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Keeping Up With The Joneses

andruw.jpgBy Dodgers’ standards, an exciting off season is getting even more exciting. After signing Joe Torre to a multi year deal as the team’s manager, Ned Colletti signs Andruw Jones to a two year, $36 million dollar contract. Is this the big bat they have sorely been missing for the last couple of years? The Dodgers sure hope so. Coming off one of his worst seasons ever, Jones hopes to bounce back to his old form. He batted .222 with 26 home runs and 94 RBIs. The 30 year old is hoping to give the Dodgers the long ball they were missing last year, along with his steady play in the outfield. Jones’ $18 million a year contract matches that of recently signed Anaheim Angel Torii Hunter, only Hunter’s was a five year deal. Not a bad chunk of change for a guy coming off one of the worst seasons of his career.

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Bowling Anyone?

bcs-crystal.jpgThe time is finally here. The time of year where everyone complains that their team didn’t make it. The time of year where two teams love the BCS and how it works, while all the others can’t wait for a playoff system. Without further ado, here are the BCS matchups: Rose Bowl – The Trojans getting sick of playing in the granddaddy of them all, Illinois there for the first time since 1983. Sugar Bowl – Colt Brennan and his Warriors finally on the big stage, their chance to prove they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as BCS conference teams, while Georgia comes in as one of the hottest teams in the league. Fiesta Bowl – The Sooners can’t quite make the championship game, but almost always in an important bowl game at the end of the year. West Virginia better forget about their last loss to the powerhouse team known as Pitt, SOONER rather than later. Orange Bowl – Kansas chosen over Missouri, even though they lost to them. Virginia Tech playing their best football of the season. BCS Championship Game – Not since I used to work at DMV have I seen this much backing in. Both Ohio State and LSU probably surprised to be in this one, but neither one complaining.  This the result of a crazy last day of a crazy season. … Stay tuned for my picks for these and 5 additional bowl games, coming soon…

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Week 14 College Picks-Results

top251.jpg1- (3) Oklahoma at (7) Missouri – Goodbye championship game, goodbye BCS game. I said there would be a letdown playing against a tougher opponent and that’s exactly what happened. 38-17 Oklahoma… nailed it!
2- UCLA at (7) USC – SC had over 400 yards of offense and made the Bruins look like a high school football team. Never close, but never a blow out either. Trojans got the yards but not the points. Another season, another Rose Bowl appearance. 24-7 USC… got it wrong.
3- (5) Virginia Tech at (14) Boston College – Screw my gut instincts! BC showing more and more they are a mediocre team. Tech handling business on the road. 30-16 Virginia Tech… got it wrong.
4- Oregon State at (18) Oregonpadlock3.jpg – Looked like a blowout early, give credit to the Ducks for fighting back. Not quite enough gas in the tank though. State wins in OT. I win another lock! 38-31 Oregon State… nailed it!
5- (17) Tennessee at (2) LSU – The good news is I didn’t lose another LSU pick. I didn’t win it either. The Tigers lucky just to win. Ainge completing a couple of great passes… to the other team. Bring on the Buckeyes. 21-14 LSU… pushed.
6- Washington at (10) Hawaii – Like I said, the Warriors squeak this one out. Brennan leads Hawaii to a BCS game, coming from behind against a fiecty Huskies team. 35-28 Hawaii… nailed it!
7- Pittsburgh
at (11) W. Virginia – I guess they were looking ahead. Pitt stuns their rivals. Adios championship game. Another number 2 team goes down. Has anyone seen West Virginia’s offense? 13-9 Pittsburgh… nailed it!
8- Arizona at (12) Arizona State – Should have won by more, State squeaks it out. Erickson should be coach of the year in the Pac-10, but can’t help feel the season could have been better. No BCS game for the Devils. They can blame SC for that. 20-7 Arizona State… got it wrong.
9- (19) BYU at San Diego State
– They handle business on the road the way they should. Showing that they are an above average team, BYU remains in the top 25 with a convincing win. 48-27 BYU… nailed it!
10. Army at Navy – I said it would be a blowout and that’s exactly what it was. Army no match for Navy this year. 38-3 Navy… nailed it!

Recap:  Damn I’m good! 6-3-1 not too shabby. Nailed my lock of the week. Looks like I’ll be quitting my job and soon just be betting on college football…

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AI: Pound for Pound Still the Best

allen iverson onthebuzzer.comOn Wednesday night, Allen Iverson of the Denver Nuggets dropped 51 points in a losing effort against the Los Angeles Lakers.  At 6’0 tall, 165 lbs, this guys has been and still is pound for pound the best NBA players in the league.  AI, or the “Answer” as he is known as, has truly perfected his game.  While his scoring average has dropped, the Answer can still drop a nickel on a team on any given night.  His assists have also gone up and with over 2 steals per game, there are few out there that can match this guy’s talent.  Did I forget to mention his intensity?  He’s come along way from his famous “practices, we talkin’ about practices” interview back in his Larry Brown era.  It’s funny how the older you get, the wiser you become.  Especially when your fingers are naked and ringless. Nevertheless, AI has answered most of our questions, all that’s left is when he’s going to win the big one.

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Heisman Finalists Announced

heisman onthebuzzer.comHere they are folks, the fab four, the finalists for NCAA’s Heisman Trophy: Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan, Arkansas runningback Darren McFadden, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, and Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel. I don’t think Chase Daniel has a chance to win it.  Hawaii’s quarteback Colt Brennan, while probably the most talented quarterback in the group, played in a week conference so he’s probably out too.  My problem with Darren McFadden is that he seemed to disappear in the middle of the season.  He had 3 games where he was held to under 100 rushing yards. The preseason favorite jumped back into the scene after leading his team to a huge 3OT victory over LSU.  Tim Tebow, Mr. Sophmore, Mr. 51 Total Tds, can be the first in his class to get the Heisman.  He probably has the best chance, given the fact that he wasn’t even the starting quarterback on his team last year.  I’d like to see Colt win it, to be honest with you.  I don’t mind Tebow either.  The Heisman is all about individual performance, and not how your team does.  None of these guys picked their schedule, it was given to them.  And now, the Heisman goes to…

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Donovan McNabb: He’s Baaack…

onthebuzzer.com donovan mcnabbHey guys, I’m ready to come back. That’s what Donovan McNabb essentially said.  His team on the verge of another losing season, is currently in the cellar of the NFC East.  And no thanks to McNabb, by the way. The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t been over .500 the entire season.  McNabb  is ranked 14th in passingonthebuzzer.com aj feeley touchdowns, 26th completion percentage and 13th in quarterback rating.  For someone who has once been touted as a top 5 qb in the league, it might be time to move on. Time for McNabb to throw some other team under the bus. Blame another group of guys for his problems. McNabb at 31 years of age is no spring chicken. The Eagles have A.J. Feeley, who’s only 1 year younger then McNabb but does not come close to the injury problems that have plagued McNabb over the past few years. I’m no Eagle fan, but give Feeley the starting nod. You can’t do any worse.  Who knows, with the Giants, Cowboys, Saints and Bills, the Eagles can potentiall go 3-1 and build some momentum going into next year.  Trade McNabb for some draft picks or a marquee receiver and boom, you’re a threat in the NFC again.

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Introducing the Newest Member to the Roid Club: Jose Guillen

Jose Guillen was linked on Wednesday in connection with purchasing human growth hormones.  Another day, another athlete exposed.  For those of you who don’t know Mr. Guillen, he currently patrols the right field of the Seattle Mariners.  Guillen is one of those athletes who has had the potential to become something special but for some onthebuzzer.com jose guillenodd reason, has bounced around 9 teams in the past 12 seasons. Actually there’s nothing odd about it, he’s an A-HOLE.  Guillen has always had an attitude problem and constantly found himself in the middle of controversy.  He’s fought with Angels’ coach Mike Scioscia while he was on the team and then the year after when he returned to face them in a regular season game. It’s guys like this that always wonder “why is the world after me?” I’ll tell you why, because you ask for it and you deserve it.  I hope the commissioner throws the book at this jerkoffs.  One less Guillen in the league won’t bother anyone. By they way, does anyone ever wonder why these idiots order HGH in their own names and have it sent somewhere that can be traced to them?

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onthebuzzer.com sports bookOK, I went 9-7 last week, not bad, at least it’s positive.  Should’ve done better, though with Favre getting injured and those damn Browns. Anyway, no need to dwell on the past, here’s Week 14, and I’m feeling good about it.

Thursday Night

Bears @ ‘skins -3:  Take the ‘skins.  Bears are no good at home. Bonus: take the under too.


Panthers @ Jaguars -10.5: Spread is big, but the Jags are solid and Carolina isn’t.

Dolphins @ Bills -7: I’m going out on a limb, take the ‘phins and the point.  I feel for these guys.

Giants @ Eagles -3: Giants are overrated, Eagles at home should cover in this rivalry game.

Raiders at Pack -10: Pack is back, after 10 days rest.  Defense should shut down Raiders

Steelers @ Pats -10.5: Just when you think it’s gonna be close, think again. Pats to pound an overrated Steelers D.

Chargers -1 @ Titans: Chargers have been electric, ride it!!!

Rams @ Bengals -6.5: I like the Rams BUT I just can’t see them outshooting the Bengals, take the home team.

Cards @ ‘hawks -7:This to a shootout, but Seattle is a tough place to play, home team, home team.

Vikes -8.5 @ 49ers: Vikes are legit, but the spread scares me.  Alright, take the Vikes.

Browns -3.5 @ Jets: Browns to pound Jets in a big way after starting off slow against Cards last week.

Chiefs @ Broncos -6.5: Chiefs are really bad, Broncos are just bad, take Denver.

Colts -9 @ Ravens: I like what I saw in the Ravens, Colts alway struggle against Ray & Co., take Baltimore and the points.

Monday Night 

Saints -4 @ Falcons: A lot of controversy with the Saint, but the Falcons are heinous.  Take the Saints.

I’m feeling good fellow gamblers.  I guess I’ve felt that before but something different this time, some sort of burning sensation… ummm… did I say that out loud?

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