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NFL season is well under way. Heading into week 9, we pretty much have an idea of which teams are good and which teams suck.  For example, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars… SUCK! Atlanta Falcons, NY Giants and Green Bay Packers… GOOD! For all of you out there that like to bet on NFL Football, I have a lock for you this week. Sunday Night Football, Dallas Cowboys against the Atlanta Falcons, in Atlanta.  The Falcons are favored by a measly 4.5 points.  The Falcons, as many of you already know, are 7-0 this year. They have a top 5 quarterback in Matt Ryan, top 5 running back in Michael Turner, a top tier tight end in Tony Gonzalez and top tier wide receivers in Julio Jones and Roddy White. They’re defense isn’t as great but are ranked 10th in passing. Fortunately for them, the Dallas Cowboys are coming to town.  The same ‘boys who are ranked 28th in the league in rushing. They have an overrated quarterback in Tony Romo, no running game, a diva WR in Dez Bryant and an aging defense.  Now its time for you to cash in on this.  Take the birds, put the house on it… Thank me Monday morning.

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NEW YORK GIANTS: The Art of Choking

How do you blow a 21 point lead in the 4th quarter, with 11 minutes left to play?  Well, ask the NY Giants.  Michael Vick and his band of merry men walked all over the G-Men in the 4th today.  Winning on a reeedonkulous Desean Jackson punt return as time expired.  It’s been a bad week for New Yorkers. First, Cliff Lee spurns them to sign with the Phillies, for less money. Then this!  Whoever would’ve thought that the Knicks would be the hottest team in the city. I gotta give credit to Mike Vick.  I hated on this guy for the immoral things he did off the field.  But he’s come a long way and will probably get the comeback player of the year award.  He should also be in consideration for MVP.  Vick led the way with 3 passing TDs and 1 rushing. With two home games left against the lowly Vikings and the Cowboys, looks like the Eagles are headed to the playoffs. Don’t be surprised if these guys represent teh NFC in the playoffs. By the way, I hate Desean Jackson.

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What’s All This Jets’ Hype?

Enough about the Jets… So they had a good year last year… They exceeded everyone’s expectations. You know what that means? That means that everyone expected them to suck and they made the playoffs.  Now everyone’s talking about who’s town is it, the Jets’ or the Giants’? Let’s see, the Jets let the league leader in rushing yards walk away (Thomas Jones) and signed a has been in Ladanian Tomlinson.  They have a rookie quarterback who is sure to hit the sophmore wall. Their #1 receiver Braylon Edwards is the epitamy of a pre-madonna.  I do like their rookie runningback Shonne Green though.  On defense, the Darrelle Revis and newliy acquired Antonio Cromartie might possible be the sickest cornerback combo since Deion Sanders and well, Deion Sanders. On the other hand, we have the NY Giants.  Superbowl Champs from a few years ago. They still have Eli at the helm and Bradshaw/Jacobs combo at runningback.  Their d-line is probably one of the top in the league with Justin Tuck and Osi Uminyiora.  They could use some help in their secondary and lack any threats at WR.  The only reason why the Jets get more love is ’cause they play in the crappy AFC East where they face the Dolphins and Bills 4x a year where the Giants have to play Dallas, Philly and even Wasington.  Oh well, wise man once told me “you’re only as good as your last game.” I wouldn’t hold my breath with either of these teams next year, Minnesota and New Orleans still own the NFC and in the AFC, I’ll still put my money on the Colts and Brady and Co. I’ll give it to the Jets though, they do have a more promising future. The Plaxico fiasco in NY is still haunting the Giants.

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NYC Accepting Applications for Biggest MUFF

Well folks, it’s come down to just two, Stephon Marbury and Plaxico Burress. Who wants it more?  Who’s gonna be more of a distraction to his team?  Who can be more selfish?  It seems like it was just last year when the NY cleansed itself of the last remaining douchebags in its sports team, in Isaiah Thomas and Jeremy Shockey. But what a pleasant surprise to the rest of the nation when Starbury and Plax felt it necessary to step up and carry the torch of their forefathers. With Plaxico out for the rest of the year, it’s just a matter of time before Starbury’s career in NY is over. Kudos to the NY Giants’ organization for placing him on the non-injured reserve list for the rest of the season, whatever their reason might be. I would love to see the G-men go all the way this year, AGAIN, without Burress.  His overpaid, overrated-ass needs a big slice of humble pie.  Why does he have a gun on him anyway?  Does this guy think he’s a thug? Am I the only one that finds it funny that he shot himself?  Maybe he should go talk to Mike Vick about how easy it is to throw away your career.  As for Stephon, in his defense, he just wants what he’s owed.  The Knicks should’ve never taken on that ginormous contract of his.  And frankly, now they have to pay the price. If they’re smart, they’ll put their pride aside and buy this guy out and chalk it up to another “Knick-up.”  Either that, or they should have him ride the pine and rot away for the rest of the season.  I can’t imagine any team in the league that would want someone like this on there roster.  Plus, his shoes are the nastiest shoes I’ve ever seen. I’d rather wear pro-wings from payless shoes. Oh well, keep it up might Plax and Steph, because yes, you both are above the law and above us all.  After all, without you, we’d have nothing to laugh write about.

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Are You Ready For Some Football!!!

Well, the Superbowl Champion NY Giants were Thursday night.  The Washington Redskins, not so much. The Giants went on with their winning ways, beating the ‘skins 16-7.  Who needs Michael Strahan? Who needs Osi Umenyiora? Certainly not the Giants. They shut down the ‘skins to 209 total yards.  Now that’s pathetic.  I don’t wanna jump the gun here or anything, BUT the ‘skins need to blow this team up.  I don’t think Jason Campbell will ever be that “stud” quarterback that Washington is expecting him to be.  Their running back Clinton Portis is more fragile than…well let’s just say he’s a sissy. This team just quite isn’t there.  Not last year, not this year, not anytime soon. They’re the worst team in their division and are far from being competitive. As for the Giants, I thought that last year was just a fluke.  I’m not jumping on the “repeat” bandwagon just yet, but as of today, they have the best record in the league.  If RB Brandon Jacobs stays healthy, along with Plax and Eli, these guys are gonna be serious contenders for the Superbowl.  I will however reserve my opinion for at least a couple more weeks before I crown these guys NFC Champs… Until then, hold tight, NFL opening weekend is right around the corner.

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Eli Manning Finally Lives Up to His Name

eli manning onthebuzzer.comAnd the Giants are on their way to Big D, to face the Dallas Cowboys after manhandling the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay on Sunday, 24-14. Eli Manning,  20-27,  185 yards , 2 tds, and most importantly no picks.  I said it before, the Giants are an excellent road team.  Their pass rush is one of the best in the league, as seen on Sunday when they were all over Bucs qb Jeff Garcia.  I don’t know if they’ll beat the Cowboys, but they sure as hell will give them ‘boys a run for their money.  As for the Bucs, it was cool while it lasted, but Garcia is not the answer.  Maybe 1 of those 13 quarterbacks on their roster can solve their problem.

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The Patriots Stay Perfect

tom brady onthebuzzer.comSo the Patriots beat the Giants in NY on Saturday night, 38-35.  Props to the Giants for keeping it respectable but you always had that gut feeling that the Pats were going to win.  Is it just me or were the fans in NY cheering for the Pats? Tom Brady broke Peyton Manning’s records of most passing touchdowns in a single season with 51.  Randy Moss broke the single game receiving touchdown records held by Jerry Rice, with 23.  These guys are for real.  I don’t think anyone doubts that.  But in playoffs, one fumble or bad snap and the tide can turn if the game is close. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, this records doesn’t mean s#@! if they don’t win the Superbowl. By the way, if my fantasy football league was still going, I would’ve killed today (Randy Moss 2 tds + Eli Manning 4 tds). Go figure.

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Donovan McNabb: He’s Baaack…

onthebuzzer.com donovan mcnabbHey guys, I’m ready to come back. That’s what Donovan McNabb essentially said.  His team on the verge of another losing season, is currently in the cellar of the NFC East.  And no thanks to McNabb, by the way. The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t been over .500 the entire season.  McNabb  is ranked 14th in passingonthebuzzer.com aj feeley touchdowns, 26th completion percentage and 13th in quarterback rating.  For someone who has once been touted as a top 5 qb in the league, it might be time to move on. Time for McNabb to throw some other team under the bus. Blame another group of guys for his problems. McNabb at 31 years of age is no spring chicken. The Eagles have A.J. Feeley, who’s only 1 year younger then McNabb but does not come close to the injury problems that have plagued McNabb over the past few years. I’m no Eagle fan, but give Feeley the starting nod. You can’t do any worse.  Who knows, with the Giants, Cowboys, Saints and Bills, the Eagles can potentiall go 3-1 and build some momentum going into next year.  Trade McNabb for some draft picks or a marquee receiver and boom, you’re a threat in the NFC again.

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onthebuzzer.com sad eli manningI’m sitting watching the NY Giants host the Adrian Peterson-less Minnesota Vikings and Eli Manning has thrown 4 interceptions, 3 returned for touchdowns.  What the F#@!  Yes, this guy is my fantasy league quarterback, and yes he’s got 15 tds, but after today, he’ll have at least 15 interceptions.  I think this guy is a 2nd tier qb, right under his brother, Brady and Carson, but he has a lot to learn about poise and leadership.  I’m sick of his facial expressions when a WR doesn’t make a catch or runs the wrong route. Suck it up buddy, shit happens.  Make the best of it and for the love of god, try to keep your team in the game. By the way, garbage time touchdowns are good for me, bad for you…

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