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Week 15 College Bowl Picks

top252.jpg1- BCS Title Bowl – Ohio State better than everyone thinks. LSU not as good as everyone thinks. Close throughout, but look for the Buckeye defense to be the difference. Take Ohio State +4.5..
2- The Rose Bowl – Another Rose Bowl, another USC appearance. The Trojans one of the hottest teams in the nation. Illinois with their hands full, but they did beat the number one team in the nation earlier in the year. SC more powerful, more talented, more experienced. Illinois won’t know what hit them early, may make a run late. I like USC -14.
3- The Sugar Bowlpadlock3.jpg Maybe the second hottest team in the nation, the Georgia Bulldogs look to feast on some Warriors. Hawaii has their hands full. They will realize what it’s like to play a real team. Georgia routs. My lock! Take Georgia -9.
4- The Fiesta Bowl – Not a bad consolation game for a team who thought they were on their way to the national championship game. Still have a lot to play for, Kansas will have their hands full proving to the nation they are a football powerhouse. Virginia Tech getting better as the season progressed should take care of business. I like Virginia Tech -4.
5- The Orange Bowl – No championship game… no head coach either. Rodriguez leaves and so will the Mountaineer’s winning records. The Sooners, already the favorites in this one, should cruise past a West Virginia team coming off their worst losses of the season. Their coach and their last game. Take Oklahoma -8.
6- Capital One Bowl – The best three loss team in the nation, the Florida Gators look to start their national championship run for next year with this years bowl game. Michigan may have found their new head coach, but they won’t find a way to beat the faster, more talented Gators. Take Florida -10.5.
7- Cotton Bowl
– Missouri with a lot to prove, will come out with guns blazin’ in this one. Arkansas happy to be there, won’t know what hit them. The Tigers the better team, but they have to find a way to stop Run DMC. Razorbacks will keep it close early, but won’t be able to outscore the Tigers. Take Missouri -3.5.
8- Gator Bowl – Should be an entertaining game throughout. Evenly matched, the team to make the least errors will prevail. Both Texas Tech and Virginia looked good at times throughout the season, but inconsistent play prevented better records. I like Virginia +6.
9- Outback Bowl
– Badgers started off the season strong, tailed off in the middle, and finished strong. Better than their record indicates, but inconsistent play was their downfall. Tennessee should have beaten LSU in the last game of the year, but costly turnovers blew the game. Turnovers will decide this one as well. The Vols learned their lesson. I like Tennessee -3.5.
10. Chick-Fil-A-Bowl
– Two teams who underachieved this year, look for an entertaining game. Close throughout, the better and more experienced coached Auburn team will prevail over Clemson. Take Auburn +2.

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RUN DMC: So Close, yet So Far

darren mcfadden onthebuzzer.com2 years in a row, 2 years coming in second place, 2 years disrespected, Arkansas Razorbacks running back Darren McFadden was stopped again on 4th and goal. McFadden was the Heisman runner-up for the second year in a row, losing to Ohio State’s Troy Smith last year. There probably won’t be a next time either. This back is prime for the bigs. After rushing for over 1,700 yards, McFadden should and probably will declare for the NFL. Nothing like an angry back with something to prove. Adrian Peterson did it this year, coming back with a vengeance to prove that he’s not injury prone. I think he broke another record while I wrote this article. So let me warn those who pass on this guy in the pros, he’s gonna come back and bust you in the mouth.

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And the Heisman Goes Too…

tim tebow onthebuzzer.comTim Tebow, Florida Gators SOPHMORE quarterback.  And the bad news for the rest of the SEC, he’s coming back next year. Tebow became the first sophmore to ever win teh Heisman, beating out Chase Daniels, Darren McFadden, and my boy Colt Brennan.  20 years old, at least 20 passing and 20 rushing tds, the future is looking bright for this kid.  Good luck to him, hope he doesn’t suffer the Heisman jinx that has infected some past winners, i.e.  Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, Danny Wuerffel, Rashaan Salaam, soon to be Reggie Bush (if he doesn’t clean up his act), and many, many more.

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Bowling Anyone?

bcs-crystal.jpgThe time is finally here. The time of year where everyone complains that their team didn’t make it. The time of year where two teams love the BCS and how it works, while all the others can’t wait for a playoff system. Without further ado, here are the BCS matchups: Rose Bowl – The Trojans getting sick of playing in the granddaddy of them all, Illinois there for the first time since 1983. Sugar Bowl – Colt Brennan and his Warriors finally on the big stage, their chance to prove they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as BCS conference teams, while Georgia comes in as one of the hottest teams in the league. Fiesta Bowl – The Sooners can’t quite make the championship game, but almost always in an important bowl game at the end of the year. West Virginia better forget about their last loss to the powerhouse team known as Pitt, SOONER rather than later. Orange Bowl – Kansas chosen over Missouri, even though they lost to them. Virginia Tech playing their best football of the season. BCS Championship Game – Not since I used to work at DMV have I seen this much backing in. Both Ohio State and LSU probably surprised to be in this one, but neither one complaining.  This the result of a crazy last day of a crazy season. … Stay tuned for my picks for these and 5 additional bowl games, coming soon…

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Week 14 College Picks-Results

top251.jpg1- (3) Oklahoma at (7) Missouri – Goodbye championship game, goodbye BCS game. I said there would be a letdown playing against a tougher opponent and that’s exactly what happened. 38-17 Oklahoma… nailed it!
2- UCLA at (7) USC – SC had over 400 yards of offense and made the Bruins look like a high school football team. Never close, but never a blow out either. Trojans got the yards but not the points. Another season, another Rose Bowl appearance. 24-7 USC… got it wrong.
3- (5) Virginia Tech at (14) Boston College – Screw my gut instincts! BC showing more and more they are a mediocre team. Tech handling business on the road. 30-16 Virginia Tech… got it wrong.
4- Oregon State at (18) Oregonpadlock3.jpg – Looked like a blowout early, give credit to the Ducks for fighting back. Not quite enough gas in the tank though. State wins in OT. I win another lock! 38-31 Oregon State… nailed it!
5- (17) Tennessee at (2) LSU – The good news is I didn’t lose another LSU pick. I didn’t win it either. The Tigers lucky just to win. Ainge completing a couple of great passes… to the other team. Bring on the Buckeyes. 21-14 LSU… pushed.
6- Washington at (10) Hawaii – Like I said, the Warriors squeak this one out. Brennan leads Hawaii to a BCS game, coming from behind against a fiecty Huskies team. 35-28 Hawaii… nailed it!
7- Pittsburgh
at (11) W. Virginia – I guess they were looking ahead. Pitt stuns their rivals. Adios championship game. Another number 2 team goes down. Has anyone seen West Virginia’s offense? 13-9 Pittsburgh… nailed it!
8- Arizona at (12) Arizona State – Should have won by more, State squeaks it out. Erickson should be coach of the year in the Pac-10, but can’t help feel the season could have been better. No BCS game for the Devils. They can blame SC for that. 20-7 Arizona State… got it wrong.
9- (19) BYU at San Diego State
– They handle business on the road the way they should. Showing that they are an above average team, BYU remains in the top 25 with a convincing win. 48-27 BYU… nailed it!
10. Army at Navy – I said it would be a blowout and that’s exactly what it was. Army no match for Navy this year. 38-3 Navy… nailed it!

Recap:  Damn I’m good! 6-3-1 not too shabby. Nailed my lock of the week. Looks like I’ll be quitting my job and soon just be betting on college football…

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Heisman Finalists Announced

heisman onthebuzzer.comHere they are folks, the fab four, the finalists for NCAA’s Heisman Trophy: Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan, Arkansas runningback Darren McFadden, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, and Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel. I don’t think Chase Daniel has a chance to win it.  Hawaii’s quarteback Colt Brennan, while probably the most talented quarterback in the group, played in a week conference so he’s probably out too.  My problem with Darren McFadden is that he seemed to disappear in the middle of the season.  He had 3 games where he was held to under 100 rushing yards. The preseason favorite jumped back into the scene after leading his team to a huge 3OT victory over LSU.  Tim Tebow, Mr. Sophmore, Mr. 51 Total Tds, can be the first in his class to get the Heisman.  He probably has the best chance, given the fact that he wasn’t even the starting quarterback on his team last year.  I’d like to see Colt win it, to be honest with you.  I don’t mind Tebow either.  The Heisman is all about individual performance, and not how your team does.  None of these guys picked their schedule, it was given to them.  And now, the Heisman goes to…

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Just when you thought the system worked, all hell breaks loose. On Saturday, everything went haywire.  #1 Missouri lost, as did #2 West Virginia.  Who goes to the National Title game now? Ohio State backs in? LSU? My, USC Trojans? I’monthebuzzer.com ohio state spanking lost at this point.  Maybe Georgia or one loss Kansas? Everyone’s saying it, USC is the best team in the country right now.  They have the best defense.  They play the toughest teams ever.  They play in the tough Pac-10. Is there a chance they get in to the title game? Probably not, East Coast bias is what I’m saying.  No way the computers push SC up from #8 to #2, leap frogging everyone in between. College football playoffs? I’m not down with it.  There’s a reason why college football is the most exciting sport, it’s because you CANNOT take a week off, every game counts. Whoever plays in the Title game, I guarantee they will SPANK Ohio State (see photo on right). That’s my M.F-ing lock.

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Week 14 College Picks

top25.jpg1- (9) Oklahoma at (1) Missouri – Strong game by Mizzou last week, look for a bit of a letdown this week. Sooners more experienced in big games. I like Oklahoma -3.
2- UCLA at (8) USC – Rose Bowl on the line. Bruins must get off to a good start if they want a chance to win this. Won’t happen! SC will win, just a matter of how much. Take USC -18.5.
3- (6) Virginia Tech at (12) Boston College – Tech looking good, but my gut says go with BC. They are due for a monster game and this is their chance to shine at home. I like Boston College +5.
4- Oregon State at (18) Oregonpadlock3.jpg – As much as I would like to think the Ducks can find a way to win, they won’t. Beavers win a close one. My lock! Take Oregon State -1.
5- (14) Tennessee at (5) LSU – Once again the Tigers screwed me last week! It took me all year, but this is the one. LSU looks to rebound. Vols won’t know what hit them. I like LSU -7.
6- Washington at (11) Hawaii – They think I am crazy, but I believe this one to be closer than most people think. The Warriors squeak it out and keep their BCS Bowl hopes alive. Take Washington +14.
7- Pittsburgh
at (2) W. Virginia – Looking better and better every week. They may take Pitt a bit too lightly, looking ahead to the National Championship game, but Mountaineers win. Not by as much as people think though. I like Pittsburgh +29.
8- Arizona at (13) Arizona State – Almost always a good game between these two teams, don’t expect anything less this time. Close throughout with the home to pulling away at the end. Take Arizona State -7.
9- (21) BYU at San Diego State
– How BYU doesn’t blow them out I don’t know. This game should be close for only a quarter. Prove you belong in the top 25! I like BYU -16
10. Army at Navy – Always entertaining, Navy the much better team. Close early, blowout late. Navy runs away at home. Take Navy -14.

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M1ssour1 T1gers!

missouritigers1.jpgIn one of the most anticipated and entertaining games of the year, the Missouri Tigers beat the Kansas Jayhawks 36-28 in front 80,537. In the 116th meeting between these two teams, this was arguably the most important, and it drew the second largest crowd in Arrowhead stadium. Chase Daniel pole vaulted into the top 3 of this year’s Heisman race and dare we say… Missouri number 1? Sure looks like it. The Tigers took the lead early. They were faster, more athletic, and seemed better prepared as it took Kansas an entire half to realize what had hit them. By the time the offense woke up, it was too little too late. Mizzou had a lead they were not going to relinquish and the rest was history. Daniel was 40-49, for 361 yards and 3 TDs. Up next… Oklahoma for the Big 12 Championship. What a game that should be as both teams looked very impressive this week. We don’t have a playoff system, but nobody can argue what a great time of year this is for College Football.

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lsu1.jpgNote to the Tigers. Try to avoid overtime. The LSU Tigers lose their second game of the year, again in overtime, this time against an unranked opponent. Darren McFadden and the Razorbacks run all over LSU, making the Tigers look more like pussy cats. National Championship? Sorry LSU. Maybe you are not as good as you thought you were. Let’s face it. I gave you credit for winning, but I said sooner or later, these fourth downmcfadden1.jpg conversions and close games will bite you in your behind and that’s exactly what’s happened. They have barely won games that shouldn’t have been close and now lose to a 7-4 unranked Arkansas team. The Razorbacks win it in triple overtime as LSU fails to convert their two point conversion. McFadden rushes for 206 yards and 3 TD’s and throws for a TD! They face a Tennessee team in the conference championship game and a loss hear may be exactly what the doctor ordered……. for Michigan! Anyone looking for a “Carr” with “Les Miles?”

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