 1 rush, 4 yds. I will give you one excuse though, your wide receivering corp. is a joke.  But that’s it.  You can’t use that excuse for 3 straight years.  This is the big leagues, the show.  This is your team.  Kerry Collins isn’t taking over diddly.  Take a few weeks off.  Get your head on straight.  Tell Titans owner Bud Adams to start making some moves in the WR department.  In one month, we want to see you back on the field.  We have faith in you Vince. Dig down inside. Bring us that Vince that torched SC in the Rosebowl, the Vince that led his team to the playoffs last year.  The Vince that everyone thought was the best player in the 2006 draft. Let’s go buddy, BREAK!!!

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Tom Brady to Spend A LOT More Time With Gisele

What a turn of events!!! I’ll get right to it: opening game of the season, the New England Patriots hosting the Kansas City Chiefs, 1st quarter, no score, Tom Brady steps up to make a throw to Randy Moss when Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard, already on the ground, lunges forward at Brady’s knee; the result, torn ACL, out of the season (Brady that is).  This team just went from Superbowl favorites to “let’s hope we make the playoffs.” WOW!!! I don’t know what else there is to say.  Sure they still beat the Chiefs, which actually shows how pathetic my Chiefs are, but is backup starter Matt Cassel the answer for the Pats? Cassel hasn’t started a game since he was in high school, though he did a decent job managing the game Sunday. Now I wanna see the “genius” Bill Belichik work some of his magic.  For years, I’ve been hearing how he’s the best coach in the league. Let’s see what he’s gonna whip up for the rest of the season.  Is that Daunte Culpepper’s phone I hear ringing?  Don’t forget, in 2004 Culpepper threw for 39 tds, with a third of those going to Moss.  Maybe Culpepper’s a stretch, but I’m not sure Cassel can handle this.  Looks like the race in the AFC is wide open, ready for the pickin’s.  I know there’s one team that’s smiling right now. Ummm, Steelers/Colts, please step up and take your spot at the head of the class.

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World, Mr. Turner; Mr. Turner, World

Just in case you don’t know who MIchael Turner is, now you do.  He’s been a  backup for the Ladanian  Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers for the past 4 years. He only played in mop-up duty and actually did a pretty decent job.  The knock on Turner, however, was that he was too small, only 5’10, 244 lbs. Most felt that he wouldn’t be able to withstand the beating of a starting running back in the course of a year.  Well, enter 2008 season, game 1 against the same old Detroit liions: how do 220 rushing yds and 2 tds sound to you? What makes it more amazing is that everyone knew that he was going to be the focal point of this offense, especially since the Falcons were starting rookie qb in Matt Ryan and have a scrappy bunch of no-name wide receivers. I hope this isn’t a fluke because Turner is one of the few “good guys” in the league.  We won’t really know ’till mid-way point of the season whether Turner is the real deal.  I’m thinking all those fantasy geeks owners are kicking themselves right now (except for those who drafted).

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Are You Ready For Some Football!!!

Well, the Superbowl Champion NY Giants were Thursday night.  The Washington Redskins, not so much. The Giants went on with their winning ways, beating the ‘skins 16-7.  Who needs Michael Strahan? Who needs Osi Umenyiora? Certainly not the Giants. They shut down the ‘skins to 209 total yards.  Now that’s pathetic.  I don’t wanna jump the gun here or anything, BUT the ‘skins need to blow this team up.  I don’t think Jason Campbell will ever be that “stud” quarterback that Washington is expecting him to be.  Their running back Clinton Portis is more fragile than…well let’s just say he’s a sissy. This team just quite isn’t there.  Not last year, not this year, not anytime soon. They’re the worst team in their division and are far from being competitive. As for the Giants, I thought that last year was just a fluke.  I’m not jumping on the “repeat” bandwagon just yet, but as of today, they have the best record in the league.  If RB Brandon Jacobs stays healthy, along with Plax and Eli, these guys are gonna be serious contenders for the Superbowl.  I will however reserve my opinion for at least a couple more weeks before I crown these guys NFC Champs… Until then, hold tight, NFL opening weekend is right around the corner.

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Ocho Cinco is Muy Loco

So Chad Johnson has legally changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco.  Why? WHY!!! Is he gonna make more cash marketing it? Is it gonna make him run faster? Didn’t someone tell Chad that you play for the name on the front of the jersey and noone cares about what’s written on the back.  As if the Cincinnati Bengals didn’t have enough questions marks heading into the season. I mean he’s a solid receiver, but he ain’t that good.  Heck, some might argue he’s the second best on the team behind T.J. Houshmanzadeh. But back to the name, talk about an attention whore. Johnson, I mean Cinco, is ruining his already tattered rep. The Bengals are getting free press, but I’m pretty sure this wasn’t what they wanted.  Cincy and Cinco have a lot of questions to answer this year because with all the offensive hype that comes with this team, winning a measly 7 games isn’t gonna cut it.  So Cinco, cerrar tu bola de la boca y del juego.

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NFL Conference Championships

lombardi trophy onthebuzzer.comHere goes nothing…With 2 games left to the Superbowl, do I have some winners for you.  For the record, I’m 6-1-1 in the playoffs.  Not bad for crunch time…

NY Giants at Green Bay Packers -7:  The Giants’ bubble will burst this weekend.  No way will Eli repeat last week’s performance, especially on the frozen tundra. Ryan Grant’s first playoff game jitters are outta the way, Brett Farve’s destined to go to the Superbowl and take down the Pats. This is a no-brainer.

San Diego Chargers @ New England Patriots -14:  Don’t get fooled by the big spread.  The Chargers are hurting in the RB, QB, and most every other position.  The Pats are gonna spank L.T. and his crew for talking smack after last season’s playoff loss. Major ass-whoopin’ coming up.

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Pacman Jones, Game Over???

strip club onthebuzzer.comI wonder when Pacman Jones will learn his lesson? It seems that he just punched out another chick at a strip club.  Now I’m all for strip clubs and fights, but together??? And fighting a girl??? You’re a real man Pacman. I hope the NFL rids the league of this guy for good.  I’m gonna come out and say it, “he’s a cancer, a bad person, and doesn’t deserve a penny of those millions he’s made so far.”  If commissioner Roger Goodell wants to set an example, here he is.  The Titans have proven that they don’t need his shit so what are we waiting for. Pete Rose this guy now.

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Joe Gibbs Says Goodbye

joe gibbs onthebuzzer.comWashington Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs called it quits on Tuesday.  Gibbs had been with the Redskins for 4 of his 5 year contract but decided to step down early, citing family reasons. I’m saddened to see Gibbs leave.  He was one of the links to the days of old.  Plus, it seemed that the Washington Redskins had turned a new leaf.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me and I’m still emotional about the death of Sean Taylor and the ‘skins’ Cinderella story.  Then again, maybe Gibbs leaving is a good thing.  Time to rebuild this franchise, again, clean house.  Get some new players, trade away some old ones.  Only time will tell, but thanks for memories old timer.

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Props to Marty Schottenheimer

ving rhames onthebuzzer.commarty schottenheimer onthebuzzer.comTo quote Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction, “let’s not suck each other’s d#@!s yet.” Before everyone hails Norv Turner as the godsend, the best post-season football coach out there, STOP. Think. Who put the San Diego Chargers together? Who pieced together all the talent, the plays and the schemes. Some like to call him the biggest choke artist in NFL history, I like to call him the most underrated, Marty Schottenheimer. Schotty was given the pink slip last year after the Chargers failed fell apart in a divisional playoff game against New England. Rather than rightfully blaming the players, management decided to blame the coach. Surprise, surprise. Exit Marty, enter Norv who basically tried to drive the ship himself until he realized that all you have to do is hand the ball off to possibly the greatest running back ever. Add in the easiest playoff opponent in the Titans, and you have a recipe for success. So take a monment before you throw Marty under the bus, and give credit where it’s due.

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