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I’m sure by the time you read this you would have already  heard that head coach Joe Paterno was fired from Penn. State.  If you disagree with the decision made by the board of trustees, Google the Sandusky Grand Jury Reports.  If you still disagree with the decision, I want you to think about this: let’s say you had a 10 year old son and you found out that a defensive coordinator of a Division I college football program was sodomizing him.  Then, let’s say that the head coach new about it but didn’t report it to the proper authorities. Now how do you feel about the trustees’ decision?

This had to happen and it had to happen now.  There needs to be additional firings.  The president of the University Graham Spanier is just the beginning.  I would even get rid of the then graduate assistant coach now wide receivers coach Mike McQueary.  How this guy could witness a kid getting raped in the shower and run away is beyond me.  He was probably 23 years old at the time of the incident and should have whooped Sanduzky’s ass.  This is only the 2nd day and look at all that’s unraveled.  It’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.  The U.S. Department of Education has gotten involved, the police have gotten involved and the NCAA should get involved too.  They gave USC the death sentence for receiving improper benefits. I’m not even going to suggest how they should handle this.  As for those idiot students that rallied in front of Paterno’s house yesterday night and probably gonna go and riot tonight, I say go for it… GO TEAR UP YOUR SCHOOL FOR FINALLY PUTTING THEIR MORALS AHEAD OF THE FOOTBALL PROGRAM.


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This is the Matt Barkley we have all been waiting for, the one Pete Carroll had a hard-on for.  257 passing yards, 5 touchdowns, no picks.  Thanks for coming, let’s get back home.  The USC offense was on fire today.  Sure, the Warriors defense was nonexistent but still, you have to give credit to Lane Kiffin and his offense.  The O-line was dominant, giving Barkley as much time as he needed.  Every single pass was on point.  I can’t wait to see what this guy does against the Pac-10.  What I’m worried about is the Trojans D.  SC hadn’t tackled in practice and it showed today.  I’ve never seen so many missed tackles, since, well last season.  The SC secondary was horrible. One pass interference call after another.  Didn’t someone teach these guys to turn and look at the ball when covering their men? As for the D-line, how about some pressure.  These guys looked sluggish all game long, especially in the 2nd half.  True, it seemed like they were on the field a lot more than the offense was but still, these are supposed to be marquee blue-chip players.  Nevertheless, glad we got the win.  Happy for Lane Kiffin.  Happy for Matt Barkley and the 8 different receivers he threw to.  Happy for the SC running game. It’s gonna be a great season.

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Trojans Season About to Get Underway…FINALLY

After an off-season of turmoil which included the Reggie Bush saga, NCAA sanctions and the Lane Kiffin circus, we can finally collectively exhale and prepare ourselves for the USC Trojans’ season opener in Hawaii on Thursday, September 2, 2010.  For most of you who think that the season’s a waste because they can’t play a bowl game, THINK AGAIN!  The Trojans are still in contention to win the Pac-10; favorites in my book.  I’m hoping that phenom quarterback Matt Barkley puts last season behind him and takes that step towards greatness.  If freshman running back Dillon Baxter gets his head out of his ass, this kid could be the best back in the country.  I’m glad that Kiffin suspended him for the Warriors’ game.  Baxter is going to be around a few more years and you gotta show them that no one is bigger than the team, the school, or the game.  Don’t make the same mistake Pete Carroll and company made with Reggie Bush.  I hope Kiffin is the right guy for this job, though.  With a surrounding cast consisting of father Monty and Ed Orgeron, this season’s going to be more exciting than last years’.

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I”ve had mixed feelings about this scandal.  On the one hand, we all knew something fishy was going on with O.J. Mayo.  We knew Mayo was going to play for SC for 1 year to showcase his talent and then take off.  We knew this before he even signed with SC. So I think the punishment that USC got, 1 year Big Dance ban was well deserved.  I don’t think that they should’ve punished the team after Mayo left.  Moving on to Reggie Bush, all Bush had to do is pay back the $300,000 he owed to this f-ing agent that loaned him all that cash and put up his family in a fat house in San Diego.  I have no doubt that SC was aware of this.  But the fact that Bush delayed in settling the case and still to this day admits no wrongdoing makes me sick.  SC got was it deserved with respect to the punishments, but the present athletes are getting burned.  The NCAA and the NFL/NBA need to come to some sort of disciplining agreement.  These athletes are banging their schools and leaving for the pros and signing million dollar contracts before they get caught and the school and students are left burning in the aftermath. Now this type of “cheating” happens everywhere.  Make no mistake that almost every big time college program in this country has some sort of down low shit like this going on.  The problem with SC was that they didn’t nip it in the bud. They let it get too big.  They made a laughing stock out of the NCAA, especially with their “above the law” attitude. For nearly a decade, SC was on top of the world.  Now, SC is begging for only a 1 year bowl ban instead of 2 and only 15 scholarships revoked instead of 30.  It’s going to take at least 5 years for USC to recover from the effects of these sanctions. Looks like everyone’s favorite coach Pete Carroll escaped at the right time.  He was a great coach, but I guarantee that this guy knew what was going on. Now I have to trash my Reggie Bush jersey.  One piece of advice for Bush, no one gives a shit about your opinion, if you’re not going to come clean, shut your mouth. Most overrated/overhyped college recruit in years. AARRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Better not show your face on campus.

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Clock Strikes Twelve for USC Trojans

USC TrojansKeep moving moves, nothing to see here. Nothing special about this team other than an inexperienced TRUE freshman quarterback, an overrated defense, and throw in a lovable players coach.  I’m not dogging on USC’s history, but I’m gonna hammer the present.  The Trojans got their asses kicked by the Oregon Ducks.  The same Ducks that lost their starting running back to suspension after the first game.  What the hell is going on here?  Many people said that the Trojans weren’t prepared, they didn’t come to play.  The truth of the matter is that this team isn’t the team they used to be.  Matt Barkley hasn’t arrived yet.  He hasn’t had a jaw dropping game this season. He missed receiver after receiver.  The defense has allowed at leat 27 points in each of the last 3 games.  Frankly, the playmakers aren’t there YET, on both offense and defense.  Sure they have a bunch of blue-chip talent on the field but these guys aren’t gelling.  Watching the Ducks yesterday, they moved the ball anywhere they wanted.  It’s gonna be at least another year before Barkley plays 1/2 as good as people have been hyping him up.  As for the rest of the Trojans, sad. Wasted loss in the beginning of the year at Washington.  I knew this was gonna be a tough game for SC.  They’ve had problems winning in Oregon, whether it be the Ducks or the Beavers, for the past 3 years. Anyhow, looks like the “whogiveacrap” bowl for the USC Trojans this year, whoopdittedoo!

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USC Washington Football


How bad is quarterback Aaron Corp? This guy was the starter for the Trojans about a months and a half ago.  He lost his starting job when he injured his knee and the Trojans inserted freshman pheno Matt Barkley.  Because of an injury to Barkley, in comes Corp, against an unranked Washington squad, 13-22 and 1 pick, no tds.  Let me tell you, this guy can’t play worth shit.  He shouldn’t have been playing the second half.  I’ll take my chances with Mustain (who seems to be in Pete Carroll’s doghouse) or even an injured Barkley. Corp underthrew, overthrew and just fucked up the game.  Worst performance of an SC quarterback I’ve seen in years. How this guy was a bluechip prospect, I have no idea.

How bad is Joe McKnight?  A few years ago, when the news of Joe McKnight committing to SC was anounced, everyone had a hard-on for this guy.  The next Reggie Bush (college, not NFL)!!! McKnight fumbled twice in the game (luckily SC recovered).  He had decent yards, 11 carries for 100 yards, but for god’s sake, make a freakin’ play when your team needs it. McKnight was quoted in the preseason in saying that he wanted to play both offense and defense.  At this point, he’s not even the best RB on his team.  After the game, he said “Washington wasn’t the better team, they just outplayed us.” Huh? Guess what moron, they were the better team today. I’ll tell you one thing, they showed up to play against SC.  Sorry ass McKnight.

How bad is Pete Carroll?  Before anyone jumps on me, I know, blah blah blah 7 years Pac-10 title.  I don’t wanna hear it.  How many times does SC have to lose to an unranked team.  It happens every year. I knew they would lose this year, but this wasn’t the game.  Maybe at Cal, maybe at Oregon, maybe even UCLA?  I think that Mr. Carroll needs to rethink his motivational speeches and start worrying about his team showing for a full season (as opposed to only the big games).  As for his play calling, how about a roll out for Corp to get the guy some confidence? How about a run up the middle with that hoss Allen Bradford instead of a Havili rush or a run to the side instead of the freakin’ gut?

How bad are the SC wide receivers? So bad that they haven’t had a receiving touchdown since week 1? So bad that I bet you can’t even name them. So bad that the second leading receiver of the game was the fullback and the leading receiver only had 40 yards.

I’m just venting, this was a nauseating loss. Bad playcalling on both offense and defense.  Good for Huskies coach Steve Sarkissian.  Big win for their program.  Another mind-boggling loss for SC.

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USC: Back to Business

Matt BarkleySo much for cold feet.  Not that USC’s pounding of San Jose State was that big of a feat (56-3 to be exact), but after losing many of their starters from last year, some people were worried as to how this game would pan out. Rushing attack, re-god-damn-diculous, 6 tds on the ground for a total of 342 rushing yards.  WOW! Passing game, nothing spectacular, but the true freshman quarterback Matt Barkley did was he was supposed to do… make no mistakes. 15/19, 233 yds, 1 TD and not picks. And that defense, how about holding the Spartans to a stingy 3 points. Glad backup/ex-starter Aaron Corps got some reps in to show everyone what he’s got: 4/4, 45 yds 1 TD and again, no picks.   The biggest game of the season comes next week at the Shoe in Ohio State. We all saw what they did to the Buckeyes last year but this is gonna be a little different.  If the Trojans can establish the run early, go up by double digits, them Buckeyes can kiss their National Championship Dreams goodbye.  Anyone saw the rought time the Buckeyes had against Navy this weekend.  Well the Trojans aren’t the Navy, they’re the entire armed forces. FIGHT ON!!!

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I was there.  Waiting all off-season for this game.  THE USC TROJANS hosting the Ohio State Buckeyes.  #1 v. #5.  Will Beanie Wells play (no)?  Will that inexperienced USC offensive line be able to contain the Buckeyes defense? Was Mark Sanchez’ stellar play in week 1 just a fluke? Only one way to find out.

7:00 a.m. PST,  College Gameday with Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreet. The fans were there, Trojans, Buckeyes, you name it.  We even got some Gators and Cougars.  Go figure. The atmosphere was electric.  Smack talking all over the place.  It was evident that it was going to be a rough night for the fans of one of these two teams.  Everyone was waiting for 9:00 a.m. to come around, ready to hear Corso’s pick.  What costume was he gonna pull out of his secret bag? Then, as if he could foresee the future, Corso spoke:

Trojans to win!!! See, that’s him in the middle in the Trojans battle gear. From then, it was all down hill for the Buckeyes and their fans. By noon, even the Ohio State Buckeyes’ mascot Brutus was seen attempting suicide.  Poor Brute, he never stood a chance. 5:00 p.m., gametime. No Beanie Wells, no chance in hell. Ohio State drives, puts up a field goal, leads 3-0, and… well, that’s it for their highlight reel.  SC quarterback Mark Sanchez, 4 tds and 1 pick. RB Joe McKnight, 12 rushes fro 105 yds. Oh yeah, that SC defense, only 30 yards of offense for the Buckeyes in the second half.  Thanks for coming. See you next year at the Shoe…

Play of the game, a pick and 48 yards td return by lineback Ray Maualuga to put them up 21-3. They don’t call him “Sting Rey” for nothing.  And trust me, this one’s gonna sting Ohio State for at least one year. 

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Time for the biggest game in college football this season.  Time for the biggest game in Trojans’ country since the Rosebowl against Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns. Time for the biggest game in Ohio State Buckeyes history and the Big Ten.  Let’s stop this “Beanie Wells is doubtful” bullshit.  Everybody in Ohio knows he’s playing.  Everybody in LA knows he’s playing.  If Jim Tressel needs to con his players and have Beanie show up on Saturday and “pick up” his team as a last minute motivational tool, then he’d better head back to Ohio right now.  Enough of the shenanigans, the reverses, the options, the fake injury reports. SC’s ready. The fans are ready to go.  I’m gonna be there, right on top of the tunnel.  So when SC is done beating the Beanie out of the Well, the fans are gonna razzle the Buckeyes all the way to the locker room. Weanie Wells is going to wish he never got on the plane to LA.  He’s gonna wish he redshirted this year.

The key to this game, defense.  And who has the best in the corp. in the country? SC DOES!!!  Brian Cushing and Ray Maualuga. Heard of them? How about Kevin Ellison and Taylor Mays? Not ringing a bell. Maybe an Everson Griffin? These guys will all be playing in the pros in a year or two. I’m not gonna even get into the offense.  Not enough time. Jim Tressel better have a couple (hundred) aces up his sleeve. The flickering reputation of the Big Ten is riding on this game. The Big Ten is weak is what every sports announcer, analyst and frankly anyone with half have been preaching.   They haven’t won an important game in years. They’re light years away from the Pac-10, SEC, and Big 12. Some might even say the WAC is a tougher conference (yes, even the WAC). As for the Buckeyes, no pressure ladies.  This weekend will come and go.  You’ll be in the same position as you were, an overrated team that can’t win an important game. Next time, try scheduling a game with a team in your league, like…Youngstown State or something. I hear they’re the next up and comers.

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Trojans Back On The Warpath…

If you were worried about the USC Trojans this year, worry no more.  On Saturday, the Trojans traveled east towards Virginia to play the Cavaliers; and boy did they play them, to a tune of 52-7.  This is the best I’ve seen the Trojans in 2 years. Sure, the Cavaliers are not a top-ranked team, or even a ranked team for that matter, but hey, they were supposed to put up a bigger fight than that.  The running game was rolling, 218 yds and 4 tds. The passing game led by QB Mark Sanchez couldn’t have been more precise, 338 yds, 3 tds and one pick (which wasn’t his fault by the way). The defense, well, they showed by they’re the best in the country. Next up, Ohio State in two weeks.  As for the Buckeyes, sure they spanked Youngstown State, but at the expense of their Heisman RB Beanie Wells.  I hope this won’t slow him down for the showdown in So. Cal. in 2 weeks. We don’t want any excuses.

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