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So it looks like the BYU Cougars’ leading rebounder has been kicked off the team for… get this.. having sex with his girlfriend? Huh?  It seems that he violated the school’s honor code. This led me to do some research and find out what this code is about, what these students sign up for when they go to BYU. Well, here are the requirements:

  1. no drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee and tea
  2. honesty
  3. NO SEX
  4. don’t break the law
  5. no cussing
  6. respect others
  7. go to church
  8. dressing and grooming standards
  9. no guns on campus

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I violate almost each one of these every day. Why would you ever sign up for this?  Now this kid, who was having consensual sex with his girlfriend, is done for the season, and his team is done for the tournament.  No way Jimmer is gonna take the Cougars deep into the dance without Brandon Davies.  Are you telling me that no one in that school is having sex? drinking boos? smoking a J? cursing? C’mon.  In a world where people are rioting to get rid of their dictators and jump into the 21st Century, BYU is taking steps back into the ice ages.  What ever happened to student-athletes getting superstar treatment? I thought there were above the law. Oh well, in a few weeks, the Cougars will be home watching the Final Four, but at least they’ll be well dressed and groomed.

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Does Anyone REALLY Care?

ept_sports_ncaab_experts-898244537-1239123691At guard, at 6-3, I mean 6-2 (listed), 180 lbs (mostly muscle, some baby fat), from the powerful University of Central Florida… MARCUS “AIR” JORDAN!!! Look, no offense to the kid, I’m sure he’s a good player, but if you’re not a blue chip recruit, I don’t give a F@#! The guy’s going to UCF to play ball for goodness sake  That’s right folks, the same UCF where NBA superstar Stan Kimbrough played.  The same Stan Kimbrough who played a whopping 13 games in the NBA for 3 different teams. Marcus’ other choices were Toledo, Iowa and Davidson, none of which made the big dance this year. This kid’s got some big shoes to fill.  Not sure what he was thinking choosing basketball as a career though. Can someone say pressure? It would’ve been cool though if Duke offered him a scholarship, add some salt to the story; father v. son, Duke v. UNC??? Oh well, this will probably be the last we ever hear from MJ…Jr. Good luck kid.

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Bowling Anyone?

bcs-crystal.jpgThe time is finally here. The time of year where everyone complains that their team didn’t make it. The time of year where two teams love the BCS and how it works, while all the others can’t wait for a playoff system. Without further ado, here are the BCS matchups: Rose Bowl – The Trojans getting sick of playing in the granddaddy of them all, Illinois there for the first time since 1983. Sugar Bowl – Colt Brennan and his Warriors finally on the big stage, their chance to prove they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as BCS conference teams, while Georgia comes in as one of the hottest teams in the league. Fiesta Bowl – The Sooners can’t quite make the championship game, but almost always in an important bowl game at the end of the year. West Virginia better forget about their last loss to the powerhouse team known as Pitt, SOONER rather than later. Orange Bowl – Kansas chosen over Missouri, even though they lost to them. Virginia Tech playing their best football of the season. BCS Championship Game – Not since I used to work at DMV have I seen this much backing in. Both Ohio State and LSU probably surprised to be in this one, but neither one complaining.  This the result of a crazy last day of a crazy season. … Stay tuned for my picks for these and 5 additional bowl games, coming soon…

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USC Trojans Still Not Ready to Compete Against the BIG BOYS

That’s Trojan basketball by the way, before Trojan nation lynches me. Days after the men’s SC basketball team suffered aonthebuzzer.com oj mayo loss at home against then ranked #4 Kansas (a game that they just fell apart in towards the end), the Trojans had a somewhat de ja vu moment against the #2 ranked Memphis, losing in overtime 62-58.  Freshman phenom O.J. Mayo led the Trojans with 16 points, but another subpar shooting performance by the condiment leaves him at 12-41 fg shooting in his last two games, 29% folks.  That’s not going to cut it.  I’ve been harder on Mr. Mayo then most this season, partly because of his attitude going into USC, attempting to showcase his talent for the NBA scouts during his 1 year stint in So Cal.  Let me clue you in buddy, 4.5 turnovers per game, 29% fg shooting against Memphis and Kansas, 43% on the season.  I’m not going to throw out the overrated overhyped label YET, but this guy needs to shape up.  Were not in highschool anymore Dorothy.

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Fantasy Football: Playoff Time

onthebuzzer.com fantasy footballWell, this is the time everyone has been playing all season for.  For most fantasy football owners, playoffs will either start this weekend or next, either a 4 or 8 team playoff format.  My league has 10 teams, with 8 making the playoffs.  I came in first for my league so I get to play the 8 seed in the first round.  Want me to be honest with you, I’m deathly frightened.  You work all year to get to the top, and 1 loss in the playoffs and it’s Lake Havasu with Nick Van Exel if you know what I mean.  I’ve been there before, getting to the top, then early playoff exit.  I’m the Marty Schottenheimer of fantasy football, unable to win the big game.  I hope this year is different. I hate having a playoff system, it rewards luck as opposed to the good teams.  That’s why I feel the same for college football and the BCS.  Sure it would be more “fair” by giving the top 8 teams a chance to compete for the big one.  But doesn’t the regular season lose some of its intensity and luster?  And what about the 9th or 10th seeded teams, they’re going to get screwed anyways.  Back to fantasy (reality’s a bitch), I have one piece of advice for all of you playing for the money, stick to what you’ve been doing, because if you start to play matchups and mix up your lineup in the playoffs, you’ll be gambling and when you gamble, the house ALWAYS WINS.

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Extra Mayo Please

mayo1.jpgO.K. So we know USC has one of the best football programs in the country. But did you know their basketball program is slowly catching up? That’s right, I said basketball. And you can thank Ovinton J’Anthony Mayo for that. Many of you already know, it wasn’t the recruiting of USC’s coach Tim Floyd of Mayo, but rather Mayo recruiting Tim Floyd and USC. He called the coach and expressed interest and the rest is history. With a lineup of super talented freshman and sophomores, the USC Trojan basketball squad is a force to be reckoned with. They just hammered 18th Southern Illinois 70-45 to win the tournament down in Anaheim and O.J. was named MVP. Playing in the toughest conference in the nation (Pac-10) , the Trojans look to ride Mayo all the way to March Madness. With a recruiting class ranked 8th nationally for 2008, dare I say… look out UCLA?

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USC Trojans: Activate the Lo-Jac

onthebuzzer.com lo jacReported stolen: the heart of a champion. Luckily, the Trojans activated the Lo-Jac (that’s Lawrence Jackson to all you naysayers) and it was recovered by authorities untampered in Tempe, Arizona. Defensive end Lawrence Jackson sacked once hyped Sun Devil qb Rudy Carpenter 4 times on Thursday night as the Trojans trounced the Devils, 44-24. The Trojans also seem to have found their offense, as John David Booty passed for 375 yards, 4 touchdowns and no pics. The Trojans’ offense seems to be peaking, just in time for the Rose Bowl.  All they need is a little help from their fellow Bruins, or Oregon State and boom, they’re in.  As for the rest of the country, you’re lucky that the Trojans lost to Stanford, or else they’d be marching towards a showdown against the overrated LSU Tigers, and win of course. WE ARE SC! WE ARE SC!

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No. 2 UCLA Survives

ucla.jpgAfter starting the season with 4 straight easy victories, the UCLA Bruins survived a scare Tuesday, barely edging Michigan State 68-63. The rookie sensation Kevin Love lead the way with another strong performance, scoring 21 points and grabbing 11 rebounds, as the Bruins rallied from a 13 point first half deficit to remain perfect. A late 3 point bucket by Mbah a Moute sealed the deal for UCLA, erasing the memories of a miserable first half, giving them the championship of the CBE Classic basketball tournament. The Bruins remain ranked number 1 in the ESPN poll.

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The Kids In The Hall

Michael BeasleyNCAA basketball is back and I for one am really excited about this season. This year, like the last, is going to be dominated by freshmen. I can’t remember a deeper freshman class coming in like this one. On Saturday night you had the two premiere freshman in SoCal, Kevin Love and O.J. Mayo leading their teams. Mayo dropped 32 in his debut, albeit a loss, but showed promise and poise for his first game. Love dropped 22 and 13 as No. 2 UCLA rolled. Watch out for Love, as I stated before, this kid is going to be the second coming of Bill Walton. Over in Memphis you have Derrick Rose almost single handedly leading the No. 3 ranked Tigers to victory. In the Big Ten, Eric Gordon made his debut for Indiana and promptly scored 33 points, the most ever for a Hoosier in his first game. However, the one freshman I’m keeping my eye on is Michael “Beastly” Beasley, the 6’9″ forward/center for Kansas State. In his two games for the Wildcats, Beasley has scored 31 points and 24 rebounds, and 30 points and 14 rebounds respectively. Just keep your eye on this kid, because he won’t be in college for long. The rule that the NBA implemented that a kid has to go to college for at least one year is beneficial to all, especially fans of college basketball. Here’s to an exciting season filled with “Diaper Dandies”, apologies to Dick Vitale.

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