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arod_on_steroidsAlex Rodriguez had his big debut in New York Friday night at home against the Detroit Tigers. The good news: Yankees won. The bad news, they did it without any help from A-Rod, who struck out 3 times and was hitless on the night. It’s kinda sad now. Remember when A-Rod was teamed up with Ken Griffey in Seattle to form one of the greatest tandems in baseball history? I don’t. You know why, because I can’t stand this guy now. He’s so fake it’s disgusting. Even his own teammates can’t stand him. The Yankees should bench this guy (which they are actually doing on Saturday to “rest” him). They’re in the thick of a pennant race and at the age of 38, a HGH/steroid-less A-Rod is not helping them out. Let’s keep it real, the Yanks aren’t making the playoffs this year but until they are mathematically out, you gotta keep putting in the best line-up.

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